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Jake Skellington

first meeting

© TNBC geek

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Dr. Finklestein took Sally's newly made baby blanket and wheeled ahead of her and Jack up to his lab as he told both of them to wait outside. Jack leaned against the wall nervously twiddled his thumbs, a thousand thoughts were running through his skull, 'will I be a good father?' 'Will I still be able to run Halloween Town and be a father too?'
Sally saw Jack and giggled lightly as she walked over to him.
"Jack, you look like you're going to pass out." She said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Jack jumped slightly at her touch. Sally hugged her distracted husband and laughed. Jack sighed.
"Oh Sally, I never thought that I, Jack the Pumpkin king, would feel…afraid." He said quietly. Sally stroked his arm.
"Don't worry, my love, you'll be a wonderful father, you're loyal, and you're kind. I have every confidence in you." She whispered to him. Jack held her close.
After about a half an hour, Dr. Finklestein's wife, Jewel came down to the nervous couple, who were both sitting on the floor.
"The doctor wishes to see you now." She said calmly. Jack practically sprinted to the lift as Jewel, him and Sally rode up to the lab. When they arrived, Jewel led them over to Finklestein's workbench, where the doctor himself was sitting in his wheelchair with the blanket in his arms, but something was in the blanket, something tiny. Sally caught her breath as she slowly approached the doctor.
"Is it.." Sally started. The doctor turned his chair to face the rag doll and gave his 'smile'. He held the bundle up to her.
"Yes, meet you're pumpkin heir, a little boy." He croaked. Sally steadily took the bundle and cradled it in her arms. Jack came up behind her and looked down at it with a misty look in his eye sockets. Sally took a corner and pulled it aside, revealing a tiny skull with big gaping eye sockets looking up at the two. Sally gasped lightly.
"Oh my.." she whispered as she moved her hand to the little skeleton's face. On top of the baby skeleton's head was a little red tuft of hair, the same colour as Sally's hair. The baby gave a monstrous yawn and rubbed his eye sockets with his little fists. Sally laughed slightly and looked at Jack. He looked like he was on the verge of tears if that were possible. Sally handed him the baby as he cradled his new son in his long arms. The pumpkin king had never felt this way before, holding the little version of Sally and himself in his arms, when he looked at the little guy's face, he felt a warmth in his bones, his life felt whole now, with his beloved wife and child.
"Hi there little one" he cooed, holding one of his bony fingers to the baby's face. The tiny skeleton grabbed Jacks finger and started to suck on it. Sally giggled and stroked the infant's skull.
"He knows who you are." She said softly. Dr. Finklestein wheeled to the new parents and handed them a list.
"These are a list of things you can feed to him, most of them are high in calcium of coarse." He said. Sally took the list and read over it, she looked back at the little skeleton, then back at the doctor.
"Doctor, this is the nicest thing you could ever do for us." Sally said, getting slightly choked up, "you really are brilliant."
"Well obviously, " the doctor snorted, but did smile a bit at that as he wheeled towards Jewel, "have you thought about names?"
"We have actually," Jack replied and nodded at Sally.
"We think we're going to name him Jacob Skellington." Sally finished with a grin. The little skeleton made a little noise when he heard the name. Jack looked at him and beamed.
"You like that name? Jake?" he asked. The baby gave the king a big smile. Jack looked at Sally with the happiest expression she's seen him wear since their wedding day; "I'll take that as a yes."
"This is incredible, one of my best inventions yet." The doctor said, looking at a certain machine, the one Sally had seen earlier, "and to think, all I did was put the two samples of DNA in, shocked it with lightning, and waited to see what happened."
Jake yawned again as he closed his eye sockets.
"Well I suppose we should take this little guy home for the first time." Jack said, stroking Jake's skull. The doctor nodded and handed one more thing to the pumpkin king as they departed; it was a piece of parchment with the doctor's handwriting in black ink. It was Jacob Skellington's birth certificate.
"Just remember to bring him back for a simple check up in a few weeks, and, I suppose that's about it." Dr. Finklestein said, waving as Jack, Sally and their heir. Sally decided to do something none of them expected; she handed Jake to his father, went over to the doctor and gave him a hug, and something she hadn't done before, the doctor looked completely dumbstruck, and so did Jack. Sally smiled as she pulled away.
"Thank you again doctor." She said. She walked back to her boys and took Jack's hand as they both left the lab. Jewel followed them to bid them goodbye, so nobody was around to see the doctor smile bigger than he ever had before.
sorry if it's a bit short Tongue

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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