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Jake Skellington

the first Halloween

© TNBC geek

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Sally was a little worried on how the town would react to their little surprise, but her worry vanished instantly when they did show him. Jack called a town meeting that night and started it the usual way, and then told them. Sally brought Jake on stage and everyone automatically fell in love with the little skeleton. They all crowded around the family and asked many questions as Jake stared at all of them, enchanted by all of the strange creatures before him.
"When was he born?"
"What a simply horrible child."
"A chip off the old bone."
"Looks just like his father."
Eventually Jack and Sally had to take him away from the crowd so he wouldn't be overwhelmed. Sally pulled out a metal bottle and gave it to Jake; he started sucking on it. Jack closed the meeting and Joined with Sally as they went back to the manor.
Sally laid the infant down in his crib and watched him as he fell asleep; she and Jack retired for the night as well, not knowing that three children were waiting outside.
A girl in a witch costume quietly opened the window to the master bedchamber where the Skellingtons all slept soundly, two boys, one dressed as a devil and one dressed as a skeleton, climbed in the window and snuck over to the crib, the girl looked in too.
"So this is the new heir, huh?" she whispered, "He doesn't look very kingly."
"Yeah, some mighty Pumpkin King.." the devil snickered. The ghoul in the skeleton costume licked a black and orange lollypop. Jake stirred, but fell back asleep as the three jumped.
"Well, what say we have a little fun shall we?" the devil said, giving a mischievous grin. The witch and the ghoul nodded.
"Get the bag, Barrel." The witch said, Barrel snickered and snuck back out the window. He came back with a black trick or treat bag decorated in jack-o-lanterns.
"Swipe the kid, Lock." He said. Lock reached in the crib and grabbed Jake, who woke up from the commotion.
"Shock, cover his mouth!" Barrel said. Shock slapped her hand over Jake's mouth before he could make a sound. He still had his metal bottle in his hand as he was tossed in the bag. Lock, Shock and Barrel then slipped out the window with him and slid down their grappling rope to their walking bathtub below. Jake squirmed inside the bag as they rode away. Lock opened the bag as Jake poked his head out, he didn't cry, he just looked very scared.
"Hey kid, wanna have some fun? We're gunna go-*" BOP! Jake beaned Lock on the top of his head with his metal bottle. Lock groaned and held his head.
"Owww…that kid's armed!" he moaned. Jake giggled.
"Take the bottle!" Shock said. Barrel leaned over to Jake, only to get hit by the bottle too, he fell over in the tub as well and held his face where he was hit. Jake laughed again, entertained by this new 'game'. The tub stopped as Shock hopped out of it with him in her hands. They were now in the deserted plaza, by the fountain.
"I'm warning you kid, stop making things difficult, or I'll-*" Jake brained her with the bottle too, once, twice, thrice. Shock finally pulled the bottle out of his skeletal hands and tossed it over her shoulder. Jake frowned. Barrel and Lock hopped out of the tub, still holding their heads.
"What do we do with 'im?" Barrel asked. Shock glared at the infant held out in her hands. Jake sniffed, his face twisted up.
"What's wrong with him?" Lock demanded. Jake sniffed again.
"Ahh…" he inhaled. The three stared at him, "aah..ah..CHOOO!!!"
Jake sneezed loudly as something none of them expected came out of him mouth, a large ball of fire, blown right at Shock's face. She screamed and dropped Jake onto the ground as she ran around, her mask on her face ablaze. Lock and Barrel shoved her into the fountain to douse it. Jake shook his head from the fall and watched as Shock pulled herself out of the green water, her mask charred and still smoldering. She punched both boys. They all started punching and kicking each other. Jake giggled and clapped his hands, watching them. As they continued to roughhouse, he crawled over to the tub and poked it, the tub reared and started to jog off, Shock saw it leaving as she had Barrel in a headlock, she dropped the tubby ghoul.
"Our ride's running off!" she yelled, pointing at the runaway tub. The boys came to their senses and helped her try and catch it, Jake sat back at the fountain, still giggling, having the time of his life.
The next morning, Sally woke up and looked over at Jake's crib, there he was sleeping soundly, as if he had never left. Lock, Shock and Barrel had decided to put him back before anything more happened to them. Sally smiled and climbed out of the bed and headed over to the crib. Jake yawned and opened his eye sockets. Jack came to Sally's side and smiled at his son.
"Good morning little goblin." He said, picking him up. Jake giggled and started sucking on his father's fingers. Sally noticed something stuck to his hair; she pulled it off and examined it.
"A candy wrapper?" Jack asked when he saw it.
"How did that get here?" Sally asked. Jake just kept sucking contently on Jack's fingers.

Weeks passed, and it was finally Halloween, Jack and Sally were very excited, ready to show Jake what this town was all about. Jack gave Jake one of his old bat bowties; it was all black with yellow eyes. Sally dressed Jake in a black suit, resembling his father's only without the pinstripes and little brown moccasin like shoes. Jack put on the bowtie, and Jake was ready to hit the town. The sun set as Jack left the house early to prepare for their trip to the real world for the night of scares. Sally took Jake to the plaza as the creatures all gathered. Jake had grown accustomed to the looks of the town, but he was still a baby, and could get easily frightened still, which made Sally anxious. Torches lit and Jack-o-Lanterns grinned evilly as Jack appeared in his Pumpkin King costume, a scarecrow with a Jack-o-lantern head, he let out a loud screech that signaled the beginning of their haunt, he led the creatures out the gate to the graveyard, where they'd head to the real world. Sally carried Jake there too, watching them go. Jake was entranced with his father's costume, he looked up at his mother with a big smile.
"Yup," Sally laughed, "that's daddy."
Jake squirmed around, like he wanted to go after them. Sally sat down with him as he frowned and let out a little grunt, as if to say, 'I'm gunna miss all the fun!' Sally hugged him and looked around. Jake looked around too, a black rat caught his sight, and Sally saw it too. She put Jake down. He crawled towards it, trying to prowl more or less as he grinned evilly.
"RAH!" he shouted, scaring the rat away. Sally smiled.
"That's the way to do it! You'll be scaring in the real world in no time!" she praised. Jake held his head a little higher, looking quite pleased with himself.
The night led on, and when the clock struck twelve, the creatures returned as they began singing their song 'This is Halloween'
Sally had brought Jake back to the plaza to watch the parade as the citizens marched in through the gate, the Pumpkin King sitting atop a straw horse was pulled in by Behemoth. Jake heard the music and looked up at all of the commotion, he saw his father grab a flaming torch and set himself on fire. Sally saw Jake's eye sockets nearly double their size in either fear or enchantment; it was hard to tell. Jack spun and twirled, blowing flames at the crowd as he leaped up, flipping in mid-air and landed in the fountain, making a big splash. Corpse Kid and Mummy Kid looked over the edges at the water, singing,
'In this town, we call home. Everyone hail to the pumpkin song'
Jack slowly rose from the green waters, no longer a scarecrow, with his arms folded across his chest.
Everyone cheered as the song ended, and Jack stepped down to the crowd of monsters that swarmed around him, praising and complimenting him on another horrible year. Jake slipped out of Sally's arms and crawled into the crowd. Sally gasped and tried to follow, but lost sight of him.
Jack felt a tug on his leg as he looked down. Jake looked up at his father with a big skeletal grin. Jack grinned back and held him up on his shoulders so everyone could see him.
"Everyone hail the pumpkin King and son!" the mayor called out as everyone cheered, Jake was just soaking up all the glory, waving and blowing kisses. Sally saw him with Jack and sighed in relief. Everyone celebrated for the rest of the night, praising the father and son as the 'Pumpkin Kings'. Jack eventually managed to slip away from them and meet up with Sally; Jake had fallen asleep on Jack's shoulders. Sally laughed.
"Goodness, I hope he doesn't drool all over your skull." She said. Jack laughed as well.
"Oh, I'm sure he will…" he sighed, giving a smirk, "he's certainly a brave little fellow, isn't he?"
"He takes after his father." Sally replied. Jake sighed in his sleep and smiled, like he could hear what they were saying.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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