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Simply Fluff( like a marshmallow)

© 4everBurtonGurl

Rated 10+ just to be safe. Some fluffiness of characters. It won't be like "moments lost, pennies saved" I will tell you before hand what couple it is. Go ahead and request/ suggest a chapter( story)

Who?: 4everBurtonGurl
Where?: a time share
When?: August 11, 2012
Why?: Because I Want to!!!!!!!
Who?: Jack & Sally
Where?: Spiral Hill
When?: December 25th, 1993
Why?: Because It's Fluffy!!!!!!!

Enjoy!!!! <3

When the movie came to an end and Zero flew to the stars We couldn't see Jack and Sally anymore. That night was not near It's end.
* It's starting! I'm so excited!*

That night was calm, no wind to be felt, the moon shone on the walls of the town creating creepy shadows from the trees. Many things had happened that night and the whole town was celebrating Jack's returning. They were missing one thing, Jack.
Let me take you past the gates of Halloween Town and around the town fountain. Past the Town Hall and at the gates of the Halloween Mansion. That is where Jack lived and his companion Zero. Zero and Jack were the best of friends. Jack was like a father to Zero, but they got lonely sometimes. They were missing a mother in their little family. They were about to receive one that night. Here's where it all begins.
Jack journeyed up the spiral hill to comfort and woo his dear friend, Sally.

Jack POV

Sally was a whole new creature when she was in the moonlite. Her eyes glimmered and her lips were sweet. If she wasn't locked away in Dr. Finklestein's tower the townsmen would be all over her. Tonight was the night I would make her mine. I came chest to face with her( because I'm tall) And I held her hands. I whispered, " I love you" and then she stole a kiss.
At first I was surprised but I embraced her as she embraced me. Our kiss only lasted a few seconds but it was killing my heart. Sally smiled at me and I awkwardly smiled back. She giggled at the sight of my awkward smile and I began to get even more attracted. She seemed to know what I was thinking about and she blushed and turned away. I put my hand on her shoulder to make her turn around but instead She said," I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to rush things."
" W-ww-what? No no I like that you kissed me it's just..."
I blushed after realizing what I just said.
" hehe, you just what?"
My head went Ding! Idea!
" I just wish I could kiss you again"
I said with a devilish smile and the moving eyebrows.
Sally giggled and I really wanted another kiss even more.
" Well, I will take that as a yes!"
I said even more Devilish as I took her in my arms and dipped her.
She giggled once again and that was when I ticked
She put one arm around my kneck and she weaved her other hand in my bow tie. In responce to that I began caressing her hair. That made her giggle again and a I couldn't control my fast-beating heart anymore.
I lowered onto my knees and put my arms around her waist, She began caressing my shoulders. She then lowered on her knees and over me. She applied more pressure then removed her lips from mine.
"Sally?" I said.
"Yes" She said with her sweet innocent voice like nothing had happened.
" Who was that woman with Dr. Finklestein? I thought you worked for him."
" I did but I always snuck away so he replaced me"
Oh, I'm sorry"
" No no no, I am glad because I can finally enjoy the town without worrying about being found by Dr. Finklestein."
" do you have a place to stay?" I said a little nervous.
" No, but I'm gonna find one."
" But it's night, you need somewhere to stay. You know what, I think we are close enough for you to stay over at my house."
Sally blushed thinking of what they had just done." Oh Jack, you know I can't say no to you!" She embraced me and kissed me on the cheek.
I gave her a kiss on the forehead as she cuddled up upon me. We stared at the stars until the stars no longer seen. A man was standing by my feet with a worried face. It was the mayor( of course )
" Jack!" He cried " what are you doing here with Sally?"
I came back to reality when I felt Sally jump up from my arms. The Mayor had seen me cuddling with Sally. How am I gonna put this.
" sorry gotta run, bye!" I yelled as I grabbed Sally's arm and ran all the way to my home. When I knew the coast was clear I picked Sally up in my arms and Said( In a french accent) Welcome Home Ms. Sally. The Haunting Mansion. Sally giggle," thanks Jack, I love you" she said as she kissed my cheek. She sat on the couch an patted the cushion next to her, motioning me torwards her. I sat down and she fell asleep on my shoulder. I soon fell asleep with Zero watching at our feet.
The End

I hope I made it to the fluffy level.
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