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© Rika

Is Mika really fated to die? A sweet and innocent little girl who loves and cares about everyone? Her older brothers do NOT want to accept that fate. But one day when everything gets out of hand, Mika stumbles upon Halloween Town. Where Jack Skellington needs her help. Why is this? Could this change her fate? And who is this mysterious person threatening them?
"Heeeey, how come I'm the rejected one? Why does she get everything? I want to live in the outside world toooo~! I hate you for that~! I truly hate you for that!"

"Well, were off Mika. You'll be okay for a little while right?" Tadase asked.
Tadase was one of Mika's older brothers. He was more calm and making sure every little thing was done right. He was 15 years old, while her brother Zero was 16. The three of them all lived together. They had no family at all. But they were smart enough to manage on there own. Being the oldest, Tadase and Zero worked extremely hard to take care of their little sister.
" Yep! But next time make sure Zero doesn't get you guys in trouble!" Mika said.
"Heeeey. It's not my fault the principal's a jerk." Zero said, "That kid slapped himself with that piece of pizza!"
"...Your such an idiot. Okay we'll be back Mika. " Tadase said.
He dragged Zero out the door. The two of them then headed for the school. Not in a big hurry though. They knew how bored they were going to be.
"Hey ,are you sure we shouldn't have brought Mika?" Tadase asked.
"Don't worry. She'll be fine, I don't want her to get bored." Zero explained.

Mika sighed. Her brothers were probably going to be gone for about an hour or two. Which left her all alone. But not entirely. Mika's cat, Lucky came out and made himself confortable on her lap. She then began to pet him.
"Will you play something with me?" Mika asked Lucky.
Lucky just stared up at her. Mika smiled. How silly of her. Cats don't talk back. Although she wished they could. It would probably make her life more interesting. Her brothers were always gone, at school. While she always played alone. She is 13, but had to drop out of school because she gets very sick all the time.

Mika's thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of loud banging at the door. That couldn't have been her brothers. Scared Lucky jumped out of her lap and hid behind the couch. The banging continued. Was someone trying to break in? Or just mess with her? She didn't know. There wasn't even anyone out there. So she just tried to ignore it. But by the time the door swung open. Mika had grabbed Lucky and ran out the back door into the woods.

Zero was in the middle of talking to his teacher when his phone started to ring. He sighed because he had told all his friends that he was busy today, and to not call him. So he ignored the call. Until 5 seconds later it rang again.
"Ugh, Excuse me Mr.Hiiragi" Zero said.
He got up and answered the call in the hallway.
"Hello?" He asked.
There was no response...
"Hello? Who's there?" Zero asked again.
Still no response.
"Hey, if you don't answer me right now I'll just hang-"
"You sister is going to die tonight" A voice said.
Huh? Was this some kind of joke?
"Hey! Who is this?! Are you some prank caller?! That's not something to joke about!" Zero shouted.
The caller had hung up. Zero was seriously ticked. His brother had come into the hallway out of curiosity. He stood there for awhile but then asked
"Bro? You okay?" He asked.
" Tadase, Let's go now." Zero said.
He started walking down the hallway. Tadase was confused. Why was Zero being so persistent and bossy lately?
"Bro! Wait! Were suppose to be in detention! Were going to get into even more trouble!" Tadase said.
"This is important!" Zero yelled.

A little shocked at the way Zero was acting, he took his word for it. The two of them ran back home in the rain without umbrellas. Once they got home, Zero searched the house.
"Um Bro...what's going on?" Tadase asked.
Zero ignored him and walked into Mika's room. He looked everywhere in the room she could be hiding. When he finally realized she wasn't in the house anywhere, he started clutching his fist and punched the wall.
"Bro, have you seen Mi-...ka..." Tadase asked.

Tadase finally realized what was going on now. The reason why Zero wanted to come back now. He was worried about Mika. Or maybe there was something else going on?
"Um...Maybe something happened? She's most likely heading for the secret hide out in the woods right?" Tadase asked.

Zero brushed past him and headed towards the back yard. Tadase could tell his brother was in a real bad mood. He must be extremely mad at himself. Considering how much Zero always felt that he should be the most responsible. The two of them walked in the woods and started to follow Mika's muddy foot prints. Tadase hoped she was okay. He was also curious to why she had to run into the woods in the first place. His thoughts were ruined when Zero had tripped and fell over a big tree that had be knocked over.
"Bro! Crap are you okay?!" Tadase asked.
He helped him up and sat him on the tree trunk.
"Tssssk, No!" Zero said.
"How bad is it?" Tadase asked.
"It's not that bad. Just bruised badly. Let's keep going." Zero said.
"Okay...But when did that tree get there?" Tadase asked.
"How am I suppose to know?! It must have fallen last week and I was too blind to realize it was right in front of me." Zero explained.
"...Okay.." Tadase said.

The two of them continued chasing after their sisters foot prints. Tadase tried his best to make sure Zero didn't push himself too hard. His foot looked pretty bad..and Tadase had a feeling it was more then just bruised. But awhile later, Zero had slipped on mud and fell on some nails in the ground.
"Bro!" Tadase cried.
He ran over and helped him up.
"You really need to calm it down. You keep getting hurt! We'll get to her don't worry!" Tadase said.
"Yeah yeah hush up. I'm fine anyways. It's just a few scrapes" Zero said.
"No your not! Those look bad! Since when were there nails there?! We've cleared this passage way specifically so that us or Mika wouldn't get hurt" Tadase said.
"I don't know! I'm not a god or something!" Zero said.
"It's almost like something doesn't want us to get to Mika." Tadase said.
"Just shut up and let's go! Now!" Zero said.

Knowing his brother was just in a bad mood, Tadase listened to him and kept an eye out on him anyways. They should be pretty close to the hide out. Hoping Mika was there waiting for them with Lucky.

Wandering farther then she was suppose to, Mika sat down on a log, panting.
"I think were okay now Lucky..." Mika said.
Her phone then began ringing. She looked down at it. It read "Oyashiro-sama". Scared to death she picked Lucky up and ran farther, and farther, into the woods.
'Please stop calling' She pleaded in her mind.
But they kept calling and calling her. No matter how many times she pleaded them not to in her head. Who was trying to call her? What did they want from her? These were questions she wanted to know. But she still didn't pick up her phone. Not after what happened the first time they called, when she did pick up. That time made her cry. Just like she did before. But her brothers were there for her. Even though they didn't know why she was crying.

Suddenly, she came across a circle of seven trees. Each of them had a different holiday door on them. None of them really appealed to her. Except for the Halloween one. It just seemed to grab her attention the most. Her curiosity got the best of her and she opened the door. She hoped for something to happen, but got disappointed when nothing did happen. She sighed and turned the other way.
"Someone must have carved and made these for fun." She told Lucky.
But suddenly she felt her feet get picked up and pulled back and everything went black.

First chapter!! Grin This is a very strange idea that came to me in a dream~! And now TADA~! Yeah the first chapters rushed tho. I wanna get to the interesting parts in the 2nd chapter~ Lol anyways I've got a lot of creepy and violent ideas planned for this story! Grin
Tadase, Zero, and Mika belong to me~! They're my OC's. Plus lots of other OC's will be coming in! >:3 Get ready for some real creepiness!!

~FYI Tadase's name is pronounced TADA-say in case anyone was having issues trying to say it Smile
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