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Bring it to the next level

© Sherachet

'Aight. So this is introducing one of my characters, yeah yeah it's borring to hear other people's OC's and stuff but anyways, this is my character named Milia Skellington. She's not a normal borring girl with a normal personality.... she rachet. ;P
P.S If you see anything said in capital that's my comments for this story.
"Look at our little girl." Said Jack starring at the red headed baby in Sally's arms. "She's beautiful, Jack." Sally said stroking the baby's hair. "What should her name be?" Jack thought for a moment. Sally also thought, they thought, and thought, and they though--- WE GET IT. Then they heard a voice comming from outside of the room. "I know how to figure this out!" Said that person.
The baby opened her eyes and looked at the person looking pissed because that person woke her up from sleeping.
"The baby is adorable, and absoulutely horrible. This is a baby that Heaven sent!" He sang.
"So one word to describe her, is the word magnificent!" He sang again. "And so magnificent starts with the letter M. So that should be the first letter of the baby's name, M?" Sally asked.
"Exactly." Said the person.
"This baby looks talented, if she had a job, there would be no retiering.. Which means this baby is inspiring..!" He sang. "So then inspiring starts with an I, so far it's M-I?" Asked Jack.
"Yup!" Said the person.
"Now the next letter of the name should start with an L because just look at the way she hugs you well. Lovely, yeah now that starts with an..L!" He sang again.
"M-I-L?" Jack and Sally both said at the same time.
"Yeah." Said the person.
"Somewhere in her eyes, even though she has none, said she's imaginitive, that start's with an I, and nothing rhymes with imaginitive!...That I know of!" He sang.
"M-I-L-I?" Jack asked.
"One more!" The person said.
He took a deep breathe and sang, "A....for.....Attractive! And Alurring!" He then bowed.
"Milia!" Jack said, "That's perfect. Thank you kind sir." Jack said as he shook his hand. "Tell me, what's your name?" He asked. "Colton, but you can call me cole for short because for every Christmas I get cole in my stocking." He winked-HAHA GET A LIFE. "So Milia's her name, it's just beautiful!" Sally said.
"So this is our little Milila, she looks so sweet. I bet she'll be exactly this sweet when she's older." Jack said.

Fourteen years later.

Once Jack and Sally drove in the drive way of their home, they heard loud, loud, music. "What's that noise?" Sally wondered. "I don't know, but I don't like it." Jack said. They opened the door of their home and gasped. There were teenagers everywhere dancing to rap and rnb and trashing the place. Milia fell through the ceiling hanging on to a rope upside down facing her parents. "Oh, hi Mom and Dad. How are you, you sexy things?" She hugged them.
"What do you think your doing, young lady?!" Jack yelled. "Just hangin'." Milia said still hanging from the rope. "You didn't get our permission to throw a party!" Sally yelled. "Yeah you did." Milia said. "When?!" Jack asked angrily. "That time when that hobo ran into the store with a magic wand and turned the little boy into a mouse- Oh wait, that was a dream." She said.
Jack frowned and yelled, "Everybody out!" And everyone paused and ran. Milia climbed down from the rope. "Well, accidents happen." She said and shrugged. "Where do you think you're going?" Jack asked. "To my room?" Milia said. "You're cleaning this whole mess!" Jack said.
"But-But-" Jack handed her a bucket of cleaning supplies. "We'll punish you more later." Sally said. Milia poked the sponge. "Ew, this is some gross crap. Okay, that's not sexy." She said gagging. "And tomorrow you're seeing that brodway play with us, and you'll like it!" Jack said walking upstairs.
"But I hate brodway! I hate musicals! Colton made me sick of it ever since I was born!" She yelled. "Ugh." She started picking up chips off the floor. "Wow, all the boys at my party weren't bad looking but most of them were thugs and nerds." Milila said talking to her friend on the phone. "I know right, girl? Hang in there, ttyl." Her friend said back. "Bye Jeffrey." Milia hung up. "Hi people. Is you good? Is you good? So, how's that for the first chapter? You probably don't like me but get used to my personality, kay?" Milia out. <3
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