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My Best Friend Forever

© ghostwolf23

In celebration of Frankenweenie coming out soon,I decided to go ahead and write a small one shot about Victor and Sparky. Smile

Victor always wanted a dog so when his parents agree to get him one,he never knew what to suspect.

Sparky,Victor and Elsa belong to Tim Burton!I OWN NOTHING!!!
Victor was on his way home from school.As he walked on down the sidewalk,he started to look around his neighborhood he lived in.He saw his neighbors ether mowing their lawns,cutting their hedges,walking with their baby storllers or just talking with any of the others.He sighed as he saw one neighbor walking a dog.

"What I wouldn't give for a dog to play with,"Victor said as he continued to walk with his head bowed a bit.

As he reached his door,he heard someone calling his name.

"Hello Victor!"

Victor turned to see his neighbor,Elsa Van Helsing.She looked very beautiful today,but he just saw her a few minutes ago in class.Her uncle must of drove her home today.

"Hello Elsa,"Victor said trying not to sound sad.

"Are you alright?"she asked.

"Never better,"Victor said.

She smiled a bit,"So when do you want to work on that science project?It's due next week you know,"

"I know.I haven't forgotten.I'll just...give you a shout when I got the supplies we will need,"Victor said.

"Okay,I'll be here,"Elsa said,"Bye Victor,"

Victor just waved and walked inside his house.He sighed and went to the kitchen to get started on his homework.His mother was mom cooking and his dad was out in the garage working on the car.

"Hello honey,how was school?"his mother asked.

"Fine,"Victor said sitting down in the chair at the kitchen table,setting his backpack down on the floor.

He unzipped his backpack and took out its objects.He set down the books and papers onto the table and started on his math.His mother frowned at his sad face as he read the problems and worked them out on the paper.The sound og the door opening and closing regained her attention.Victor's father came in and sat at the table.

"Hello son,how was school today sport?"he asked ruffling Victor's hair.

"Same as always,"Victor said not even looking up.

He knew he had to ask.He had to FINALLY ask them what he's always wanted to ask them.Victor took a deep breath and looked up at his parents who were busy doing something else.

"Mom,dad,I've...been meaning to ask you something for quite a while,"Victor said.

"And what might that be son?"his father asked.

"Well...I've been I PLEASE HAVE A DOG?"Victor asked so fast he thought he said "dog" wrong.

His parents stared at him for a while and then looked at each other.

"Victor,do you know how to care for a dog?"his mother asked.

Victor frowned a bit,"Well,no,but I can learn!"

"We'll think about it son,"his father said.

"We'll think about it" they said.Victor knew what the answer was.No.A defenit no.He knew it.He would never get a dog.He decided to go back to his homework.After finishing everything,Victor went up to his bedroom and collapsed on his bed.

"What's wrong with having a dog?"Victor asked himself.

He pulled out a piece of paper and a clipboard and doodled little dogs on it.Some in monster outfits and others just running or wagging their tails.As night fell,his mother walked in to find him passed out on his bed,the clipboard tucked under one arm.She smiled and walked over to him.Pulling the covers of the bed over him,she took the clipboard and set it on the nightstand and kissed his forhead.

"Goodnight Victor,"she said.

She turned to turn the light out and looked down at the paper still attached to the clipboard.She smiled at the little dog drawings.She turned back to her son,wrapped tightly in his blankets breathing slightly as he slept.She turned off the lights and left the room.As the morning light started to shine through the curtains of Victor's bedroom,he opened his eyes and looked around his room.

"Thank goodness,it's Saturday today,"Victor said,"I better start getting those things Elsa and I need for our science project,"

As Victor got dressed and walked downstairs,he was shocked to see his parents sitting at the table.

"Victor,your mother and I have something to tell you,"his father said.

"What?"Victor asked.

His father and mother looked at each other and smiled,"We have decided to let you have your very own dog,"

Victor smiled a huge smile,"REALLY?!My own dog?"

"Yes.We will go later today to get one,okay?"his father said.

"YES!"Victor said jumping around.

Later in the day after they ate lunch,they went to the store to get Victor and Elsa's science project matrials and then were on to the pet store.Victor couldn't sit still in the car for more than 5 seconds.He was way too excited to even do so.As they pulled into the parking lot,Victor unhooked his seat belt and shot out the door.

"Wait for us Victor,"his mother yelled.

Victor ran up to the store window and looked at the puppies in the play pin.They all ran up to the window to greet the face of the boy.He laughed as they tried to lick him though they couldn't due to the glass between them.One puppy though caught his eye.It was a white with black on his tail and ears bull terrior.The wide eyed little puppy stared up at Victor's eyes and they locked on to each other.His parents walked up to him and looked at the puppy Victor was staring at.

"Do you like that one Victor?"his mother asked.

"Yes.He's the one,"Victor said.

The family walked in and Victor ran up to the play pin.The man standing there looked over at him.

"Which one boy?"the man asked.

"The white one.With the black tail and ears,"Victor said pointing him out.

The man picked him up and gave him to Victor.The puppy licked Victor's face causing Victor to giggle.

"Now,Victor are you sure you want this one?"his father asked.

"Yes father.I'll take good care of him and raise him and train him and..,"Victor was interupted by his father.

"Alright son,"his father smiled,"Come on.Lets go pay for him,"

As they paid for the dog,the shop keeper gave them a collar.

"I'll need a name for the puppy,"she said.

"Well...,"Victor said thinking.

He tried to think of a good name.Something that wasn't "Spot" or "Duke".He loved science and the book,Frankenstein.Sparky.That sounded like a good name.

"Sparky.I want his name to be Sparky,"Victor said.

"Okay.Sparky it is,"the lady said typing it on the adoption form and giving it to the parents.

They put the collar on the puppy and walked out the door with him.That night,Sparky stayed with Victor.

"We'll be best friends forever Sparky,"Victor said settling into bed with Sparky curling up beside him,"Best friends forever,"

Victor then closed his eyes and started to dream about what his life will be like now that Sparky was in his life.Forever.

Liked it? Smile I'm planning to write more Frankenweenie stories after the movie comes out.I'm dressing up as Sparky and going this coming Friday after school to see it ^_^ I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! Grin Grin Grin Hope you all enjoyed it!
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