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Working Up the Nerve

© ghostwolf23


Victor Frankenstein wants to ask his neighbor,Elsa Van Helsing to the Halloween dance at their school,but he just can't seem to work up the nerve to and he's scared of what she'll say.Can Sparky help his master find the nerve to ask before Nassor and Toshiaki do?

This IS a VictorXElsa fanfic,don't like then DON'T read!!!
All the characters belong to Tim Burton!I OWN NOTHING!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Victor tapped his pencil on his science textbook as he listened to the teacher go on about the subject of matter to them.Victor sighed to himself.It has been months since the Dutch day inccident and everything went back to normal expect for the fact that he had his afterlife dog living with him and everyone knew about it.He looked over his shoulder at the girl who sat in the next row and chair behind him.Elsa Van Helsing was his neighbor and Mayor Burgermister's niece.She had a terrible night on that night of Dutch day.Almost getting killed by a vampire cat and falling to her death from a windmill.THAT WAS ON FIRE!If he didn't come to her rescue,then she wouldn't be sitting there in class and Victor wouldn't be able to forgive himself for that.Suddenly,he heard his name called.

"VICTOR!"the teacher yelled.

"Yes?"Victor asked.

"Would you like to pass out these flyers before the day ends?"the teacher asked.

"Um...sure,"he said.

The teacher handed him a stack of flyers and he started to pass them about the room as the teacher continued.

"Now class,as you all know,this Friday is the school's annual Halloween dance,"the teacher said,"There will be games,food and prizes for the best costumes,"

Victor went and sat back down in his seat.He looked at the flyer and read it over.

"New Holland Elementry presents the annual Halloween Spook Dance.This dance will be held on Friday,October 30th,the day before Halloween.Come wearing a costume and we,the teachers will judge the best costumes.The winners will win wonderful prizes.There will be a variaty of food and games to play as well,"

Victor continued to read the flyer until his eyes went wide at the last sentence.It read,"All students are welcome to bring a date to enter into the catagory of best couple costume,".Victor then heard the bell ring and jumped out of his seat and ran outside to the bike rack.He started to unchain his bike when he heard someone coming up behind him.

"Hello Victor,"a voice said.Victor reconized it as the voice of Edgar's.

"Oh,hello Edgar,"Victor said.

"So who are you asking to the dance on Friday?"Edgar asked.

Could he make this any worse?

"I...I don't think...I'll even be going,"Victor said.

"Aw,but Victor it's the only dance we can go to till high school.Do you even want to throw a pie at a teacher's face,like the gym teacher?Cause that's one of the games,"Edgar said.

"Well...I don't even know what I'm gonna wear or if my day is booked,"Victor said.

"You just don't wanna go because you are scared to ask someone,are you Victor?"another voice asked.

The two boys turned to see Weird Girl standing behind them.Edgar blushed red and twiddled his fingers.

"Well?"she asked.

"No!No.That's...that's not it,"Victor said answering her question.

"I can tell you know Victor.By the way you look at her,"Weird Girl said.

"Look at who?I don't even know who you're talking about,"Victor said.

Weird Girl smiled,"Elsa ofcourse.Elsa Van Helsing.In our science class.Your neighbor,"

Edgar snickered a little as Victor blushed a bright red.

"We...We're just friends,"Victor said.

"You like her,don't you Victor?"Weird Girl asked.

"No!Just as a friend!"Victor snapped,"I have to go home and check on Sparky.I'll see you both tomorrow,"

Victor got on his bike and started to peddle away from the two.He couldn't believe those two.He didn't even want to go in the first place...until he saw that last sentence that is.As he got closer to his house,he saw Elsa walking home.That's strange.Usaully her uncle picked her up.He rode up beside her.

"Hey Elsa!"he said.

Elsa turned to him and smiled,"Hello Victor,"

"How come you're walking home?"he asked.

"My uncle was called away to a meeting so I had to walk,"she answered.

"Want a ride?"Victor asked stopping his bike.

"What,on your bike?"she giggled.

"Yeah,why not?"he said.

Elsa giggled a bit and said,"Well,alright,"

She climbed onto the bike and cluthced onto Victor's shoulders.Victor started to peddle off to her house.The two stayed silent for the whole ride until they reached Elsa's house and she dismounted the bike.

"Thanks for the ride,"she said.

"No problem,"he said," your uncle's not back by night fall,then come by my house for dinner,"

"I think that won't be nessacery Victor,"she aid looking off to the driveway.

A white car pulled up the driveway and Mr.Burgermyster exited the car.He walked up to the two.

"Afternoon Victor,"he said.

"Evening sir,"Victor said.

"Elsa,I caught your dog chewing on my fence again.Have you been training her at all?"he asked his niece.

"She just wants to see Sparky,"Elsa answered.

"Well,if she wants to see Victor's dog,then she needs to learn to go grab the leash at the door and bringing it to you insteid of ruining my fence...,"Victor interupted him.

"I can fix it sir and while I fix it to keep her away from the fence,I could bring Sparky over,"Victor said.Elsa smiled at him.

"You sure about that boy?Is he...trained?"Mr.Burgermyster asked eyeing him carefully.

"For a dead dog sir,he sure is,"Victor answered.

"Good.Then right after school tomorrow,you start working on it,"he said.

Victor smiled,"Yes sir,"

"Come on Elsa,"he said turning around to enter the house.

"I'll be there in a minute,"she said after him before turning back to Victor,"Are you sure you'll be able to handle it?"

"Ofcourse,I brought Sparky back to life didn't I?"he joked.

Elsa giggled a bit,"But Persphone will just tear up the fence again when you fix it,"

"Not if I leave Sparky out,"Victor said,"I'll leave him out to keep her company while were at school,"

"Okay.I'll see you tomorrow then Victor,"Elsa said walking back into her house.

Victor walked his bike back to his garage and entered his house.Sparky came running up to the door to greet his master with licks and jumps.

"Hello boy,how was your day?"he asked the little dog.

Sparky barked in responce.Victor's mother,Susan entered the living room to greet her son.

"Hello Victor,how was school today?"she asked.

"It was fine and just so you know,I'll be at the Burgermyster's tomorrow after school fixing their fence,"Victor said.

"Oh.Okay then,"she said in a surprised voice.

Victor dropped his school bag in the kitchen and got what he needed out of the bag.As he walked out of the kitchen,the flyer fell out of his folder and to the floor.His mother,seeing it picked it up and read it.She made a thoughtful face and placed the piece of orange paper onto the table for her husband,Ben to see.Victor walked up to his room and collapsed onto his bed.Sparky jumped up and sat next to him.

"Sparky,I don't know what is wrong with me.Everytime I see her,my face flushes red and my hands go all claming.I don't know what it means,"Victor turned his head to the dog sitting beside him,"Did you feel this way when you saw Persphone for the first time?"

Sparky cocked his head to the side.What was his master talking about?Better yet,who was he talking about?

"Elsa...,"Victor whispered,"Why can't I just ask?What if Weird Girl is right?Do we belong together?"

Sparky's ears shot up at the name.Elsa.His master loved Elsa?Sparky licked his master's face causing him to laugh.

"Okay.Okay.Down boy,"Victor said sitting up,"We get to go over there tomorrow,sound good?"

Sparky barked in glee as his tail flew off.Victor smiled and shook his head.

"I think we should fix your tail first,"he said picking up the detached tail.

Like it so far? Smile I SAW FRANKENWEENIE ON FRIDAY AFTER SCHOOL!!! Grin Grin Grin It was SO cute!!! Grin Everyone should go see it! Grin The next chapter is when tensions are going to start rising,so stay tuned. Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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