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Working Up the Nerve

So Close

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Victor awoke the next day as the sunlight poured through his windows.He looked over at his bedside table to see his alarm clock blinking 6 AM.He moaned as he sat up in bed.Sparky,who was alseep on the floor on his bone shapped rug looked up at his master.

"Morning Sparky,"he said getting out of bed and walking to his closet to get dressed,"I've been thinking about what I should wear to the dance,"

Sparky cocked his head to the side a bit.Victor pulled out many costumes from past Halloweens.

"How about...FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER?"Victor said holing up the mask.Sparky only eyed him like he was crazy,"No.You're right.Too popular.How about Dracula?"

Victor put the cape and fangs on and Sparky only laid down on the ground again.

"Yeah.I see what you mean.Went as that four times already,"Victor said putting it back up,"Maybe...a were-wolf?"

Sparky yawned at the word.

"Nothing.Okay.Lets see what else I got.If I can't find anything,then I'm certainly NOT going,"Victor said digging through his costumes.

He pulled out a half white mask and looked back at the Dracula cape.He smiled as an idea came to him.

"I got it Sparky!How about...?"Sparky stood back up with his tail wagging crazely,"The phantom...OF THE LABORTORY!"

Sparky just rolled his eyes.Was he REALLY series?

"I'm telling you boy,this is the one,"Victor said,"I'll show it to mom and dad when we get done fixing the fence today after school.Come on boy,"

After getting dressed,Victor and Sparky ran down stairs to be greeted by Victor's parents.Victor grabbed some toast and jam as well as some orange juice from the fridge.Walking outisde with Sparky,he heard small yapping.He looked over to see Persphone poking her nose through the hole she made in the fence.Sparky ran over to her and they started to rub noses together.Victor smiled at his dog and walked out of the backyard,got his bike from the garage and rode off to school.
Elsa sat in the back seat of her uncle's car as he drove her to school.

"Now remember,Victor will be coming to fix the fence today.Show him where it is and where the tools are,got it?"her uncle said in his gruffing voice.

"Yes sir,"Elsa answered as they pulled up to the school.

Elsa opened the door and got out of the car.She shut the door and started to walk up the pathway to the building.

"ELSA!"she turned to look back at her uncle,"Make sure he covers the whole thing by the time I get back,"

"Yes uncle!"she said as he drove away.

She sighed.She hated how he had to go to another meeting today.He never made time for her,even when she was a little girl.As she started to walk up to the school,she heard a familiar voice call her name.

"Hello Elsa,"she turned to see Nassor.

"Oh,hello Nassor,"Elsa said trying not to sound like she was sad.

Nassor was one of those kids Elsa never thought would talk to her.He lived just a few blocks away from her and Victor,on the richer side of New Holland where all the big houses were.His tall figure walked toward her out of the shadows.She almost wanted to giggle at the thought of what happened to him on Dutch Day.He got mummified and locked in a cabnit with a bunch of dolls.She hid the giggle behind a smile as he came up to her.

"Are to attending this year's dance?"he asked her.

"Maybe.I haven't thought about it really,"Elsa said.

Nassor nodded,"I see.I myself haven't thought about going,"

"But are you?"Elsa asked.

"I have to.My parents want me to attend it since they think it'll help everyone forget the Dutch Day inccident...that...I was a part of,"Nassor said rubbing the back of his neck,"But we have a game the day after so I might not stay long,"

"Oh.I see.Well,I must be getting to class now.I'll see you later then Nassor,"Elsa said walking off.

Nassor watched her leave and went back to the shadowy part he came from to meet up with his friends,Toshiaki and Bob.

"So?What did you say?"Bob asked.

"Hush!"Toshiaki yelled,"So?Is she going?"

"She said she doesn't know yet,"Nassor said trying not to blush.

"Well then.I guess I'll try to ask her then,"Toshiaki said smiling.

"You will do NO such thing!"Nassor said,"You destroyed my hamster with your turtle!You are not taking away my date to the dance!"

"Oh yeah?Watch me!"Toshiaki said.

Bob just backed away from the two.The two always fought about everything.Sure they are good friends,but it's just ever since the day Nassor got knocked out by one of Toshiaki's pitchs in baseball,Nassor always started fights with Toshiaki.

"But...wait...What about Victor?"Bob asked.The two turned toward him,"I think he might want to ask her out to the dance.They are neighbors after all,"

"Then...we have to keep the two a part,"Toshiaki said.

"Why?"Nassor asked.

"It'll just give him time to ask,"Toshiaki said.

Nassor sighed.Victor and him started to become good friends after the Dutch Day inccident.He knew Victor liked Elsa too and knew they were neighbors,but he wanted to ask Elsa to the dance.Even if it ment turning against his friend,Nassor had to ask Elsa first.

"Fine.What do we have to do?"Nassor asked.

The bell rang shortly after and Toshiaki looked back at him,"We'll discuss it later,"

The three went inside the building to get to their classes.
The day went like any other day and Victor couldn't wait to get out.Once that bell rang,he ran out of the class and got to the bike rack in time before Elsa walked out.As he started to unchain his bike,he turned to see Nassor walking up to him.

"Hello Nassor,"Victor said.

"Victor.So are you coming to practice baseball with the others?"Nassor asked,"Toshiaki said he needs a second baser for this Saturday's game,"

"Oh.I can't today.I promised Mr.Burgermyster I'd fix his fence today,"Victor said,"Maybe tomorrow...if he's satisfied that is with the fence,"

"I'll let them know then,"Nassor said.

"Hello guys,"Elsa said walking up to the bike rack.

"Hello Elsa,"the two said.

"So Victor,when we get to my house I'll show you where the tools are.Are you going to get Sparky before we start fixing it?"Elsa asked.

"Yes.He's been waiting all day I bet,"Victor said,"I'll see you tomorrow Nassor.Let Toshiaki know where I've gone,"

"I will.Bye Victor,"Nassor said walking away.

Elsa mounted Victor's bike and the two rode off to Victor's house first.Victor ran to the backyard and got Sparky and his leash.Walking back out to his bike where Elsa was waiting,Sparky ran to her.Elsa kneelt down to pet him.

"Hello Sparky.How are you?"she asked.

Victor hooked him to his leash and the three started walking to Elsa's house.Going to the backyard,Sparky was greeted with happy yapping from Persphone.Victor unhooked the zombie dog and watched as he ran to Persphone and the two started to chase each other around the yard.

"This way Victor,"Elsa said leading him to the garage,"The tools are in here,"

Victor followed her into the garage and helped her get the tools down off the shelf.They both walked back out to the yard to get started on the fence.The two sat down on the grass while Victor asked for tool after tool after tool.The two stayed silent for a while until Elsa spoke up.

"So,are you going to the dance?"she asked.

"Um...,"Victor stopped hammering to think.What should he say?

"Well?"she asked again.

"I haven't...really thought about it Elsa,"he said going back to hammering.

"Nassor asked me this morning if I was,"she continued,"I guess he wanted to know if I was going too,"

"Why?"Victor asked not looking over at her.

She shrugged,"Don't know.I might even BE going.I can't find a perfect costume,but knowing my uncle he'll make me go,"

"That can't be true.He'd maybe ask you if you want to,"Victor said when he was finished hammering the last board on the fence.

"Yeah.I guess your right,but I am HIS niece so he might make me go,"Elsa said.

Victor went and sat next to her.Many things started to mingle in his brain.Why was Nassor asking her if she was going to the dance?Was he trying to ask her to go with him?Maybe.Victor knew he ahd to do it now.Right there.Right now.In that backyard.He turned to look at Elsa.

""he started to say.

"Yes Victor?"she turned to him.

Their eyes met and Victor felt butterflies in his stomach and a lump go up in his thoart.Sparky and Persphone stopped their chasing to stair at the two.

"Uh...I was wondering....if you would,"he couldn't say it.He just couldn't.

"To what?"she asked.

Victor looked away for a moment and then turned back to look at her confussed look,"If you'd like,"

"ELSA!I'M HOME!"a voice yelled.

"Oh,my uncle's home.Thanks for your help Victor,"she said.

"Oh anytime,"Victor said.

He watched as she stood up and walked into the house.Before entering,she turned around to face Victor.

"We'll talk tomorrow okay?Maybe you'll remember what you wanted to tell me then,"she said smiling and walking into the house.

Victor smiled,"Come on Sparky.Tell Persphone goodbye,"

Sparky and Persphone rubbed noses one more time and the two walked out of the backyard.Once they got home,Victor went to the kitchen to do his homework.He was SO close.So close he could just see the reaction she would have when he asked her right at that moment.He almost face palmed himself when he saw her walk in her house.He should of asked right there and then.Why was he so shy?Why couldn't he be brave like how he was on Dutch Day when he saved her life?Sparky could tell his master was upset and he walked out of the house through his dog door.There was only one person he knew who could heklp him.Persphone.

I'll stop here for now.This is getting too long Smile Now the next chapter is where Sparky and Persphone ARE going to talk.So don't be telling me they don't talk in the movie and stuff.I understand that,it's just I want to show more detail on it.Stay tuned! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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