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Working Up the Nerve

Man's Best Friend

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

I am on a roll with this story! Grin I get to see it with my aunt and cousin ether this weekend or next after my theater rehearsals to get a bit more character descriptions into this as well as some video ideas for some Frankenweenie videos! Wink Well ON TO THE STORY!!!
Sparky walked out into the cold October night and ran to the fence.He stuck his nose out from under the fence to sniff for Persphone.

"Please don't be inside,"he thought as he clawed at the dirt.

He then heard a yap from the other side of the fence.His tail started to wag as he saw the nose of his beloved Persphone stick out from under the fence.

"Sparky,is that you?"she asked.He smiled.

"Yes Persphone.It's me,"he said rubbing his nose against her's,"I need your help with something,"

"What is that?"she asked from the other side.

"It's my master,Victor,"Sparky answered.

"What's wrong with Victor?"

"It's this dance mostly.He wants to go,but doesn't know how to ask your mistress,Elsa,"Sparky said sitting down on the ground.

"I see.Elsa has been thinking about this dance too,but doesn't know what she's going to wear or if she's even going or not,"Persphone said.

"We have to get these two together Persphone,"Sparky said,"I would do anything for my master just for him to be happy,"

"I would do the same for my mistress,but we have to think fast,"Persphone said,her voice getting a bit panicing.

"Why?Is something wrong?"Sparky asked getting worried.

"I over heard my mistress talking to her uncle saying that Nassor talked to her about the dance and she said it sounded like he was trying to ask her to go with him,"Persphone said.

"But Nassor is Victor's friend.He wouldn't do that to Victor.He knows of his crush on Elsa,"Sparky said.

"I smell betrayal on this one Sparky.We need to act fast before Friday night when the dance comes around and before Nassor gets the guts to ask her again,"Persphone said.

"Any ideas?"Sparky asked.

"I was thinking we could pull the old leash getting tangled trick.You know,like in the movies?"Persphone giggled.

"Okay,I'll beg to go on a walk tomorrow right when Victor gets home from school,"Sparky said.

"I'm walked every Wedsenday so I don't have to worry about begging.I'll see you till then,"Persphone said rubbing noses with Sparky again before walking away from the fence to go inside.

"Wait!Persphone!What time do go for a walk?Victor might have baseball practice tomorrow,"Sparky said catching Persphone's attention once more.

"He'll be done with practice before we go.We walk right by the ball park on our walks so just go meet Victor at the school by 3 with your leash and then we'll take care of the rest,"Persphone said,"Good night Sparky,"

"Good night Persphone,"he said smiling.

Sparky left the fence and went inside to see his master.He entered through his dog door right when Victor's parents started to set the table for dinner and called him down.Victor ran down in his costume.

"Mom.Dad.Should I wear this for Halloween?"Victor asked.

"Wow son.That looks like an amaing costume.What are you suppose to be?"his father asked.

"The phantom of the labortory!"Victor said in an epic voice.

"You look more like the phantom of the opera to me,"his mother said sitting down.

"Of the what?"Victor asked.

"The opera.That was the musical your father took me to see on our fifth or fourth date.I think that would be a perfect costume for Halloween and the dance,"his mother said.

"The dance?!How'd you know about the dance?"Victor asked shocked for a moment.

"Your flyer,"his father said holding the piece of paper up,"We ment to talk to you yesterday about to,but you were caught up in your work that we just left it till tonight.So,are you going?"

"I...I haven't decided,"Victor studdered.

"You should go,"his mother said,"It'll be lots of fun and it'll give you some time to spend with your friends,"

"Do you have a girl in mind you would like to ask?"his father asked.

Sparky jumped at the question and looked up at his master.

"Don't answer.Don't answer.Don't answer.Don't answer,"Sparky said in his mind.

"Well...,"Victor blushed a bit,"No...Not exactly,"

"I think you should ask the littl Van Helsing girl.She seems nice enough and you've been hanging out with her a lot,"his mother said.

"But...we're just friends...It'll be too weird,"Victor said rubbing the back of his neck.

"No it won't son,"his father said,"How about you ask her tomorrow,hm?And maybe even invite her over for dinner so we can meet her in person?"

"No!I mean no.She's...She's got...Things to do tomorrow,like walk Persphone for instince and...Help her uncle.I don't want to ask her to come eat when she's busy,"Victor said.

"She'll maybe fine some time,"his mother said.

Victor took off his mask and sat down at the table.He looked down at Sparky.

"I wish you could talk,"he said to the little dog,"You'd probely give me good advice on this dance stuff,huh?"

"More then you know,"Sparky thought as he watched his master eat.
Elsa sat at her dining room table,slowly eating the take out food her uncle got while he was out for the meeting.When was the last time she had a home cooked meal?

"I saw that you got a flyer to the Halloween dance,"her uncle said breaking the silence between them.

"Yeah,"she said in her monotoned voice.

"It looks like it'll be fun,"he said taking a bite of steak,"Got any boys you want to ask?"

"Okay,that just seems weird to ask me,"Elsa thought.

"Well?"he asked.

"No...,"she said quietly.

"What was that?"

"I said NO,"she repeated,"There's no one I want to ask or even someone I know who will ask me,"

"What about that Nassor fellow?He seems like a nice guy,"her uncle said out of nowhere,"Did he ask you?"

"Just asked me if I was going.That's all,"she said.

"Hmmm.What about the Toshiaki kid?"

"Haven't heard anything from him,"Elsa said poking her food with her fork.

"Don't play with your food.Haven't your mother taught you that?"Elsa stopped poking the piece of meat,"Edgar?"

"He's asking Weird Girl,"Elsa answered not looking up.

"Well,looks like you are going alone then huh?"he asked.

"Wait,you didn't ask about Victor,"Elsa said.

"The Frankenstein kid?The one who caused the Dutch Day inccident?The one who almost got half the town killed?"he blurted out.

"The one who fixed your fence today?"Elsa added.

"Oh yeah.Him.What about him?"he asked again.

"You didn't ask me if he was going or if he even asked me to the dance?"Elsa said.

"Did he?There you happy,"

"I don't know about him.He seemed like he was at first,but now I can't tell,"she said.

"Well,if he does,then he's going to have to put up with me,"he said,"He did save your life yes,but he'll have to ask for my permission first,"

Persphone just rolled her eyes as she ate her food from her clear white bowl.Elsa picked up her plate and went to put it up.

"I'll be in my room.Come along Persphone,"she said.

The poodle followed her mistress to her room keeping up with the pace she was at.As the two entered Elsa's bedroom,the girl sat on her bed and laid back.Persphone jumped up and sat beside her.

"Persphone,is this dance really that big of a deal?"the girl asked her dog.

Persphone cocked her head to the side as if saying,"Seems that way from what your uncle has been saying,"

Elsa turned to look at her dog and started petting the dog's black fur on top of her head.She smiled as she looked at her.

"I wish you could talk to me.You would know what to do in a crisis like this,wouldn't you?"she asked.

"I would indeed and I know just how to do it,"Persphone thought as she watched her mistress stand back up and cross to the window to look out.

She could see into Victor's window from where she was,but she couldn't see what he was doing.He would have to come into her sight line in order to know.She sat there staring at the window waiting for him or Sparky to show themselves.She sighed as she waited.Looking to her right,she picked up a picture of her parents.

"I wish you guys were here with me right now insteid of out of town.You would know what to do too,wouldn't you?"she asked the picture knowning it wouldn't reply back.

As she turned back to the window,she noticed Victor walking into his room.He saw her and waved at her.She smiled and waved back.She then left the window to go back downstairs to get her backpack,leaving Persphone to stair at the window.Sparky came into view in the window.He smiled at her and nodded his head at her.She nodded back.They knew what they both said even if they couldn't say it in person because of where they were at that moment.

"The plan is set,"

SO MUCH SUSPENSE!!! Grin I like to test your brain with these kind of things! Grinb LolBut don't worry!The next chapter will be arriving soon!!!Hope you guys are getting excited and enjoying this little fic Smile

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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