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Working Up the Nerve

Getting Tangled Up

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

Another day as arise for Victor.He did his daily routine.Get dressed,eat breakfast,go to school and then study,study,STUDY!As he sat in math class,his mind begin to wonder.In his own little world,he saw himself in his phantom costume and he extended his arm out to a young and beautiful girl.The girl took his hand and he turned to meet her eyes.There stood Elsa in a beautiful white dress insteid of her usual black.She smiled as the two started to dance around the room,which appeared to be a ballroom with silver and gold streemers hanging from a ceiling made of gold and spiraled down marbel collumns connected to the ceiling.They could see their reflections in the floor made of pearl.As the dance came to a close,Victor stared hard into her gray eyes.She smiled and said his name.

"Victor,"she said.

He smiled as his name was said.

"Victor!"she said even louder.

Victor shook his head and was back to reality.He looked up at his math teacher.

"Have you not been paying attention?"he asked Victor.

"Yes sir...I was...,"Victor lied.

As the teacher walked away and continued on with his lecher,Edgar from across the room through a paper ball at him.Victor blinked a few times and looked over at him.Edgar nodded and Victor opened the paper.The paper read,"Meet me at the ball park after school before the others show up from practice.I got to tell you something,".Victor looked back and stuffed the paper in his pants.As the day started to end,Victor still couldn't get Elsa out of his mind.In science class,he glanced over at her several times though she never noticed him.He frowned as he stared at her.Did she love him back?No.It didn't look that way.The bell rang a few seconds later.As the students stood to leave,Elsa walked over to Victor's desk.

"Victor?"she asked.He looked up at her,"Are...Are you...playing baseball after school today?"

"Um...Yes.I need to practice for Saturday's game according to Nassor,"Victor said.

"I see.Because I was wondering,if I could come by and watch while on my walk with Persphone,"Elsa said.

"Um...Sure!You're welcome to come,"Victor said.

"Thanks,"she said smiling,"See you then,"

As she walked away,Victor felt a sigh escape his lungs.As he left the classroom,he saw her walking away with Weird Girl,noth of which were talking.Victor turned and walked the other way to get his baseball gear for practice.
Elsa and Weird Girl exited the school through the double glass doors and made their way down to the street to wait for their rides.Elsa glanced over to Weird Girl.Something was defently on the girl's mind.

"Hey,Weird,something wrong?"Elsa asked.

"No.I just been thinking lately...about the dance,"Weird Girl said.


"Well,I have this feeling that someone is going to ask me tomorrow to go with them as their date,but the thing is,I don't know who it will be,"Weird Girl said turning toward Elsa.

"Well,don't worry about it.I'm sure whoever it is has had a crush on you since first grade,"Elsa joked.

"Hello girls,"a voice said.

The two turned to face straight on.Standing in front of them was none other then Toshiaki.He smiled at them as he stopped in front of them.

"Hello Toshiaki,"Elsa said.

"Afternoon Elsa,"Toshiaki said.

Weird Girl eyed him carefully.Something didn't seem right about him today.He usually NEVER talked to the two of them.What was going on?

"So Elsa,I have a question for you,"Toshiaki said.

"Um..okay?But make it quick.My uncle is waiting,"Elsa said.

"I was wondering,would you like to go to the dance with me?"he asked smirking.

Elsa's eyes went wide.Was he serious?Go to the dance with him?She had to think of something fast.

"I would love to Toshiaki,but...,"Toshiaki frowned a bit,"But I don't feel like going with someone,"

Toshiaki just stood there and stared at her.Without another word,he stomped off away from their sight to head to practice.

"You made the right decision Elsa,"Weird Girl said after a moment of silence between them.

"Why?"she asked.

"I have a feeling that Toshiaki is up to no good on this whole dance thing.I think you should go with the one you know best,"Weird Girl said walking away before Elsa could ask who.

"What does she mean?"Elsa thought walking to her unlce's car.
Edgar paced back and forth as he waited for Victor.

"Where is he?"Edgar asked himself,"I have to warn him,"

The sound of footsteps filled his hearing as he turned.There was Victor standing behind him in his baseball uniform with his glove and bat.

"Hello Edgar.What was it you wanted to tell me?"Victor asked.

"Victor,we got trouble.I know,"Edgar said.

"Know what?And what do you mean by trouble?"Victor asked.

"I think you do,"Edgar said.

"Okay,Edgar.Lets not start this again,"Victor said,"What is it?"

"I know about your crush.On Elsa Van Helsing,"Edgar said.Victor blushed red as he said that.


"I came to warn you Victor.Nassor and Toshiaki want to ask her two,"Edgar said,"So if you want her to be your date,you have to ask FAST!"

Victor couldn't believe this!Nassor was one of his friends.Why was he doing this to him?The two fell silent as Toshiaki,Nassor and Bob walked onto the field.

"Ah Victor,you remembered,"Nassor said.

"Ofcourse..,"Victor said trying not to sound like he just found out his dark secret.

"Well,lets get started,"Bob said running to his position.
Sparky ran all over the house.

"Where did he put that leash?!"he asked himself,"The plan will be ruined if I don't get out there in time,"

Soon,he spotted the leash hanging down from the closet door.He jumped up and grabbed it.Running down the stairs,he shot out of the dog door and busted through the backyard door.

"I hope I'm not late,"he said to himself.
"Come on Toshiaki!Pitch it already!"Bob wined,"My legs are going to sleep!"

"Shut up!I'm about to!"Toshiaki said.

Victor waited at home plate with his bat at the ready.He eyed Toshiaki carefully while keeping his eye open for Elsa and Persphone.

"Ready Victor?"Toshiaki asked.

"Bring it!"Victor said back.

Toshiaki sqeented his eyes and threw the ball at him.Victor swung the bat and felt a hard bump against the wood.He looked up to see the ball flying through the air.Victor dropped his bat and ran to first base,continuing to run.Then there was a flash of white and Victor looked to see Sparky chasing after the ball.How'd he get out?

"Victor!Catch your dog!"Nassor yelled from home plate.

"Sparky!"Victor yelled as he touched third base and continued to run.

Sparky caught the ball and ran back to Victor with it just as Victor touched home.He looked down at Sparky.Not only did Sparky have the ball,but his leash as well.

"Why do you have that boy?"Victor asked.

"Victor!Tie him up!"Toshiaki yelled very angry,"We can't have him chasing the baseball again!"

Victor hooked Sparky to his leash and tyed him up to the post next to the blechers.

"Hello Victor,"Victor looked up to see Elsa and Persphone standing in front of him,"Mind if we watch for a bit?"

"No...Not at all,"Victor said.

"Come on Victor!"Nassor yelled,"Lets hit atleast four more and then we're done,"

"Coming!"Victor said.

Victor ran back to the field.Toshiaki looked over at Elsa and eyed her sitting on the bletchers with her dog sitting next to Sparky.He grabbed Nassor by the arm and dragged him over.

"We have to impress her.Only one of us can go!"he said.

"What do we do then?"Nassor asked.

"Easy.Hey Victor,how about you pitch this time?"Toshiaki said.

"Uh...Are you sure?"Victor asked.

"Ofcourse!Come on!Give it a go!"Toshiaki said giving him the glove and baseball.

Victor stood there on the pitcher's plate,looking around nervously.He looked over at Elsa,who smiled and waved at him.He took a deep breath as he eyed Toshiaki carefully at home plate.Victor then noticed something strange.Nassor laid a fingur on the dirt and nodded his head at Victor.He knew what that signel ment.Throw it to the ground.Victor pitched the ball and watched as it flew to Nassor's glove.Toshiaki hit the bat on the ground.

"Strike one!"Nassor yelled.

Victor pitched it again.Same thing.Again.Toshiaki,for the first time striked out.Toshiaki glanced at Victor and then at Elsa.She was clapping and cheering for Victor.

"I...think...we've had enough for today,"Toshiaki said getting angry and packing his stuff.

As everyone watch him walk away,Nassor walked over to Victor.

"Don't take it personally.He's just upset that he didn't get what he wanted,"he said before walking away.

"Victor?"Victor turned to Elsa,"Here,"

She handed Victor Sparky's leash and started to walk away from him with Persphone in tow.Victor looked down at Sparky.

"It's now or never boy,"he whispered to the little dog,"Only two days left,"

Victor and Sparky ran off to catch up with the two girls.As they walked side by side,Victor could feel his face start to flush red.

"The sky is beautiful,"Elsa said,"All gold and pink,"

"Yeah,"Victor said.

Suddenly,Sparky and Persphone started to run in opposite directions.Victor and Elsa became scared and started trying to pull them back to make them stop.It wasn't long before Victor and Elsa were tangled up in the leashs,almost face to face.Elsa's eyes grew wide and she could feel her face grow hot from the blush forming on her face.Victor was the same.Elsa has not even notice that when she begin to loose her blance,her hands came to rest on Victor's shoulders.Victor didn't even notice his hands around her waist.Sparky and Persphone turned to each other and smiled.They've done good.

"Um....Are you...okay?"Victor asked.

"Yes,"Elsa said almost in a whisper.

"I think we should...,"

"Get untangled,"Elsa finished.

"Yeah,"Victor said removing his hands from her waist to start untangling the dogs.

Once untangled,the two continued on their walk.Not a word was spoken between the two.Victor glanced in her direction,but then looked away as Elsa turned toward him.

"So...,"Elsa finally said,"Have you decided about the dance?"

"Maybe,"Victor answered still not looking at her.

"It looks like I may be going,"Elsa said.

"Your uncle's forcing you?"Victor asked.

"Yes.He even picked out my costume,"Elsa said.

"Oh.I made mine,"Victor said,"Just threw something together,"

"I guess...then you ARE going?"Elsa asked.

"Well,my parents want me too,"Victor said,"So I guess so,"

As they reached Elsa's house,she turned back to Victor.

"Thank you for taking the time to walk with me and Persphone,"she said.

"No problem,"Victor said.

Elsa then walked over Victor and kissed him lightly on the cheek.Victor's mouth opened a little and watched as she went inside her house with Persphone.Victor reached up and touched his cheek where he was kissed.He smiled and sighed.

"I feel so alive Sparky!"Victor said stretching his arms out to the sky laughing.

The two then ran back to Victor's house.Victor knew what he had to do.He had to ask Elsa.Tomorrow.

I kept you guys waiting long enough for some kisses so here you are!!! Grin Keep reading!More tension will arise soon! Wink

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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