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Working Up the Nerve

The Nerve is Found

© ghostwolf23

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

The day was now Thursday.The dance is tomorrow night.Victor sat in his room after school pondering over everything that happened the day before.Was Edgar right?Was Toshiaki and Nassor in love with Elsa too?Or was there another reason they wanted to ask her?Nassor,ofcourse being his friend didn't seem like the kind to ask Elsa when Nassor was aware of Victor's secret crush on her and vowed NEVER to ask her out unless something changed Victor's mind.Then there was Toshiaki.He and Victor still never got along.Even though Victor DID save his life,Toshiaki still didn't see him as a friend though Bob and Nassor did.What made him want to ask Elsa?Has he asked her at school today?!OH NO!Victor jumped from his desk and ran downstairs,startling Sparky in the process.The two ran to the kitchen and out the back door.Victor ran to the fence that divided the backyard from the Burgermysters and peaked over.No sign of Elsa nor Persphone.Were they inside?Maybe.Out with her uncle?Proably not.He sighed and sat down on the grass.Sparky whined softly for his master and laid his head in his lap.

"I's too late boy,"Victor said slowly petting Sparky's head.

The zombie dog whined again and closed his eyes as his master petted his head.

"We should of planned sooner,"Sparky thought as he was being petted.

Victor leaned against the fence and closed his eyes.Elsa,why'd he let her slip away from him?He was so close to asking that one day and should of asked yesterday night when he wasn't shy to say so.WHY?!WHY WAS HE SO PATHETIC?!
Elsa sat in her room,looking over at the costume her uncle bought for her to wear to the dance.She sighed as she looked at it.It was wanted to be something scary,but then her uncle had to protest and say she should wear something nice and dug this out of the nearest clothing store he knew that sold good dresses.Turning away from the dress,she looked out her bedroom window.Persphone,who had been laying on the carpeted floor jumped up to sit in her mistress's lap.Elsa slowly stroked her fur,but never moved her gaze from the window.Was last night a dream?Reality?Did she just do what she thought she did?KISSED Victor?On the cheek?She smiled at the thought of it.How nice it was to kiss a boy on the cheek.Her eyes fell upon someone in Victor's yard.She looked real hard,almost squiting her eyes to see them well.It looked like Victor.She jumped up and ran down the stairs.

"ELSA!"her uncle's booming voice came from the dining room,"There's someone here to see you,"

Elsa sighed in announce,"Coming,"

As she walked into the dining room,her eyes blinked in surprise at who was sitting at the table with her uncle.Toshiaki had his hands placed neatly on the table,smiling at her as she walked into the room.

"Hello Toshiaki,"she said trying not to sound like she was annoyed that he was there in her house.

"Hello Elsa,"he said smirking.

"Toshiaki here says he has something he wants to ask you,"her uncle said smiling.

Wow.The first time he ever smiled at her.Elsa shook the creepy feeling away and sat down,across from Toshiaki.

"Yes Toshiaki?"she asked.

Before Toshiaki could say anything,Mr.Burgermyster stood up and left them in the room,claiming he needed to tend to his flowers.The two 5th graders just stared long and hard at each other.

"I asked once Elsa and I will ask again if I have to,"Toshiaki said.

The dance?He wanted to ask her AGAIN about the dance?

"And I told you once and I will tell you again if I have to,"Elsa said.

"Now Elsa,you can't give me the same lie you gave me yesterday,"he said smiling,"Your uncle told me you ARE going and he'd rather be happy if you went with someone,"

"And I won't go with you.What makes you think I would go with you?"Elsa asked trying not to raise her voice.

Toshiaki frowned and stood up from his seat,"Don't play games with me Elsa!Haven't you NOT realized?!I LOVE YOU!I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU!Ever since 3rd grade...,"

Elsa's cheeks blushed as he said this.He may love her,but she does not love him back.She slowly stood from the table.

"Toshiaki,get out of my house...,"she slowly said not moving her eyes to look up at him.

Toshiaki only stared at her and without another word,left her in the dining room.Once she heard the door SLAM,Elsa allowed her tears to escape her eyes.She ran to the backyard and leaned up against the fence that divided her yard from the Frankensteins.She started to REALLY cry as she buried her head into her knees.
Victor opened his eyes as he heard faint crying.Sparky started to scartch on the fence.Victor peaked over and gasped as he saw Elsa,her head buried in her knees crying.

"Elsa?Is that you?"he asked.

She gasped,"Victor!"

"Are you okay?Why were you crying?"he asked.

Elsa peaked over the fence to stair into his eyes.Her eyes were blood shot and red from crying.She wiped the new tears away.

"I'm fine.It's...nothing,"she said.

Victor frowned,"You can tell me anything,you do know that?Something must of happened,"

"It was just...,"she sighed,"Toshiaki came by today to ask me out to the dance and I turned him down twice already and he just won't take no for an answer,"

Victor almost glared at nothing when he thought about Toshiaki and his constant "getting what he always wanted" games,but he kept a straight face for Elsa's sack.

" have something to tell you,"Victor said staring back at her.

"What is it?"she asked.

"Um...would the"he asked studdering in some places.

Elsa's eyes went wide.Did he REALLY just ask her?What should she say?Yes?No?Her unlce wouldn't approve,but you know?She didn't care.She smiled and looked back at Victor.

"I would love to Victor,"she said.

Victor almost fell back.She would love to?!He sighed as if a weight was lifted from him.

"Okay then.I'll be by to pick you up at 7:30.The party doesn't start till 8,"he said.

Elsa smiled,"Okay Victor.See you tomorrow,"

As she walked away,Victor was frozen in that very spot.He watched as she went back inside her house and he let go of the fence.Collapsing on the grass,he stared up at the sky that was just beginning to change colors for the sunset.He smiled as they did and Sparky ran up to his master.

"Sparky,have you ever felt this much in love?"he asked his dog.

"I have at one point,"Sparky said though he was never heard.Sparky glanced toward the fence,thinking of the time he saw Persphone for the first time.

"She said yes...,"Victor sighed.

"VICTOR!SPARKY!"his mother called,"TIME TO COME IN NOW!"

"Coming!"Victor said almost in a sigh.

He sat up from the grass and stood.Looking one more time at Elsa's window,he went back inside,leaving Sparky out by the fence.Sparky stuck his nose out to the other side of the fence and as if by moment,Persphone rubbed her nose against him.

"We've done it,"she said to him.

"They're going together!"Sparky said with glee.

Persphone laughed a bit,"Now,we just have to sit back and wait for them to return from the dance tomorrow night,"

Sparky nodded,"Yes.Then we shall hear everything that had happened.Until then my love,"

"Until then,"Persphone said rubbing noses with Sparky one more time before leaving.

Sparky trotted back into the house,awaiting for the next night that shall be his master's best night of his life.
Man,I need to update more on this. Huh

Rev. Hale from The Crucible:And forget about my story that your are writing madame?!

Me:I'll finish your's after I finish THIS ONE!Sorry about that and the long wait for the next chapter.Don't worry the next one will be up as soon as I can get it planned out.Just hang tight with me for now okay?Hope you enjoyed this chapter though! Grin HE FINALLY ASKED ELSA!!!YAY VICTOR!!! Lol

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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