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The Nightmare Week

© hog s head

In one week I fight the bosses of Oogie's Revenge, at my high school. Better than it sounds. Rater 13+ for mild lauguage and possilbe blood.

Chapter: 1 2 3

It all started on the Sunday leading up the Friday the 13th. I woke up late, as usual, and dragged myself into the kitchen for breakfast. After a bowl of bran flakes with raisins, I was awake and ready for a long day of goofing off. That's what Sundays are for after all. Rather then continue on my epic quest to save the hearts of men from a group of evil beings in black coats, my mother decided that what I needed on a overcast Sunday morning was some exercise. So she told me to walk to the park 6 blocks down the street. Rather than argue, I just grabbed my iPod and left.

The day was cool, and windless. The leaves had turned to the colors of fall, and no cars rumbled up or down the street. When I got the the park it was deserted. Slowly I climbed the hill, then collapsed on one of the swings. I sung along to my iPod, as the wind picked up.

“Boys and Girls of every age.
Wouldn't you like to see something strange?

Come with us and you will see
This our town of Halloween”

Just then a deep voice, sang the next line, and I froze, looking around, and pausing the music.

“This is Halloween. This is Halloween!
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!”

“Who's there?” I asked nervously. Then from the shadows of the nearest tree, something emerged. It looked like a raven, except it was wearing a yellow rain coat, and bowler hat. And when it spoke, I saw many sharp, stumpy teeth.

“I am Gatekeeper Nevermoore.” It's voice was slow, and deep, and somehow sounded like a squawk. “You will have seen me many times before, but only if you opened your eyes.”

“You're the Gatekeeper of Halloween Town.” I wanted to run, but my legs didn't respond. “W-what do want with a mortal like me. Halloween isn't for a month and a half.”

“I've come to warn you. Our old foe has returned, and fled through the mystical forrests. He will target you.”

“Oogie.” I swallowed. “What does he want with me?”

But Nevermoore ignored my question. The wind rose to a howl and swirled leaves around him. “Lightning will strike tonight.” He was backing away now, back into the shade of the trees.” You have been warned.” And then he was gone. The wind died down, and hurried back home, as fast as I could without running.


That night I lay awake, alone in the house, and pondering the Gatekeeper's words. Oogie was attacking the real world, that much was obvious. But what did Oogie want with me? And what did he mean, “lighting will strike”. I checked online, and saw that there was to be a storm, around 9:00. I glanced at my clock, 8:55. Just them I heard a loud snarling, and barking.

“Again?” I wondered. That might mean the my dog was in a fight with a cyote. I didn't know if my old dog could survive another attack. The first left him with wounds that would have been fatel, if they were any deeper. Looking around my room, I spotted a staff, one of my friends had used in a martial arts class. She gave it to me when she moved. Grabbing the long bit of polished wood, I raced outside.

Nothing was there. My dog Finn, looked up at me from his usual spot infront of the back door. I checked his head and neck. No bite marks. Nothing anywhere else. Peering over the neighbor's fences, I saw no sign of a fight, in the fading light. It had stated to rain. Then lightning struck the tall pine. The smell of buring wood filled the air, and sparks jumped around the power wires that hung low over the yard. I turned to run back inside, but a white-hot pain stabbed me in the spine. Everything went black...

Chapter: 1 2 3

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