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The Nightmare Week

Violet Flame

© hog s head

Chapter: 1 2 3

I woke up an Monday, not remembering the events of the past night. Everything went normaly that morning, right up until lunch. When the lunch bell rang, I waited for the rest of the class to make their way out. I was about to get up, when spots of orange and purple, filled my vision, and everything went black again. I had a terrible nightmare. I saw a Shadow commiting horrific acts upon the few friends I had. And when, after what seemed like hours, the Shadow finaly destroyed the last of it's victims, it turned on me, and I recognized it. It was the Shadow of Oogie Boogie. The Shadow laughed, and raised a wicked-looking tourture device... And then I felt a pain on the side of my head. I woke up to find that I had fallen out of my seat and hit my head on the desk next to me. Thinking that I had somehow fallen asleep in 5th period Algebra, I said.

“Sorry, Sir I-” Looking up, I saw that I was still in my 4th class of the day. The classroom was nearly empty, except for two others. My teacher, and her assitant, were both sluped over her desk sound asleep.

“What the hhhhhhheck?” Glancing around the room I noticed that the clock had stopped at 3:04. It was then I noticed a soft muttering. Looking closer at her, I noticed that her face was twisted into a look of fear. The same was true of her assitant. It was clear that they were both having terrible nightmares. This made no sense. Not for either of them to fall alseep, and not for both of them to be having nightmares at the same time. I decided to have a look outside.

There are only a handful of kids who spend their lunchtimes by the modular buildings, on the lower end of the campus. These buildings are collectively called Z-Building. All of them were there, and all were fast asleep. And apon further inspecion, all had a look of fear on their faces.

“What in the name of Merlin's beard is going on?” And then I remembered, the Gatekeeper's warning, and the event of the previous night. He had told me Oogie had escaped to the Real World. So was this, then, Oogie's work? The answer came to me immidietly.

“I am the shadow on the moon at night.”
“Filling your dreams to the brim with fright.”

Those lyrics made me almost sure. I say almost, because I am too over cautious to believe much of anything beyond doubt. Speaking of my over cautious-ness, or paranoid as I will hereafter refer to it as, I saved my life for the first time this week. I heard a slight clicking and clacking behind me. I jumped aside as a skeletal claw swiped where I had been standing. There right infront of me were three skeletons, clicking and clacking, and shrieking a battle cry. I wanted to run, I needed to run, but my body didn't respond. The nearest one raised a bony claw.

“G-go AWAY!” The air in front of me exploeded into violet fire. The first skeleton was reduecd to dust, and heavy cracks appeared in the others as they were knocked down.

“W- what?” As the skeletons slowly startedto get up, I ran. Bolting into the nearest class room and locking the door, I reflected apon what had happened. I had panicked, somehow caused the a burst of flame.

“How did I do that?” I tried to make the fire appear again. I found that I could make a small violet ember appear in my hand. Violet flame, meant very high energy. How was this possible. Something must have changed when the lightning struck. Just then there was loud roar, and the door of the classroom flew off its hinges. A huge one-eyed skeleton with a equaly huge club, had broken down the door. The thing roared again, attempted to squeeze it's massize bones through the door.

“Uhh, crap.” I was panicing now. The ember in my hand grew to a violet fireball. Knowing I had only seconds, with an underhanded gesture I hurled the fireball toward the thing. It's club had caught fire. The thing, which I termed a troll skeleton, tried shaking his club to put the fire out. It didn't work, insed the fire sped down the club towards the skeletal fingers. In seconds the troll skeleton was reduced to ash.

I didn't know how I had done it, but I now had a weapon. Still a fireball in close quarters wasn't the most practical weapon. I needed to think of another means of attacking with the violet flame. Once again I was distracted frm my thoughts as, a dozen more smaller skeletons, surged through the open door.

Without thinking, I adapted a combat stance. My left arched hand infront of me, fingers open, and my right hand flung behind he, as though gripping an invisible weapon. In a flash of sparks, the weapon appeared in my right hand. Instinctively I swung at the oncomming horde, and burned down half their numbers. With two more strokes the room was clear. Letting out a breath, I didn't remember holding, I examined the weapon in my hand. It was a dual-bladed sword. The hilt was of gold, with red stones, tht might have been rubies set in it. Both blades were of the same violet fire.

I headed back outside, and noticed that their were barriers of green energy blocking access the three means of exit from the Z-building area. The stair through S-building, that led up the main school structure. The road that led up to the football field and gymnasium. And the gate that led off of the school grounds. I didn't know if anyone else in the school was awake, but it was clearly up to me to sort take care of Oogie. As more skeletons, rose form the ground, I decided to take out all of the skeletons in the area. I hoped this would bring down the barriers. Gathering what little courage, and skill I possed, I charged toward the horde...

(My spell check isn't working right now, so sorry for any mistakes. Please comment.)

Chapter: 1 2 3

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