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The Nightmare Week

The Shadow

© hog s head

Chapter: 1 2 3

After what felt like hours, I collapsed onto the ground, which was hidden beneath a layer of ash. I was breathing hard, and had small cuts all over my arms and chest, where horde of smaller skeletons had clawed at me. I had named the smaller skeletons, blue skeletons, due the light blue tint of their bones.

Glancing around, I felt sure, that the all the skeletons had been reduced to cinders. Once my heart rate had slowed to normal pace, I pondered my current stiuation. With the magical barriers in place, I had access to Z-building, and the lower classrooms of S-building. I figured that I had delt with the skeletons in classrooms Z-1 through Z-6. That left Z-7 though Z-13, which were located on higher ground, and the lower S-buildings whose classroom numbers I was not familiar with.

By this time the sun had started to set, and I knew that I would need to clear out the area, or else I would never be able to sleep. I set off for S-building. When I reached the first classroom, I opened the door, to find the Woodshop classroom. It looked empty. Carefuly, slowly, I walked into the room. There was a moaning hiss, and ghosts popped out of the ground all around me. They all moaned and groaned, and one of them even said “boo”.

“Boo yourself.” I sounded defiant, but I had no idea if my fire would work against them. I found that they always swooped out of the way if I tried to hurl a fireball at them. At the same time, they were hard to hit with my sword (which I will hereafter refer to as Ultraviolet).

“Hold, still!” I shouted in anguish. The specters only laughed eerily, and dived through the floor, trying to ambus me from below. Several times, only a the slighted cold breeze alerted me to a ghost, trying to attack me from behind. They were always sneaking up behind me. Once again one of them shouted “boo”. Then it hit me. A Boo is an enemy in the Mario games, and they attackted the same way, so I treated these ghosts the same way. I stopped moving. As the ghosts circled me, I waited for the whisper of cold air on the back of my neck. There is was! Rather than jump aside, I swung Ultraviolet in a three-hundred sixty-degree arc. This sweep cut down three of the ghosts. Smirking, I precided to wipe out the rest of the ghosts. I could go on about the rest of S and Z-building, but nothing new happened until Z-12, my 4th period Spanish 2 class. As I entered the classroom, I saw my teacher, and her assistant, tied up in a corner, still asleep.

“What the-” I heard a familiar laugh. A shadow began to grow in front of the whiteboard. It kept growing, getting taller, and forming limbs. Finaly the yellow mouth and eyes of Oogie Boogie's Shadow, appeared, and it taunted me.

“Jooohnnyyyyy!” Then the music started. I almost smiled at the familiar tune, but was too angry. Despite that, I found words flowing out of my mouth.

(Yes of course it's a musical. Here after I will note where the songs start and end. Lyrics will be in normal text, and the action of the fight will be in brackets. For example [Oogie yelled “Fire!”, and Jack had to jump onto the pistols to avoid being shot.] Enjoy my semi-origanal lyrics.)

O Ohogie's Shadow

O: Well, well, well
Johnny the little nerd!
Finaly found me huh?
Good, I was getting bored.
So how do you like
Oogie High?
Ah ha ha ha!

J: You coward. You coward!
You won't fight me one-on-one?
I'll have burned this Shadow
By the time this song is done.

[I shot a fireball at the Shadow, who dodged it easily]

Just because they're all alseep
Doesn't mean you rule
You'd be wise to run, give up now
I'm setting free this school

O: It that what you think? HAH!
[The Shadow threw something at me. I tried to dodge, but wasn't quite quick enough. His exploding dice, sent me flying.]
Well you couldn't be more wrong
[I Got up]
J: But this won't be the last time
We sing the Boogie song

O: Whoa-oh

[The Shadow summoned a ghost.]

J: Whoa-oh

O: Whoa-oh

[It summoned a second ghost]

J: Whoa-oh

[Just then I noticed something. As I sang along with the song, and coordinated my movements with the song, I felt a building of energy, and the flames in my sword burned brighter.]

O: Whoa-oh

[The ghosts charged at me.]

J: Burn!

[I swung my blade around in w ide arc. A thin line of violet flame, emenated from the tip of the blade. With a line of fire floating in front of me, and ghosts swooping towards me, I instinctively mave a pushing motion with my left hand. The line of flame, shot forward, destroying the ghosts, and sending the Shadow, flying back into the wall.]

O: I'm the Oogie Boogie Maaa-oof!

J: I see you're very proud of
All you nightmarish schemes
[The Shadow got back up, and threw more dice at me.]
But I think you'll find, that this school
[I jumped out of the way.]
Is a lot more than it seems
[I was bluffing of course, but it kept the rhyme, and kept the energy building.]

O: HAH! That's funny John, what a sham!
'Cause now you sealed your doom
J: I promise you, you'll die right here
You'll never leave this room
[I could feel the energy building up inside my chest.]
O: Whoa-oh

J: Whoa-oh

O: Whoa-oh

J: Whoa-oh

O: Whoa-oh

[The I felt as though I was about to explode form the built up energy.]

J: Whoa-oh!

[Throwing my sword above my head, I stretched both arms out toward the Shadow. A burst of muilt-colored transparent, musical notes flew from my hands.With a great 'WHOOSH', and loud 'smack' the spectral notes smashed into the Shadow.]
I'm gettin' rid of you.

(Song end)
The Shadow was melting into the ground, and despite his loss, Shadow Oogie said.

“Well done, Johnny. Aww, but don't you worry your little head, we'll meet again, soon enough. Eh hu hu hu!”

With Oogie's Shadow delt with, I collapsed onto the floor. The notes had drained much of my energy. Looking around, I saw my lunchbox, exactly where I left it. I hadn't eaten sense breakfast, and was starved. I somehow managed to stay awake long enough to eat, and but then fell asleep....

Chapter: 1 2 3

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