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The Wrong Spell

© TNBC geek

another story I'm working on Grin

eight year old Sadie Skellington, the witch's apprentice, is a bit reckless with her spells and one day it comes back to bite her, putting herself and her brothers in terrible danger
can she fix it before it's too late?
The Wrong Spell

Chapter I

“Watch where you’re pointing that staff!”

Sadie put up her long wooden staff that was just pointing at her twelve year old skeleton brother.

“Sheesh Jake, didja think I was going to turn you into a cockroach or something?” Sadie smirked. Jake frowned, eyeing the end of the magical weapon.

“Yes.” He said flatly.

“That one time it happened, would you just let it go?” Sadie asked, rolling her eyes.

“NO!” Jake cried, throwing his arms in the air in exasperation.

It was rare that they got along, they were always bickering lately, ever since Sadie was practicing her transformation spells the witches had assigned the young apprentice to do, her father, the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington, had suggested that she go to the graveyard to practice, but since she was only eight, her brother had to accompany her there. Jake was clearly not happy about it as he went up and sat on Spiral Hill, a hill with a curled top that sat on the edge of the cemetery, out of the line of fire. Sadie aimed her staff at a moth that landed on a headstone, se muttered a spell and zapped it, turning it into a piece of candy corn.

“Woops..” she mumbled.

“Oh nice one!” Jake jeered at her from his spot. Sadie zapped the candy back into a moth.

“Get off my back, Jake, I’m new at this!” Sadie shouted back at him, Jake rolled his eye sockets.

“Look, are we done yet? I have more productive things to do with my time!” he shouted back.

“I’ll be done when I feel like it!”

Jake let out and angry sigh and rested his head in his skeletal hands. Sadie looked back a the headstone, jumping back in surprise when she saw her little toddler rag doll brother, Cedric, looking at her with his big eyes. Sadie rested her staff against a tree.

“What are you doing here?!” she demanded, Cedric just grinned.

“Wanna stay wit yoo!” he babbled and hugged her legs.

“Guess he followed us here, we’d better take him back home before mom worries too much.” Jake said, behind Sadie now.

“It’ll be fine, I wont be much longer.” Sadie said.

“No, now.” Jake insisted, grabbing her wrist and started pulling, Sadie pulled right back.

“I want to practice more!” Sadie snapped, grabbing her staff.

“You’re coming home!”

“You aren’t the boss of me!”

“Yes I am, dad said so.”

“He did not!” Sadie slipped her hand out of his grip; Jake glared.

“Sadie, stop acting like a two year old and come on!” he shouted, Cedric gave him a look, as if to say, ‘I resent that.’

“Maybe I’ll send you back home on your own!” Sadie threatened, pointing her staff at her older brother.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Jake growled, backing away. Sadie gave him a smirk and shouted a spell at him, an arc of white light burst out of her staff, only then did she realize that she said the wrong spell. The light blew out in a bubble, blasting herself and her brothers backwards, when the light receded, and her sight returned, she sat up, but something felt very different, she placed a hand on her cheek, recoiling at the touch immediately. Her skin felt soft and warm, which was definitely not how it used to be, she looked at her hands, seeing that they were no longer blue, they were stitch less and a pale tan.

“What the..” she leaped to her feet and looked in a nearby rain puddle, screaming at the reflection, a human girl was looking back at her in the water’s reflection. She wasn’t a rag doll anymore.

“Sadie? Where are you? Are you ok?” Jake’s voice called through the fog.

“No!” Sadie shouted back. A boy with red and black hair, pale skin, and grey eyes wearing Jake’s black and orange hoodie and black pants came to her.

“What did you do to us?!” he demanded, he had Jake’s voice, Sadie stared at him in horror. He felt his chest, looking like he was on the verge of a panic attack, “care to explain why I now have flesh?!”

“I think I cast the wrong spell…”Sadie squeaked, Cedric stumbled out of a leaf pile, suffering the same fate as his siblings.

“…Why you LITTLE!!!” Jake snarled, chasing after his sister, “I’m gunna kill you!!”

“Calm down Jake! I can fix this!” Sadie cried as she sprinted ahead, Jake kept on chasing her.

“Come here, I just want to ‘talk’ to you…” he said as he ran, he said that the same way one would say, ‘C’mere, I just want to mutilate you.’ Sadie sprinted up a tree and clung to a branch just as Jake slammed into the trunk below.

“What a dork..” Sadie muttered, Jake peeled himself off of the trunk and sat down on a log holding he sides of his head as his eyes still spun. Sadie slid down the tree and sat next to him.

“I’m really sorry, I never meant for this to happen, I’m sure we can reverse it somehow.” She said, trying to sound optimistic, even though she was looking down at her shoes.

“How can you be sure if anyone saw us we’d be dead meat humans aren’t allowed to be here in the holiday worlds how are we supposed to explain this to mom and dad? How…” Jake trailed off as he started turning blue, Sadie shook him by the shoulders.

“Breathe you doofus! You have lungs now, you have to breathe!!” she cried, Jake gasped, his skin returning to normal.

“That’s going to be a difficult habit to get into…” he panted, Sadie rolled her eyes, ‘poor baby can’t finish his rant…’ she thought. Cedric ran to her and leapt into her lap, hugging her tight, the poor little guy was terrified.

“I’ll get us out of this, I promise.” Sadie vowed, ruffling Cedric’s messy red hair. Jake nodded, but then looked around.

“Where’s your staff?” he asked tensely.

“Right over…” Sadie looked around, “Oh…that’s not good.”

“What…” Jake pressed, so tense now that it looked like he had a plank of wood strapped to his back.

“Umm…I have misplaced my staff…” Sadie said uneasily, Jake’s eye twitched.

“I’M GUNNA KILL YOU!!” he roared, making Sadie flee again. He pursued her once again; Cedric just sat and watched them.
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