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Leon's Adventure

© Venezia

Leon, Jack's son, will be outside proving that he is deserving to become the pumpkin king. With the help of the soul robber and all his talents, what adventures are waiting outside for him?

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It was early in Halloween town. Leon was walking along the streets, waiting for his father. He was eighteen years old, a tall skeleton, like his father, with a beatiful voice, and always dressed in a dark clothes. He always liked the horror of Halloween town, and lot of times scared his parents, specially Sally. Jack was harder to startle, but Leon managed to do it many times. He's always had a very close friendship with his father, he doesn't really like being without him, so he usually waits for him outside the town hall.

Jack was in a town meeting. He never let Leon there, he wanted his son to stay out of the politics for at least one more year.

Finally, the meeting finished. The town citizens left the town hall and went home, meanwhile Leon entered. His father was sitting on a chair in the back of the building waiting for him. Leon went through the corridor to get closer, "How did the meeting go, dad?". Jack smiled and answered, "It went marvelous, you'll never guess what we decided to do for this Halloween". Leon made a thoughtful face, trying to guess what his father was talking about, but without success, "Hmm...I don't know, what did you decide?". Jack smiled again and kneeled, putting his arms on Leon's shoulders, "Well, son, I don't know how you will take this... but... the town and me think that you should go to the Hinterlands, searching for new discoveries for next year's Halloween. They need to know if the prince is loyal and deserving enough to go there alone and come back with a success. Do you think that you are ready?". Leon was silent, with a very surprised face. Jack was frightened, how did his son take that? What will happen if the pumpkin prince is scared of being out there alone?... But Leon's voice interrupted his thoughts, "Me? Alone? In the hinterlands? ... Dad... I... I don't know what to say... maybe thanks is enough?", "Thanks?!". Jack was confused. Leon continued, "Yes! It's fantastic! I mean... thanks dad". Jack just stood there, with the mouth open because of the surprise, "So... you want to be outside??". Leon smiled and embraced his father, "It's not that I want to be outside, it's just... I want to help the town, help you". Jack didn't know what to say. He felt that that was one of the most wonderful moments of his life. He embraced his son strongly, which made Leon very happy, then they went back home.

That same night, Leon was sleeping, meanwhile Jack and Sally were talking, "Oh, love, I can't believe his happiness, I'm sure that he will be a wonderful king, don't you think the same?", "Oh, Jack, it's marvelous, but... don't you think that something could happen to him while he is out? He is still pretty young". Sally was happy for the news, but worried too. "Don't worry, Sally, I thought about that and I'll give him a present tomorrow". He took Sally's hands and started to caress her head. She felt very comforted, so much that she slowly moved her lips towards Jack's and kissed them. Jack was blushed, their last kiss was years ago, so he had forgotten them, but that didn't stop Sally. "Love, do you remember our wedding?". She started to watch the ring on her ring finger that her husband gave her for their wedding. Jack was still blushed, and speechless, but suddenly, he did something that impressed Sally... He returned the kiss! "Of course I remember". Jack said those words pretty lovely, so lovely, that it made Sally blush too. Jack put his arms on Sally's cheeks, caressing them slowly. Sally smiled, she was yet more blushed and happy. She embraced Jack strongly, "I love you, Jack". She didn't want to let him go. Jack smiled, "I love you too, Sally". He embraced her too and kissed her head. A few moments later, they went to sleep.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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