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.:.::Hallows Eve::.:.

© Barrels Beauty6

When a young vampire ends up in the Skellington Manor,will she survive? Being pampered by her 'adopted parents',falling in love,dealing with her past,finding her family,and did I meantion falling in love?!?! Will Eve-Belladonna survive?!
Note-Im new at this..Did I post this multipul times?

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<P> Long long ago,not to long mind you,there was once a town that you've seen in your dreams. It lives in your soul,it comes out once a year,perhaps you notice it during the month of October. The sweet autoumn crisp,the cold winter nights. That doesn't stop us from giving you fright!

<P> A young maiden sat on Spiral Hill now renamed 'Proposal Hill' for that was where Jack asked Sally to marry him. Black hair flowed in the wind like a cape,pale white creamy skin was covered in blood,her body was pleasing to any mans eyes, she was naked except for a blanket that she clung to. Her yellow eyes scanned the area in fear,she hissed at a ghost who came near her.

<P> She blinked her eyes,long black lashes covered her eyes,"Eve..." A voice whispered. She abruptly looked up to see the tallest vampire. She cowered in fear as he picked her up,"Shhh,do not worry. Come home..." She made an awful screeching noise,"NEVA!" She jumped from his arms,leaving the blanket behind her.

<P> She hurried down the Hill and came to the gates of town. They're were heavily locked and she looked around,the vampire was chasing her slowly,playing with her. She climbed up the gate and jumped over into town square. The tallest house was full of light,but seemed empty. It registered in her mind that he would not dare chase her into someones house.

<P> She found an open window and slipped inside. She fell onto the carpeted floor with a 'thump'. "What in the worlds is that?!" A surprised,cold voice asked. "I dont know Jack!" A tall,spidery skeleton sat on his knees next to her. "Miss,what's your name?" He asked. "Sally,go grab something for her to erm...cover herself with.." Jack looked her over again,and blushed. Sally nodded,and quickly hurried out of the room,her blue skin seemed slightly flushed,and her stiches were itchy-a bad sign.

<p> "M-my name is Eve." She whispered. "Hallow's Eve." Eve whispered. Jack nodded,"I am Jack. The Pumpkin King!" Eve shirked back from him afraid,"T-the vampppires say you'll kill me!" Jack seemed taken aback. "NEVER! I shall have to talk to them!" Eve threw herself at Jack,"NO!" She began to cry redblood,It streamed down her white face.

<p> Jack seemed concerned,"Shh,child. Shh Eve." Sally returned with a black dress,stitched and such much like her own. She handed took Eve away and dressed her in it. "Mmhm,you look very good in that! Much better than I ever did!" Sally giggled smiling. Eve's lips turned upward slightly.

<p> "Barrel,Locke Shock!" Sally called. Jack and Sally had adopted the three Halloween Orphans. Barrel,the once fat,and picked on child had grown up. Lean,tall,and quite cute he had forsaken his Trick or Treating mask for a simple spiky green haircut and his eyeliner masked eyes. Shock had grown into a beautiful young woman. She had some meat on her,a nice figure,her same pale skin,long broomstick like black hairs,and her large nose seemed to shrink. Lock's hair was long and always tied back in a ponytail,his eyes were large and always had regret,he was sickly pale,and far too skinny.

<p> Barrel looked Eve over and blushed,"Mu-Sally,aint that an old dress of yours?"He asked,his voice deep and mature. Sally nodded,"You've lived with us since you were five! Please,call me Mum!" Sally begged. Shock looked Eve over,"Eh..She seems a bit odd. She isnt from 'round 'ere!" Lock raised a brow,"She's a vampire! Look at her neck!" He pointed to the two fang marks on her neck.

<p> Sally nodded,"I expected something of that. She's very human like,she must be very newly made..." Barrel frowned,"Poor dear,has she said anything?" Jack ruffled Barrel's hair,"Only her name. Hallow's Eve..."

<P> "Call me Eve.." Eve said unexpectedly. Shock smiled,"Well,welcome to Halloween town and Skellington Estates!" Eve smiled,"Thank you... I thank you for the this..hospitatily,but I cannot impose upon you much longer." Her vocie did not carry that awful lisp that the vampires had,but she did have a slightly issue with 'aw' it sounded like 'av'.

<p> "Nonsense! Always a pleasure! It is my duty and King and Sire of Halloween Town to implore you to stay!" Eve flushed bright red,almost the color of Shock's hair. "Your Highness Jack,you've only jsut met me! I'm an awful person!" Barrel smiled weakly,"Stay..please..."

<p> Shock bounced up and down giggling,"YES! Another girl!" She grabbed Eve's boney white hands and giggled,maknig Eve slightly jump,"A sister!" Eve flushed even redder,and looked to Sally.

<p> Sally nodded,"Another girl would do some good. Even out the number a bit,eh?" Shock shrieked with joy,hugging Eve. "A sista!" Jack shook his head,"Not by blood.." He laughed,"I have 3 kids,but none of them are related to eachother,or me!" Everyone laughed,except Eve who was too afraid of how fast everything was moving.

<p> "PLEASE." Eve spoke loudly,afraid at her own voice,"Let me think for a moment! This is all far too much!" Sally nodded,"I understand,Jack and the children do seem to have a joy with these things." Barrel sighed,"Comm'on,Eve,I'll show you to the guest room. You can make up your mind there." Eve nodded. "Thank you truely..." Barrel took her small hand in his huge one,and led her up the spiral stairs.

<p> He led her to a small room with a rikety iron bed,and a chair,several bookcases and a dresser. "You can stay here for now.." Barrel smiled,"Id like it if you stayed. You seem really nice.." Eve raised a brow,"I've barely said a thing!" "I just know..."

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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