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James & the Giant Peach (With my OC)

Chapter 2

© CentiSpider4Ever

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Everyone fell silent when they heard the yelling of Spiker and Sponge came outside. Centipede ran to the ladder that would lead outside.

"Time to go make a pest of myself," Centipede laughed as he climbed up the ladder.

James and the others started to get would give them away in a split second.

"Look at this place,"they heard Sponge say,"It's still are you?You pesky little worm,"

Earthworm immediately screamed.

"Not you! ME!"James said.

"You better not be near our peach,"Sponge yelled.

"They're getting closer!" Butterfly said.

"Oh please!Don't let them spray us!" Ladybug yelled.

"Spray us?They'll see that yank up there and come after us with a happened to my brother,"Earthworm said.

"How awful!"James said.

"Absolutely!" Butterfly said.

"Split him right down the I have two half brothers,"Earthworm said.

Grasshopper made a SHHHHing noise,"They'll hear us!"

Centipede opened the lid at the top of the peach and looked spotted Spiker and Sponge searching around the peach.

"Where are you boy?"Spiker said.

"I think I hear him right around here,"Sponge said.

Centipede looked around for something and spotted the stem which held the peach to the broke into a smile.

"This will be a snap,"he whispered.

The sound of him pinching the peach stem traveled to Spiker's turned to Sponge.

"I really do hear something,"she whispered.

Centipede finished pinching after a few seconds and he whispered,"Timber!"

He then jumps into the peach before he gets spotted.

"What's that?"James asked.

"Fasten your seat belts kids," Centipede said.

"What are you trying to say?" Butterfly asked.

Spiker and Sponge quickly rushed to their car and the peach started to roll.

"We're turning,"James asked.

"What..what have you done?"Earthworm asked when everyone started to slide.

Spiker and Sponge quickly got into their car and tried to start wouldn't the peach rolled closer to them,they still tried to get the car were too peach rolled over the car with them in was running as quickly as they can trying to keep up with the speed the peach was rolling peach rolled off the hill,across a graveyard and flew over a the peach landed after flying over the church,everyone in the peach couldn't run lost their footing and were rolling with the peach.

"Here stomach, here stomach, HERE STOMACH!"Centipede yelled while that happened.

Everyone then got squished up against the wall of the peach as it continued to couldn't move and were all too dizzy to even talk.

They could then feel themselves rise off the ground again and they suddenly heard a loud SPLASH!Everyone opened their eyes and looked was piled on top of each other.

"Where are we?"James asked.

Centipede sat up and could see a strange moving object on the used his pinchers to pinch it and he heard a loud OUCH!

"OW!Somebody pinched me,"Earthworm yelled.

Centipede quickly apologized,"Thought you were the spider,"

Miss Spider gasped and quickly slapped the nearest thing in front of her,thinking it was Centipede but wasn't.

"Ouch!" Grasshopper said,"What was that?"

Miss Spider quickly apologized,"Excuse.I thought you were the Centipede,"

"Hey Glowworm!How about some light?"Centipede asked.

"I can't hear you dear.I'll have to put my light on,"Glowworm said.

A light suddenly came on and everyone could suddenly heard someone crying for help. It was Ladybug,who couldn't get up. Miss Spider let James down so he could help her.

"Help!Help!This is so un-ladybug like,"she yelled.

James walked over to her,"Don't worry.I'll have you right side up in no time,"

He helped push her back up straight,"Thank you. Where are you going?"

James started climbing up the ladder,"To see where we landed,"

Not long after James climbed up, Butterfly looks at Centipede and Miss Spider, who were glaring at each other and starts to giggle.

"What are you giggling about?" Centipede asked her, getting annoyed.

Butterfly just winks. "You'll find out soon."

Not long after that, Mr. Grasshopper, Mrs. Ladybug, Earthworm, and Butterfly climbed up to where James was and looked were surrounded by water.

"Fascinating isn't it?" Grasshopper asked.

"What?"Earthworm asked,"What's fascinating?Tell 't leave me dangling,"

Miss Spider then came up,"We're in the middle of do you say?The big puddle,"

Centipede then came up,"Biggest puddle of them all angel fangs,"

Miss Spider turned to him and showed her didn't back finished his sentence.

"The Atlantic ocean,"he said.

Grasshopper then butted in and corrected him,"Technically,the Pacific is larger,"

Butterfly smiles. "That is correct"

"Well..,"Centipede threw his cigar in the air,"That..goes without saying,"

"But there is land in sight?"Earthworm asked.

"Nothing,but blue skies and clear waters," said.

"UGH!"Earthworm moaned as he turned to Centipede,"This is all your fault,"

Centipede jumped back,"HEY!Wasn't for me,we'd all be Spiked and Sponged by now,"

Miss Spider interrupted the argument,"This old man with his green things...did he happen to speak where we are going?"

James looked at her," he said was the answer would be right here,"

When James touched his chest where is heart was,he could here paper looked in his jacket and pulled out a piece of said New York on was his travel book.

"My travel book,"he opened it up and saw the peach marked on the map from England to New York,"And look!There's the peach!We're going to New York City!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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