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James & the Giant Peach (With my OC)

How to make it to New York?

© CentiSpider4Ever

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Everyone's eyes grew wide. New York City? Really? They were going there?That was a dream come true!

"New York?" Centipede asked,"They love me there!"

"Wonderful!" James said,"They've got a whole park full of leaves for you, Mrs. Ladybug,"

Mrs. Ladybug looked at the picture James was pointing at and smiled.

"Central Park!" Centipede said to her.

"And loads of dark hiding places," James continued.

A smile crept across Miss Spider's face.

"Night clubs," Centipede said to her.

"And there's a lot of fashion designing for you, Butterfly," James said to Butterfly.

Princess smiled big for that.

"Fashion shows," Centipede said to her.

"And museums and concerts," James said, showing Mr. Grasshopper the picture.

"Not to mention Yankee Stadium," Centipede said him.

"What about me?" Earthworm asked, getting upset.

"Why they got miles and miles of underground tunnels," James said.

Earthworm smiled.

"The subway!" Centipede said to him.

"My father says it's the place where dreams come true," James said.

Everyone started saying that's the life for them until Mr. Grasshopper spoke.

"New York it is then!Now how do we get there?" Mr. Grasshopper asked.

Centipede stood up,"I'll get us there,"

"You?" Mr. Grasshopper asked.

"Sure.I've sailed all the five seas," Centipede said getting all up in Miss Spider's face,"From the sun drenched wreaths of Bora Bora to the icy shores of Tripoli,"

"Oh really?" Butterfly asked, not sure if she could believe him.

"Commodore Centipede they used to call me," Centipede said.

Mr. Grasshopper didn't look at all impressed and counted all the seas and realized there was two seas missing.

"Seven," he said.

"Huh?" Centipede said, looking dumbfounded.

"There are seven seas and Tripoli is in the sun tropics...Commodore," he said correcting Centipede.

"Trim the sails!" Centipede said.

"There are no sails," Mrs. Ladybug explained.

"Stoke the engines!" he yelled again.

"There are no engines," Earthworm said.

"Is there anything on this peach?!" Centipede asked.

"No there isn't, Commodore," Butterfly said, rolling her eyes.

"I can't work with this miserable crew!" he said throwing his hat on the ground.

"What an attitude...," Butterfly said, annoyed. "Like it's our fault,"

"Great!We're stuck here until we shrivel up and die," Earthworm said.

"Highly improbable," Mr. Grasshopper said cleaning his eye piece.

"That's a relief," Mrs. Ladybug said.

"Then what will happen?" Butterfly asked.

"We're far more likely to drown," Mr. Grasshopper said.

Everyone gasped and everyone just started talking about how they didn't want to die. James stood on top of the stem and looked to the sky. He saw a flock of seagulls and got an idea.

"I know!We could...," he stopped himself, "It's a stupid idea,"

"Compared to what?" Mr. Grasshopper asked looking over at Centipede.

"Hey!" Centipede yelled.

"Well, we could fly out,"James said.

Everyone thought about it for awhile. Centipede was the first to speak.

"He's right. It's stupid,"Centipede said.

Mr. Grasshopper looked at him angrily.

"How would you do it James?" Mrs. Ladybug asked, looking at James.

"With the seagulls,but we'll need string," James answered.

"Oh well I'll just go to the stationer's and pick up some paper clips while I'm at it!" Earthworm said.

"I have string," Miss Spider said,"Miles of string,"

"And we'll need bait. Bird bait," James said.

"Bird bait? Where do you expect we're going to find bird bait out here in the middle of the...the..?" Earthworm stopped and looked around.

Centipede, Mr. Grasshopper, Mrs. Ladybug and Butterfly were all staring at him and they were smiling. Mrs. Ladybug pulled a cow bell out of her handbag.

"Oh no. Oh no. Have you lost your minds?" Earthworm asked, getting nervous.

All four of them grabbed Earthworm and dragged him back inside the peach and tied the bell around him.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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