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James & the Giant Peach (With my OC)

Beating the Robot Shark

© CentiSpider4Ever

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Earthworm,with the bell tied around him was lying at the top of the peach while everyone else was inside waiting for the first seagull.

"They've lost their minds! Anything, but birds,"Earthworm yelled.

James,who along with Centipede was hiding in the main tunnel that led up to the was holding Earthworm while James had the string with a noise at the end.

"Don't worry. I'm right here," James whispered.

"NO!" Earthworm yelled.

"But they won't come if you don't wiggle,"James said.

"Exactly and you can't make me,"Earthworm said.

Centipede was obviously tired of hearing this.

"Oh yeah!"Centipede laughed. He started tickling Earthworm.

Earthworm started laughing which made him wiggle.

"Oh! HEY! No fair! Mockingbirds munched my mother!" Earthworm yelled while laughing.

He continued to laugh until a seagull heard him. It started to fly over to him. James noticed the bird flying toward them.

"Here comes the first one," he whispered,"Get ready to pull down there,"

"My sisters were swallowed by swallows!"Earthworm yelled.

The sound of the bird could be heard and James gave the signal.

"Pull!" he yelled.

Everyone pulled Earthworm back inside the peach and James threw the string which got caught around the bird's keep it from escaping, he tied it to the stem.

"It worked! I got one!"he yelled.

"Shhh. I hear teeth. Great,big,gnashing teeth!" Earthworm yelled.

A low rumbling sound could be was coming from the ocean.

"Sounds like a rhinoceros!"James said getting worried.

Mr.Grasshopper and Centipede to see for themselves.

"In the ocean?Scientifically impossible," Mr.Grasshopper said.

From down below, Miss Spider could hear it.

"I hear something too," she said.

Princess, who was down below, heard it as well.

"What must it be?" she asked.

Mr.Grasshopper looked through his eye piece and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"It's a school of tuna. They're being sucked into some sort of machine," said.

"What do you mean?"James asked.

Mr.Grasshopper gave him his eye piece,"Take a look!"

James looked through the eye piece and saw a giant, metal shark pop out of the water.

"It's a giant shark!"James yelled.

Centipede took the eye piece and looked through it and saw the shark. He quickly became worried when it started whistling.

"It seemed to have spotted us!"Centipede said.

Everyone gasped and watched as the shark started swimming toward them.

"What do we do?" Centipede asked panicking ,"WHAT DO WE DO?!"

James pointed toward the seagulls, "The seagulls! It's our only chance!"

Mr.Grasshopper counted the seagulls, "It would take the whole flock and then some. We'll never do it in time,"

"We'll use Miss Spider's web for a net. Hurry!" James said.

Miss Spider quickly took down her web as she hard that.

"Throw it here, dearie!" Mrs.Ladybug yelled to get it.

Miss Spider threw the web toward Mrs.Ladybug who passed it to Princess and she threw it up to James.

"Here you go, James!" Princess said, throwing it to him.

"It's getting closer!"Earthworm yelled.

The sound of James yelling and the cry of seagulls came from above. When everyone inside the peach heard Centipede yell, "Seagulls Away!" they knew the plan had worked.

Suddenly, what looked like a knife shot through the peach. Everyone gasped. It tugged back on the peach. The sound of Centipede and James screaming outside gave everyone inside the peach a fright.

"What's going on up there?" Princess asked.

A few seconds after she asked was a loud yell. It sounded like James and Mr.Grasshopper, calling for help. Mrs.Ladybug crawled up the tunnel and flew up to them. Princess followed her by flying up there as well. Miss Spider stayed behind to take care of the sharp object that was shot at the Spider found a hammer and she started to hammer it out of the peach.

Once the object was out after a while of Miss Spider hitting the sharp object until it got out and Centipede was in danger when that happened and was able to save himself, Miss Spider started to climb to the top of the peach. She got to the top just in time to see the shark explode into a million pieces. Everyone started to cheer and celebrate the defeat of the shark.

"Teach you to mess with me you ya, overgrown sardine!I'm from Brooklyn!"Centipede yelled.

Mr.Grasshopper laughed, "Pure twaddle!Every bug on board displayed extraordinary courage. Why did you see Mrs.Ladybug and Princess Butterfly risk their lives and wing to bash those brutes on the snoot?"

"Well,they were being very rude.I can't abide rudeness," Mrs.Ladybug said.

"Agreed and we could never let you guys get hurt," Princess smiled.

"We are all forgetting something,"Miss Spider said, "Everything we did was part of the brilliant plan of James,"

"Oh yes yes," Princess nodded and smiled at James. "That's absolutely true."

"It really did work. Didn't it?"James asked looking around at everyone.

Everyone nodded.

"I say three cheers for hip...," Mr.Grasshopper started.


"Hip hip...!"



Everyone joined in on this one,"HOORAY!"

Centipede ran over to the stem of the peach,"New York,here we come!"

And with that, they were on their way to New York City.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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