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Escaping Darkness

Chapter 2 - Kace

© KaceTheEvilAngel

Chapter: 1 2

“I think she’s coming to. Oh, she is! Jack, this is great!”
I hear a female voice, but that’s all. No sights, just sounds.
“That’s great. I’m sorry but Halloween is this week. I must be going.”
“Alright. I’ll be fine here with her.”
Slowly, ever so slowly, my vision starts coming back.
The main thing I see is a lady with skin tinted blue, and fair red hair. Stitches cover her, but she’s still beautiful, and kindness radiates from her.
She’s leaning over me, but after a moment she sits back.
“Are you feeling okay?” she asks.
I’m barely able to moan, but somehow I get the words out.
“I… guess so.”
She smiles.
“But… where am I? And who are you?”
“You’re in Halloweentown. I’m Sally. I moved in here with Jack a few months ago, so the doctor could have more room at his place.”
Oh great. Halloweentown. This has to be a dream…
I guess I’ll just keep going with this. I mean, if it is a dream, it can’t last for much longer.
Something deep inside of me tells me that this is real though.
“I heard the… Mayor, is what Jack called him… talking. What was wrong with me? What happened?”
“Oh… well, none of us know. The Mayor was making his way along the outskirts of town, and he saw you. He said that you were passed out on the edge of the street. Not knowing what to do, he picked you up and came here. It seems that no one else in Halloweentown has seen you, and you appear to be completely human. You don’t remember anything that has happened before now? At all?”
“Well… not really. But that’s alright. It’s not like I had much a life to get back to anyhow. The bits I do remember aren’t much, and aren’t that appealing.”
That is true. I don’t remember much about myself. This can’t be a dream. It just can’t be… though I wish it was.
“Oh… I’m sorry. How about we see how much you know though? Do you remember your name?”
My name… I don’t remember anyone giving me a name, or when I started calling myself something, but there’s a name lodged in my head. I remember it instantly, and I know it’s mine.
“Kace,” I say eventually.
“Good. How about last name?”
“Holloway… my name is Kace Mae Holloway…”
“That’s a beautiful name,” she smiles.
“Thanks… um, are there… are there any kids here? Anyone my age?”
“Oh my, I don’t think so. Even the little kids are actually hundreds of years old here. Our town is… special.”
My heart sinks. Only little kids, and even they can’t relate to me, because they live in this twisted place. I didn’t have anyone to play with as a child, and I have no friends at all. Not even acquaintances. At least not that I remember.
“Oh, but there is a trio of kids,” She says. “They’re actually around twelve. The youngest is barely ten. And that’s by human standards.”
“Really?” I can feel the smile break out on my face. It seems so long since I’ve truly smiled. Not that I’d remember anyway…
“Don’t be so happy yet. There’s a little… problem, with those three…. Jack will speak to you when he gets home.”
“Wait. Problem? What do you mean?”
She frowns. The sadness and guilt in that frown is making me kind of upset myself.
“It’s best if Jack explains things… You look hungry. Now that you’re awake, you need to eat something.”
She hurries off to the kitchen I guess, so I decide to shift through my thoughts.
Why are some of these names familiar?
Who is the trio? And what’s so wrong with them?
I can’t really guess, but no matter what, I’m making it my priority to find them. Hopefully, I’ll be able to befriend them as well.
Now I have a goal.
No matter what that skeleton man tells me, I’m deadest on it.
well there you go Grin
I'm never sure if I can get character personalities right, and I second guess myself a lot, so if there's anything that you wanna suggest or comment, I'm open to it.

Chapter: 1 2

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