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Babysitting Little Scarlett (JatGP Fanfic)

© CentiSpider4Ever

Credit to ghostwolf23 from here! She is who inspired me of writing this and helped me too.
Miss Spider leaves to go to the Spider Club for the first time after Scarlett was born, hers and Centipede's 9 month old daughter and Centipede and Butterfly have to babysit that night. It was hard but they were able to handle little Scarlett and it was her first time being separated from her mother.
Starring: Centipede, Miss Spider and two OCs owned by me, Butterfly and Scarlett.
Credit: I will give credit to my friend known as kaileygirll from YouTube, Frost-Elf from Quotev and ghostwolf23 from because she is who inspired me of writing this! Thanks for the inspiration bestie! Love ya!
Description: Miss Spider leaves to go to the Spider Club for the first time after Scarlett was born, hers and Centipede's 9 month old daughter and Centipede and Butterfly have to babysit that night. It was hard but they were able to handle little Scarlett and it was her first time being separated from her mother.
"I want to thank you two very much for doing this for me," Miss Spider said to Centipede and Butterfly as she was getting herself ready to go to the Spider Club. She did want to make it there early to make a good impression. It's been a few months since her and Centipede's daughter was born. How many months was it? Seemed to be about nine months now. Miss Spider hasn't been to the Spider Club for that long because she was taking care of her baby the whole time and plus after Scarlett was born, Miss Spider didn't have enough energy to go anywhere. She had energy after a whole but she didn't want to leave her daughter at home without her own mother. Even when Miss Spider only lays Scarlett down for a nap and she still stays home, Scarlett would end up crying wanting to be with her mother. Miss Spider knew that sooner or later she had to go back to the Spider Club and Scarlett had to get used to being without her every once in a while, and it's perfect for her to be with her father Centipede and her aunt like figure Butterfly.

"You're welcome Angel Fangs!" Centipede said smiling. "Maybe when ya come back, you can give me a little kiss."

Butterfly laughs at that while Miss Spider only smiles at Centipede.

"Maybe I will, or maybe I will not." Miss Spider winks at him. "You will have to find out when I come back."

Centipede blushes big time. No matter how long it's been since he's been with Miss Spider, she seems to always be able to make him blush like a tomato so easily. And of course, Butterfly would tease him about it.

"Aww, you're blushing!" Butterfly giggled.

"Shut up..." Centipede muttered.

Miss Spider just smiles and then she walks towards a small crib, where her daughter Scarlett lays in. Miss Spider looked at her admiringly. Oh how she loved her daughter. It was breaking her heart to separate from Scarlett for the first time, but she had to stay strong. She knew she'd see her again real soon.

"Do not worry, my dear young one." Miss Spider says as she picks Scarlett up from her crib. "I promise I will be back real soon. I will only be gone for a little while. Both your father and auntie Butterfly will be watching over you."

Scarlett opens her eyes. Her blue eyes staring into Miss Spider's golden ones. Scarlett looked at Miss Spider perfectly calm as she leans in to kiss her on the forehead goodbye.

Miss Spider then looks at Centipede and Butterfly after she lays Scarlett back in the crib. "In case she cries, do you guys remember how to cheer her up?"

"I know!" Centipede grinned proudly. "Hurt Butterfly."

Butterfly gives him a glare. Though that felt insulting, it was actually true. For some odd reason ever since Scarlett was born, she seemed to love to cause Butterfly physical pain. She loved pulling her from the antennas every once in a while. It just seemed to entertain her.

"Well..." Butterfly looks at Centipede. "At least she doesn't bite me every time I try to hold her."

Centipede glares at her back. "Hey! Ya know what?!"

"You two..." Miss Spider got annoyed by that. "Don't argue over ridiculous things such as always when you care for her. Who knows what will happen? You might teach her to enjoy those things."

"I am very sorry Miss Spider." Butterfly said. "We will do whatever it takes to stop her from crying if she ever does it. Is there anything else we need to remember before you leave?"

"Yes. It is very simple really. She has not eaten dinner yet so after I leave, please feed her." Miss Spider explained. "We as a family taught her to love peaches just as much as we do so why not give her that to eat? That is one of the things I can get her to eat the easiest and it is good for her."

"That sounds simple enough." Butterfly smiled. "This morning I did go grocery shopping with Mrs. Ladybug and we did buy some peaches. I shall give Scarlett some of those."

"Very good." Miss Spider said. "And remember, I do not want her to sleep too late. It will be okay if she sleeps at least at 9, but that is the latest I want her to sleep. No later time please."

The two bugs nods in agreement.

Miss Spider then gives Scarlett one more goodbye kiss on the forehead and leaves. As Miss Spider closes the door, she says these last words, "Good luck you two. See you later."

Miss Spider then leaves to go to the Spider Club. Both Centipede and Butterfly felt quite confident that they will do a good job caring for Scarlett that night. Butterfly then goes to the crib Scarlett is in and picks her up, holding her in her arms. "It shall be fine my little diamond. Mommy will be back before you know it."

The young spider opens her eyes since she went to sleep again not long ago and then looks around the room scared. There was no sight of her mother.

"Nya.. nya...?" Scarlett struggles to get out of Butterfly's arms as she looks around. Scarlett's very soft spoken voice started trembling and getting louder. "Nya? N-nya??"

Butterfly leans in and closely kisses Scarlett's forehead. "Please do not fear Scarlett. Daddy and I, Auntie Butterfly, shall care for you while Mommy is gone."

"Nya nya..." Scarlett's eyes started to water.

"Oh no." Butterfly gasps. "She misses her mother. And you know what happens when she's separated from her even from a different room..."

"No no she can't cry.." Centipede was very worried now. "She just can't!"

"Centipede, she cries whenever Miss Spider lays her down for a nap because she hates being apart from her mother, even if Miss Spider is still remaining home. And this is Miss Spider's first night out of the house since Scarlett was born. Do you know what that means?"

And now it has happened. Scarlett was having such a hard time handling being without her mother, she started crying. Crying harder than she did whenever she was layed down for a nap. It has startled both Centipede and Butterfly very badly.

"Do something Butterfly!" Centipede panicked.

"But I am not a mother!" Butterfly replied. "I do not have experience for these types of things yet!"

Butterfly then gently starts swaying Scarlett around lightly. It calmed Scarlett down a little bit, though she continued to cry. An idea suddenly came into Butterfly's head. "I got it!"

Centipede, who never knew how to stop Scarlett from crying sine Miss Spider was the only one who knows, wanted to know immediately. "What is it?"

Butterfly smiles at the Brooklyn centipede. "You see I have a friend from work, she is a New York woman who we call Ms. Gomez. She has a sister who had children before, meaning she is an aunt and she knows a good way to stop children from crying quite easily. First off, she has a very soft spoken voice. That means she speaks gently to the kids. And then she playfully speaks to them. The children always loved it when she did that and I have watched her do that before, so I shall give it a try. It might even help Scarlett learn to talk. You will see what I mean when I start doing it to Scarlett."

Butterfly gently lays Scarlett, who was only whimpering now rather than crying loud, to the floor and gives her a gentle smile.

"Nya nya.." Scarlett didn't know how to talk yet. That is pretty much all she can say for now.

Butterfly next reaches for a camera of hers she bought back when she first made it to New York for the first time. "I gotta say Mr. Centipede, I wish I had this camera before making it to New York when we were still on that journey. If we did, I so would've recorded those hilarious moments of you flirting with Miss Spider."

"Why would you do that?!" Centipede blushed big time. "That was embarrassin'!"

Butterfly giggles. "It'd be funny to rewind the moments you called her Angel Fangs, when you both danced and you kissed her hand that night at the peach when we made it it to New York. And who shall forget when she kissed your cheek and you started blushing like a tomato! It was so-"

"Okay!" Centipede blushed more than ever. "Focus less on me and more on Scarlett."

Butterfly then looks back at Scarlett, smiles gently again and then turns on her camera to record this. "Hello Scarlett. It is me, your Auntie Butterfly."

Scarlett seemed to have enjoyment towards Butterfly's soft spoken voice. A sweet sounding voice she had in Scarlett's opinion. Butterfly is Italian, though for some reason her accent sounds rather Spanish. No matter, her voice seemed to be gentle towards Scarlett and it attracted her attention.

"Nya nya?" Scarlett looks at the Italian butterfly, her eyes shining a little.

"You are Scarlett." Butterfly giggles a bit. "Your name is Scarlett. Scarlett Scarlett!"

Centipede was shocked when he watched this. A girl that when he first met her, she had temper issues and didn't speak gently that way one bit. Now there she is with a 9 month old, Scarlett, speaking to her sounding completely different.

"Sca.. Sca..." Scarlett tried to pronounce what Butterfly has said. She didn't have an easy time pronouncing her own name. Of course it is because of her young age so it is normal. "Sca.. Sca..."

Butterfly giggles a bit. "Say I love you. I love you!"

"I la... I la..." Scarlett tried to say it but just couldn't get it right.

"Oh she loves me!" Butterfly giggled as she looks from Scarlett to Centipede.

Scarlett then looks at Butterfly oddly. She notices Butterfly's antennas. It's been what Scarlett enjoyed pulling on ever since she was born. Before Butterfly knew it, Scarlett grabs Butterfly by her antennas and starts pulling. "Nah! Nah!"

"Ahh...ahh...OW!!!" Butterfly yelled as her antennas started getting pulled on.

Centipede chuckled at that. "Now that's my little girl!"

Butterfly glares at Centipede and then turns off her camera. "That is enough recording for now.."

"You know what? Now that Scarlett's calm now, we should feed her now." Centipede suggested.

"Good idea. Miss Spider did want us to feed the darling girl." Butterfly agreed to it.

Centipede and Butterfly, who was holding Scarlett in her arms, then goes downstairs to get to the kitchen to feed Scarlett. They remembered what Miss Spider wanted them to feed her with. Peaches. It was one of the easiest things to feed Scarlett and certainly one of her favorite types of food. Butterfly keeps holding on to Scarlett when they make it to the kitchen as Centipede goes to get the peaches.

"Just as Angel Fangs wanted us to do." he said.

Centipede cuts the peaches in slices and then puts them in a bowl for Scarlett. Slices, just as Scarlett enjoys eating them.

"C'mon my little girl!" Centipede said as he tries to feed Scarlett one of the peach slices. "They're peaches. Your favorite."

Scarlett looks at the peaches and shakes her head no in disapproval. When Centipede tries to give one to her, she picks up the peach slice and throws it at Centipede.

"Whoa.." Centipede said as he whips it off with a napkin. "She never did that with peaches before. She loves them!"

"May you allow me to give her some?" Butterfly offered.


Butterfly gets a peach slice from the bowl and leans close to Scarlett to give her it. "It's a peach honey. Your favorite."

Scarlett refuses the peach from Butterfly as well. She did the same as what she did when Centipede tried to give her one. She picks up the slice of the peach and then tosses it at Butterfly.

"Oh dear.." Butterfly wipes her fact with a napkin. "Mr. Centipede, what shall we do?"

Centipede grins at Butterfly. By the look at his face, it was obvious he had an idea. And Butterfly sensed what it was and she was not happy.

"Oh no.." she said. "Not again."

But too late for that. One thing that always gets Scarlett distracted is when Scarlett starts pulling on Butterfly's antennas. Even if Butterfly hated the idea of that because it's so painful, she agrees to it anyway. Butterfly leans close to Scarlett and Scarlett stares at her antennas and then starts pulling them playfully.

"Nya! Nya!" Scarlett was giggling and enjoying pulling her antennas. Just as Scarlett did that, Butterfly grabs a slice of peach and gets it in Scarlett's mouth. Scarlett swallows it and starts smiling. She was enjoying the flavor of the peach. "Nya nya!!!"

"She's enjoying it." Butterfly giggles.

Centipede and Butterfly continues feeding Scarlett the peach slices as she is giggling and enjoying it. After the two bugs finishes feeding her, Scarlett yawns.

"Little Angel Fangs Jr of mine seems tired." Centipede smiles as he holds her in his arms.

Normally Scarlett would bite him when he holds her but due to her being sleepy, all she was doing is closing her eyes and yawning.

"Do ya know what time it is?"

Butterfly looks at a clock above. "It is 8:30."

"Thanks. Remember, Angel Fangs said the latest she can sleep is 9. I guess now is a good time to put my little angel to bed."

Centipede takes Scarlett back upstairs along with Butterfly following him. First time Centipede holding Scarlett without her wanting to bit him.. felt great.

Something unexpected happened. The unexpected arrival of Miss Spider happened. As soon as the three are upstairs, Miss Spider comes inside the house and says, "It is Miss Spider. I am back."

Centipede stays upstairs holding Scarlett as Butterfly goes down stairs and greets Miss Spider. "Greetings Miss Spider! You are home early."

"Oh yes. I was allowed to go home early just for today." Miss Spider said. "It was after all my first day going there after Scarlett was born."

"I see. Scarlett is upstairs with Centipede."

Both the female bugs goes upstairs and meets up with Centipede.

"Hello Centipede." Miss Spider says as she kisses him lightly on the cheek.

Wow did Centipede blush big time, just as always. Miss Spider's kisses will always gets him love strucked. The voice of Miss Spider wakes Scarlett up.

"Nya.." Scarlett opens her eyes and sees Miss Spider looking face to face at her with a smile and Scarlett squeals with excitement. "Nya!"

As soon as Scarlett realizes Centipede is holding her, she flares her fangs and bites Centipede's arm, which makes him let out a loud "OWW!!!!"

Miss Spider quickly holds Scarlett in her arms and frowns at Centipede. "Oh dear. Are you alright?"

Centipede rubs his arm in pain and chuckles. "Hehe.. don't worry angel fangs."

Miss Spider smiles at him and then looks at her daughter Scarlett with a smile. "I am glad to see you again."
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