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Love and Bones

Part 2: the Meeting

© Gothic chic

Chapter: 1 2

Note: when you see multiple dots across the screen like this
................................... that means that I am skipping to a later time or a new scene. Please enjoy the story! : )

Moments later, Jack and Sally arrived to Town Square. Mayor seemed to be carrying three rolled-up papers, all of which looked like blue prints. He had a big smile along his face, as he hummed a jolly melody.

Jack approached Mayor, and with a wave of his bony hand, greeted him.

"I have plans for you, Mayor." Jack said. "You see, me and Sally here should be married in only a few days, but we need the help of the residence to plan our wedding."

"engaged are ya?" Replied the mayor, with a pat of his bow.
"Yes, sir. And I need you to gather everyone so I can anounce the wonderful news."

Mayor raised his tall hat, pulling out a black pen.
"No problem, Jack. What time do you want me to construct this meeting?"

"Anytime will do. I prefer as soon as possible, though."

With the nod of the head, Mayor took of with his work.
Everyone was crowded in, wondering what Jack had to say. The small meeting room was full of monsterous growls and expressionless moans. The noise was so loud, that a herd cattle would only sound like another wisper in that cramped room.

Jack could barely here himself think, and so he stepped out to calm the crowd.

"Listen everyone," he said, tapping his index finger against the microphone. The crowd automatically silenced.

"As you know, I have some important news to share, considering I gathered you all here..."
Jack took a long pause.
"And you also know me and my dear Sally have been in love for a while."
Hearing her name, Sally stood from her seat to join Jack on the stage.
"And we are thinking of getting married."

A long gasp came from the crowd. Some of the women in the room gagged at the thought of the marrage.
Of corse, all of the Halloween Town ladies loved Jack, and hearing this made them want to stick a knife through that red-headed ragdoll. Jack knew of their hatred, and tried to prevent any undead cat-fights from these many girls. Although, he never really needed to break a serious fight considering the ladies know the consequences of getting between him and Sally.

Jack continued talking, " But, to acheive this romantic event, i need all of your help. I would appreciate it if you volenteered your time into this. If you want to take part, please come see me after the meeting so I can assign you your jobs."

Finished with his speech, Jack took Sally's hand and walked behing the curtains with her.

They stood silently, looking at each other. Their eyes met, and although it was silent, seemed to comunicate through them.

Sally broke the silence by saying, "Jack, I am speechless. I can't believe I am getting married, let alone getting married to the ACTUAL Pumpkin King."

"I never really took thought in it, but it seems like I knew you even before I died. It feels like a weird connection, almost like fate through life and death."
Another thing about Jack and pretty much every monster in Halloween Town, is that they all can't remember their mortal lives.
They can't remember who they were, how they died, who their family was, and how they lived like a normal human. It is a tragic thing about these poor lost souls.
They can only assume these things. Halloween Town was like the place that lost souls ended up, the afterlife between Heaven and Hell.

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Chapter: 1 2

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