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Stitched Together: My Life as a Ragdoll

© Gothic chic

From the writer of Love and Bones comes this fist-person account of Sally's insane life. These are going to be a series of short stories of Sally's life rather than trying to write a whole fabric (cause let's face it, it didn't work out for me.I didn't even finish the first story.) This might be rated 13+ because of dialogue and sexual content. The first story (chapter) will be okay because it is the beginning. But by sexual content, I mean referencing that Sally was Dr. Finkelstein's sex slave. Also, there might be something that Jack and Sally will do. If you don't like that kind of stuff, then don't read. I will try to make it so it is not that bad though. Not much of "that" kind of writer, ya know? Just want something snazzy to go on though.
Story One: The Beggining

It was dark. All that I was able to see was the blinding light that was reaching towards me. It seemed as if I was flying toward this light, not able to control myself.
My memory was blank, and I could not remember who I was, who my family was, even my own name was lost in the fog. It was like I have blacked out, in a never ending coma.
Seeing as I have passed through the light, I heard a disembodied voice echoing through the dark nothingness.
"Wake my child! Rise! You shall now be given life, for I am your creator!" It cackled.
In an intant of a shocking chill, I have that I can finally move and that I have gained control. Without a single thought, I opened my eyes, unbelieving of the sights that were revealed.
It seemed that I was in a laboratory of sorts, with crackling energy sparking around the mad lab and metal experimental tables complete with glass beakers and endless tubes of colorful fluids, of which I thought was filled with potions.
Beside me, staring at what was of me, was a short, pale man of which had a metal cap where his skull should be. He had a monsterous appearance, posture and all, and he wore a lab coat and dirty lab gloves, that were bloody at the time. He sat in an electric wheel chair, for he seemed too old to walk on his own.
He deeply examined me, looking proud, as if he had accomplished a major success. I then looked down, noticing my bare naked body against the metal bed, with only a white rag to cover me.
I appeared to have pale, mint green skin, the color of rotten flesh. Stitches were scattered through my body, making a pattern. The strange man handed me a mirror, allowing me to see my face. I had deep red hair, long and straight, flowing down my shoulders and back. I had stitches running across my deep dark lips, touching cheek to cheek.
The man finally spoke to me, saying, "Speak, my creation! Talk to me."
Creation? I thought. Then it hit me. I had been reborn and given a new life. The only thing was, I was just a simple experiment, just his meat puppet.
Remembering I was nude, I attempted to ask for clothes. It came out as a weird squawk noise, only leaving an awkward sound. I tried again, slipping a quiet whisper.
He handed me a raggy dress, and I changed quickly.
He had asked me of what my name was, but my memory was still foggy and I just couldn't remember. I thought of the first name that came to mind. A simple common name, that I can still go in confidence in. I had spurted out the name in a shy stutter.
"S-Sally..." I answered, confirming my final decision.
"Sally, huh?" He grinned. "Welcome to Halloween Town, Sally. You can call me Dr.FFinkelstein. I know you will be a big use in my lab..."

Yay!finally done typing! Sorry if there is grammar mistakes or anything. I am tired and should be getting to bed. But I wanted to post this real quick. Anyways,this was story one and I hope you enjoyed!
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