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James and the Giant Peach (With my character)

© stargirl11

First off I used to be known as CentiSpider4Ever but I decided to get another account and be more active here (For multiple reasons) so I did an improved rewrite on one of my oldest stories. It's the JatGP one with my fan character Butterfly. Enjoy! And I only own Butterfly.

Chapter: 1 2

Chapter 1: Butterfly meeting the bugs
This is a rewrite I did on the JatGP story (Movie version) with my fan character Butterfly. I decided instead in my old account CentiSpider4Ever, I will submit my stories from here instead. Enjoy! And I only own Butterfly.
"Get it Sponge! Kill it! I hate bugs!" Spiker screeched.

Sponge grabbed a kitchen knife from the drawer and started chasing a monarch butterfly with it. The butterfly quickly flew to the kitchen table and Sponge came close to whacking it but the butterfly sharply flew off the table, which caused Sponge to nearly stab the table but quickly turned away from the table and chased after the butterfly again.

The butterfly was flying with it's full speed to reach the open window right in front of it to escape, but Sponge then whacked it with the knife, rather than flying normal the butterfly twirled out of the kitchen.

As soon as it was outside, Spiker yelled out through the window. "Now stay out, you disgusting bug!"

Sponge quickly closed the window and turned to Spiker. "We can't have these disgusting creatures in our home."

"Even butterflies are a disgrace." Spiker hissed.

Butterfly felt extremely lightheaded as she kept twirling in the air, and stopped until she crashed into a tree and landed on the cold hard ground. She was taking deep breaths as she got up from the ground and looked up at the gray sky.

"Oh god, that was close." Butterfly looked back at Spiker and Sponge's home, and her light blue eyes flared. She was close to death and was only lucky that she was able to escape, only with an upset stomach. That young boy kept coming in her mind, she didn't know his name though she has seen him live with Spiker and Sponge. Memories of seeing him with those woman made her heart race with anger. Spiker and Sponge made the boy do all the work at home and even if he did everything he could, Spiker and Sponge would continuously be outraged with him. Every time Butterfly would watch the boy be yelled out, her eyes would fill up with tears and not do anything about it.

She inhaled and exhaled deeply, then sighed. "I was able to escape, but what about this boy? He's in that house right now living with these witches. And what am I to do? Especially with mom, dad and all the girls dead, I have no one to be with at all."

Tears started to roll down in her pale cheeks until she heard her stomach growl. There was one thing she didn't think about all day due to trying to make her escape from England and that was food. She looked up and saw a giant peach near by and gasped. It was taller than a tree, and it didn't seem to have a single bite mark in it. She observed the peach as she walked up to it, but trembled as she compared to the size of the peach to herself. She tried to reach out to grab a piece of the peach, but her arm kept trembling.

"I... I can't do it." Butterfly whispered to herself as she pulled her arm away from the peach. She kept looking around the yard and her blue eyes got fixed on an odd green thing hopping her way. She took steps towards it, still quivering. As soon as she was only a few inches near the green thing, it spontaneously jumped into Butterfly's mouth and out of hunger and no thought, she swallowed. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped right after the creature entered her body. Did she just devour a creature that was alive? She felt nausea all of the sudden.

"I.. can't believe I ate that." She wrapped her arms around her body and suddenly her eyes grew widen as she figured out what was happening. She suddenly noticed that compared to the size of a tree, she wasn't the size of an insect anymore. She felt as the size of a human teenager or a young adult. And she turned around and looked at the peach. The peach was still in the size of possibly a tree or a house, but it felt smaller than it was before. Butterfly then looked at the rest of the yard and viewed rocks, leaves and pebbles and noticed they were micro-sized compared to her. "Okay... either I grew or the rest of the world shrunk."

Thoughts in her mind made her jump as soon as she realized something. What if she was big enough for Spiker and Sponge to see her? How would they react if they did see her? Would they have another method to kill her?

"I'm not taking any chances." she turned to the peach and smirked. She walked up to it and ripped out a piece of it with her own hands, having a bit of it on her royal purple gloves. She payed no mind to it and grinned as she saw the sight in front of her. There was a hole in the peach and she rapidly entered it. As she crawled inside, it was nothing more than pitch darkness. She sighed as she had thoughts entering her mind again. Would Spiker and Sponge find her in the peach? Would she get killed? Would there be anything in the peach that would try to kill her? She shook her head and continued to crawl until she was in the middle of the peach.

She didn't want the thought of being alone in the peach so she spoke out as loud as she could. "Hello?"

She jumped as she heard many voices around her all at once. She looked around and it was pitch darkness but still knew she wasn't alone. She saw figures of all kind surrounded by her and she heard what they were saying:

"There's someone else here too?"

"Who's she, hoppy?"

"I don't know. I've never seen her before."

"Is the dearie in danger like the rest of us?"

"I can't even see what she is! Is she something that can kill us?!"

"Calm down. All we need are the lights on and then we can tell who she is."

"Good idea Spidey! Glowworm, lights on!"

"Of course, dear."

Butterfly's pupils went small we soon as the bright light was on. She gasped as she saw what were in front of her. Surrounded by her are a grasshopper, a centipede, a spider, a ladybug, an earthworm and up at the ceiling was a glowworm. All six bugs were observing her as if she was an exhibition. She tried to speak, but stuttered as she spoke. "Y-you guys... why are you guys here...?"

"We're hidin' from Spiker and Sponge." Centipede was the first to speak up. He had a loud Brooklyn accent. "Are ya here for that too?"

Butterfly sighed. "Yeah. Almost got killed by them. Before Sponge went psycho and tried to kill me, my parents and siblings were killed."

"I'm so sorry dearie." Mrs. Ladybug patted her shoulder.

"Ah, don't worry." Butterfly shrugged. "I was never close to them anyway. We were not alike much, and never grew a bond. I haven't really ever been close to anyone."

"Excuse." Miss Spider went up to the monarch butterfly and looked at her with her golden eyes. "You almost got killed by Spiker and Sponge? Because that is what almost happened to me too."

"Y-yeah.." Butterfly looked down. She felt her heart racing as she looked at all the bugs.

"Now my dear." Mr. Grasshopper went to her side. "I promise there will be no one here to harm you. Not even that nitwit, Centipede."

Centipede huffed through his cigar. "Hey!"

Butterfly smirked and nodded. "Alright. I might as well get used to you guys while I'm here."

"Just remember to remain quiet. You never know whether or not Spiker and Sponge are near by."

As the lights turned off, Butterfly stayed silent but had the merest smile. Maybe these bugs weren't so bad in her eyes.

Chapter: 1 2

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