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Chaper Two - Sean

© SkeletonCliqueChick

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Chapter Two – Sean

Sean wandered around the cemetery, staring at the ground. The cemetery happened to be the only place that he could find comfort from the life that he lived. He walked down a hill, heading toward one of the crypts at the back end of the cemetery. He sat down on one of the steps leading to the door of a crypt that read “Notgnilleks”, he liked the crypt back here because it was the scariest of them all and it made him feel at home.

His cell phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket. It was his mother.

“Hello mother.” Sean said obviously irritated with the interruption. “I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that you control my ever move ... No mom, I’m not coming home, I’m busy ... It’s none of your business!” He hung up the phone and tossed it behind him into the grass.

“She’s so annoying, I’m eighteen years old and yet I’m still treated as if I was five.” He spoke angrily, but quietly to himself. He rolled his eyes and decided that it would be best to go back home, he didn’t have anywhere else to live and if he upset his mother too much his step-father would be sure that Sean no longer lived at the house. His step-father hated him. He picked up his cell phone and proceeded out of the cemetery.

The wind blew hard, as he walked against it. Sean’s dark hair blew in the wind and his usually medium complexion flushed to a pale color, as his cheeks turned bright red. He tried to put his head down to block out the wind, but because of his height there was no escape. He clenched his teeth, showing more of his chiseled jaw and facial structure. He walked for a few blocks. He turned the corner and jogged up the steps to his house. He opened the door.

“I knew you would be back any second ... Mom! Sean’s back” yelled Emily, Sean’s little twerp sister. She was sitting at the top of the stairs as if she was just waiting for Sean’s return. She was sucking on her thumb and hugging her teddy bear. She was 12 years old and yet she still acted like a baby. Their mother spoiled her and their step-father spoiled her even more.

Sean huffed and went down to his room before his mother could emerge from the kitchen. Sean took of his jacket and threw it onto the floor. He dove head first into his bed and yelled quietly into his pillow. He pulled his phone out and played a song loudly. He rolled over onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

Not soon after he had started playing his music could he hear loud and angry footsteps descending the stairs. His eyes widened and he wished he were dead. He rolled over, and frantically tried to pretend like he was sleeping. The door flew open and a deep and angry voice began to yell.

“How dare you disobey your mother, you little ****” screamed Sean’s step-father. He picked Sean up by the collar of his shirt. Sean’s eyes opened wide. “How dare you try to pretend to be asleep, do you think I’m stupid?”. His stepfather threw him down on the floor and kicked him a couple times. “That’s what you get for being a worthless son!”. His stepfather walked out the door and slammed the door shut. Sean climbed back into bed, wincing in pain. Sean began to weep, quietly.

Not soon after he fell asleep. It was a weird sleep for him. He dreamt, which was not something he did often. In this certain dream, there was a strange, almost human-like girl, with the most beautiful hair. She smiled at him and took his hand. They approached a crypt and then they were sucked inside. He awoke in a sweat, extremely puzzled because the dream was all too real for him.

He blinked, staring at the ceiling on his back. He sighed. He just had to figure out why the dream was so real for him. He got out of bed, put on his coat, grabbed his cell phone, and snuck out the house. He headed toward the cemetery.

I am so sorry for the wait on this chapter, I have been super busy. I have had some feedback from you all, mainly about not having Jack get so angry, it is part of the story. I know that I should have built it up, but I just felt that the story would soon get too boring. I also got some feedback on people wanting to know why Sarah doesn't want to be queen... You will soon find out more in chapter 3!
Also, I am sorry that this is such a short chapter, I just had to introduce Sean in some way.
Thank you for the support, it is much appreciated!

I have chapter 3 almost finished and I will post it as soon as this chapter gets approved.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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