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Chapter: 1 2 3 4

Chapter Three – Skellington

Sarah sat in her room, wiping the tears from her eyes as she wrote in her diary:

“Dear diary,
I know that nobody ever reads you, which is probably a good thing, but I just need to talk to someone, or at least write about this. I know that I always complain to you, but you’re the only one who even listens. My mom, she listens, but that’s all she does is just listen, she never talks to my father about my problems and she does nothing to change anything.
I have said this a million times, I do not want to be the Pumpkin Queen. I know I’m the first born, but wouldn’t Jackson or James be better fits. I mean, they love the scaring business. I used to love being just like my father, but now that I have grown up I just feel that I have a better purpose in life. I feel that I could make a difference, that I am destined to be more than the Queen of Halloweentown.
Jackson and James, even though they are 10, are just like my father, though one of them looks more like my mother than anything. They are twins for goodness sake! That’s twice the scary! I don’t want to scare people. I feel so lonely in this world, there is nobody my age, I don’t relate to anyone. I’ve been cooped up in this house for far too long.
I never went to regular school, instead my father and mother homeschooled me. I never had friends growing up, other than Zero and even he found someone else to spend time with once the twins were born. My father expects too much from me. I want to see the world, I want to have adventures, I want to see what else is out there, and I want to live. Why can’t he understand that?”

Sarah closed her diary and sighed as she wiped away the last of her tears. She wasn’t necessarily sad, she was more so angry at her father for being so ignorant to the fact that she, Sarah Skellington, did not, would not and would never ever be Queen of Halloweentown.

She stared out the window, still seated at her desk. She could see her father running around the yard, throwing a head with her brothers. They were laughing and having a good ole time.

Sarah missed the attention that she used to get before her brothers were born. Her father would always spend time with her and he would take her on walks down by the graveyard, they would walk toward the forest and her father promised her that one day when she was older that he would take her through the forest and show her what else there was to see.

Sarah decided that today was the day that she would see what else there was out there, except that she would plan to do this alone. Sarah smiled, almost mischievously. She stood up and walked toward the door, stopping briefly. She thought for a moment, and then decided to go ahead anyway.

She walked down the hall toward the stairs; taking a deep breath she began to descend the stairs. She walked down the stairs and walked to the front door, she took a deep breath. She opened the door and walked out.

“Hey dad,” Sarah began. Her father looked at her before throwing the head for the boys to catch. He nodded. “Um, I was wondering. Could I go to the library? I need some new books.”

Her father squinted his eyes for a second and then began to speak. “You won’t be gone long, right?” he asked.

“No sir, I will be back fairly quickly.” Her father walked towards her and her heart began to pound fearing he would see right through her. “I promise.” Her father walked to her and pulled her in for a hug, Sarah was caught off guard.

“Sarah, you know that I do the things that I do to protect you, right?” He looked down at his daughter. “I’m not trying to be unreasonable and I’m sorry that I snapped on you, but you know that I need you to do this for me. The Skellington family name needs to go on.” He breathed in. “You know that I do not have any other choice, right?”

Sarah acted as if she understood and was completely okay with what her father had said.

“Yes, dad, I understand you have no other choice and I will do my best to follow your rules” her voice cracked at the lie she had just told to her father.

“Okay. Good. Now, run along and get those books. Make sure you are home before dinner.” He said to her as he began to walk away to join the boys again.

“Alright, I will.” Sarah said before running into the house.

She hated herself for lying to her father, for making it seem that her outburst earlier was just some stupid girl-like anger issue and that she didn’t mean anything. She meant everything that she had said. She just had to tell him what he wanted to hear so she could leave.

Sarah got back into her room and began to pack as much as she could fit discretely in her messenger bag. She walked back down the stairs, but instead of walking out the front door she walked out the back door. She passed her mom in the kitchen and gave her a hug and a kiss.

“I’ll be back soon” she said. Sarah walked out the back door and down the hill. She walked out the front gate and she breathed in a big breath of fresh air.

“I’m free,” she said quietly to herself. Sarah walked along the wall and slipped into the alley and started running towards the graveyard. She squeezed in through the dilapidated iron posts of the closed gate to the graveyard. She looked around her to make sure nobody was following. She headed toward Spiral Hill.

She climbed to the top of Spiral Hill and the hill began to uncurl for her, she again looked around to make sure nobody was looking, nobody was following her, that nobody was about to see what she was about to do. She descended the hill and ran full speed into the forest.

I am so happy that I got this chapter up so quickly! There are two more already written and they will be uploaded as soon as this chapter gets approved, also I am working on another chapter after the two I have already done... I think this is going to turn into a novel, which was not my intention in the first place, but we will see.
I apologize if the chapters are leaving you with questions/too short for you/the story is moving too slow. It will pick up soon, having to introduce the story is kind of tough, but it will be worth the wait.
As always comments are appreciated, as they help me figure out what my readers want. So please don't be shy.
Thanks again for reading!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4

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