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Chapter 4 - Bone

© SkeletonCliqueChick

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Chapter 4 – Bone

Sean quietly shut the front door behind him, and began to run away from his home. He had everything he owned and all the money that he had saved in a backpack half hanging off of his back. He had changed into a hoodie and was wearing combat boots and his favorite pair of sweatpants. He raced down the street towards the cemetery. He wanted to see what the dream had meant and he wanted, more than anything, to get away from his step-father for good.
Nothing was ever the same after Sean’s dad died when Sean was 6 years old. His mom almost instantly remarried and not soon after his mother had a baby girl. His mother rarely paid any attention to him, nor did she notice the bruises from the trauma his step-father began to put him through. He didn’t want to be in that kind of life anymore, he didn’t want to fear opening his eyes every morning. He rebelled because he thought that would make his step-father angrier and make it so that his mother would finally notice after all these years, however, every time he tried, his mother conveniently wasn’t within ear shot, or his step-father told her some ridiculous story about how Sean had become so hurt.
Sean jumped the fence of the cemetery and began to run towards the crypt, he stumbled and fell and began to cry. He cried because he was tired of being hurt, he was tired of being a coward, he was tired of running away from the problems in his life, and simply he was just sick of the life he was living.
Yes, he knew that he was 18 and technically he could move out of the house. However, he was definitely not financially stable enough to live on his own, he was still planning on going to college and he couldn’t afford it by himself.
He got up, brushed himself off, breathed deeply and composed himself as best he could. He looked around the cemetery, wondering which crypt could have been the one from his dream, if it was even real at all. He then remembered about the crypt he sat by earlier. He walked toward the crypt and sat on the steps. He began to examine the crypt a little more closely.
“Hmm…” he thought to himself, “what does ‘Notgnilleks’ mean?” It sounded like a weird last name to him, he began to pick at his brain to try to figure out what it truly meant. He pondered for a while.
He tried to figure out if it was an anagram for something. “Never Out… No, that can’t be right. Never Over The Gate… Okay this isn’t going to work”. He began to think of other ways that the name could be read.
“Notgnilleks… what does that even mean? Is that even a real last name? It just sounds so weird” He thought to himself. “Maybe I’m supposed to read it backwards” he thought. “Eh, that’s just silly”. He laid back against the step. He stared up at the sky and soon became tired enough to fall asleep. He pulled out a small blanket that he had stuffed into his oversized backpack and covered his tall physique as best as he could.
He began to dream about the possibilities of the meaning behind his all-too-real dream he had before he left his house. He dreamt about the girl… She was so pretty, her eyes were big and beautiful and she was tall, not too tall, but just tall enough to know that she liked to run and play sports. She wasn’t super thin, she had some curves on her. She had long beautiful hair, a color not too common on other people. She had very fair skin, almost the color of bones. She had the brightest of smiles, but also the most mischievous of grins. She was scary beautiful, as Sean would say.
Sean awoke with a smile and breathed in the smell of the early morning air. He stared at the crypt again, curiously, hoping that the new day would bring him closer to figuring out the truth.

Thank you all for reading. I'm so sorry this one took so long. I completely forgot about it and because I'm in graduate school my schedule is more hectic than ever. Anyways, thank you for the comments, they really help me. Let me know what you think and what you'd like to me to include or add or anything else for that matter. I appreciate it. I have the other chapters ready so as soon as this one is done I will upload the other.

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