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The Channeling


© paige10967

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Whoa. Sally actually thought that Liz was Oogie's ideal match? Okay, Oogie was a nice guy and all, but Liz thought about her flaws. I'm not pretty, or skinny, or even very smart, so what would he want with me? But, even so, Halloween was approaching quickly. And if she was gonna stay in Halloween Town, she'd have to die and choose her new form before then. She'd already decided on the form of a ragdoll-type, but made of bi-color burlap like Oogie. She always had liked the way he'd change colors under a blacklight. On October 29, Liz went to Dr. Finklestein's lab. Over the last couple of days, he and Sally were perfecting the method of her changing. She would be injected in the arm with diluted Heartless venom, which would slowly kill her. As she died, Sally would be sewing the burlap to her skin (the venom also killed her nerves). After the venom reached her heart, Liz would rise as one of Halloween Town's newly-undead. She wouldn't be able to visit the upper world except on her new holiday, or on the summer and winter solstices, and even then, only for a couple of days. She'd have to say goodbye to her family. But she had no time for thinking about that now, it was time to embrace her destiny.

She knew that it would burn a little when the venom reached her heart. She hadn't anticipated that it would set her very soul aflame. It felt like someone had filled her chest cavity with boiling oil. Dr. Finklestein gave her a form of morphine, to lessen the pain, but all it did was lock her in this pain. She couldn't cry out, to beg them to destroy her, to make it end. She started to feel different. She could count the breaths of all around her. She focused on the slower pace that she heard. It meant that the most time was passing. Five thousand, and forty three breaths later, Liz felt a hand slide into hers. She heard a male voice say "Doctor, what if she doesn't make it?" The doctor answered, " Oogie listen to her heart, it's strong and fast. She'll make it, I promise you." So it was Oogie who held her blistering hand, who was...worried about her? Maybe Sally had been correct in her assumption that Liz was his ideal match. And then, her heart took off, running. She felt the heat ebbing from her limbs, but it was all sucked into her heart. The fire burned even hotter, and her heart, already too fast, sped even more. It was a futile race, the fire had run out of things to consume, and her heart was galloping toward its last beat. With two hard beats that felt like they'd tear her chest open, Liz's heart stuttered to a stop. She slowly opened her eyes and gazed into Oogie's concerned face.

"Liz, are you okay? How do you feel?" asked Oogie, concerned."I feel fine, actually. Thanks for asking Oogie." The doctor spoke up. "He's been sitting by the bed for the past 12. He was very worried about you." "Worried about me? But why?" Liz asked, puzzled. She felt her face burn, slightly. What in the literal hell was wrong with her? She noticed Jack trying (and failing miserably) to conceal a smile. She sat up and rose. She felt taller, more graceful. Sally seemed to read her mind and produced a mirror from a small clutch in her hand. Wow. She was...stunning. Now that blush was getting worse. Liz was sure that her face was some form of red right now. She looked down, and discovered that her (skinny!!!) body was sheathed in a light green dress, with forest colored pumps to match. She had a feeling that Sally had both picked this dress out and clothed her in it. She booked it right out of the lab, and back to Skellington Manor, to her private room in the attic, with Jack's dog, Zero. She took off the dress and hung it up in her closet. Then, she put on a black tee and a pair of blue jeans. The tee had Elvis Presley's likeness on it. Liz had loved Elvis since she was little. She had all his albums. A full discography. She grabbed one of her Ipods (she had several. Each one was preloaded with only the music of one artist, this one loaded with Elvis music), left the house and started jogging. She had friends to visit. She could leave anytime for anywhere. She wasn't bound by HT's rules until Halloween. Once she was in the upper world, she called her friend Tony.

SORRY!!! damn people at the school proxied all the computers. I have no internet at home, so I couldn't upload.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5

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