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The Mysterious Fire

© kkcamarda

What happens when Jack and Sally's house catches on fire? Will Sally be okay or will she get burned too badly and die? Read if you want to find out.© Smileb
One night Sally and Jack were sleeping then a fire happened in the house and Sally, being a rag doll stuffed with leaves, couldn't stand fire she would burn up and Jack knew that she had to get out of there and fast, but every entrance was blocked. Then Jack realized Zero wasn't with them and Jack started looking for Zero. "Where is Zero!" Jack screamed "I think he is in his grave" Sally tried to say but she was getting a bit burned and was to weak to do anything she could barely talk. Finally Sally found a little bit of her voice she said "Jack we­need to ­go now the­ceiling is collapsing!" Sally coughed. Jack still trying to find Zero said "hold on we need to find Zero" and was still looking after about a minute of looking Sally started to burn up really badly her arms were burning up she looked at herself then at Jack and whispered "Jack..." she said faintly. Jack turn around. Sally whispered "" Sally fainted. Jack kneeled beside her. "Sally!" Jack screamed "Sally can you hear me! Wake up! Please wake up!" Then Jack saw the roof collapsing on them so Jack carried Sally outside just before the whole house collapsed. Sally was all burned up. Jack felt her hair, her hair was black. "Oh, Sally. I am so sorry. I should have gotten you out in time." Then the mayor came over with his worried face
on "are you guys ok...oh?" The mayor look at Sally's burn up motionless body "what happened to her?" Jack not paying attention to the mayor, said "I need to get her to Dr. Finkelstein now!" Then he took off running to Dr. Finkelstein's house after an hour and a half of waiting Dr. Finkelstein said he could go visit Sally. Jack and Zero, walked into her room she was still
unconscious but she wasn't that burned anymore. Zero whined a little because his master was so sad and that Sally was hurt "please be okay. Please wake up, it's me." Jack started to lose hope then he started to sing "my dearest friend, if you don't mind, I'd like to join you by your side, we're we can gaze into the stars" ​he shed a tear down from his eye socket, then
he heard a voice "and sit together, now and forever, for it is plain, as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be" ​Sally smiled. ​"Sally?" Jack looked up "Sally!" Jack was so happy
"oh thank goodness you're alright!" Jack hugged her gently because she was still a little burnt "Jack?" she ask "yes" Jack said. She was confused. "what happened?" She asked " you fainted then the roof collapsed but I got you out in time before the roof fell on you. I'm so sorry I should have listen to you, now you're hurt because of me." "No, you saved my life. I'm alive because of you, you could of left me there to burn, but you didn't and I thank you for that. Besides you were worried about Zero I was too." Said Sally "I would never leave you, especially when you're hurt. You should get some rest." He gave her a kiss on the forehead and said "I'll come and visit you later when you've had your rest" and he left. A couple of days later Jack was told she could go home so he brought her home. All the townspeople were worried about her. They kept asking Jack if she was alright. About a week later she was finally allowed out of the house by Jack, he didn't want her to hurt herself anymore.
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