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Chapter 1 Wedding Day

© halloween13

It's my first fan fiction of Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack and Sally got marry and got two girls Judy and Sarah. Well one day as Jack and Judy were during their routine show for the town that is when they along with Sally, Sarah, and Zero went into a portal. Another problem is they landed in a town call Springvile. Everyone were separated and must find each other. With their new friends can they find out how they got to Springvile and see if someone was behind? Find out. Smile
Have you ever wonder where holidays have come from? If you haven't well I say that it is time for you to began. On a brisk of morning air of Halloween Town. Everyone is rushing and hurrying around for the day was the wedding of the Pumpkin King name Jack and a rag doll name Sally. Who was created by a mad scientist name Dr. Finklestein. Everyone in the town were all dressed up and was excited for the big wedding day. Since Jack is famous of all Halloween Town.
Meanwhile at a tower that looks like a haunted house and more like a very old one. Inside was a skeleton man who was very tall (about 6 inches tall) with a black suite and a black bat bow tie was preparing for his own wedding. Jack Skellington could not believe that in two months ago he propose to Sally on top of Spiral Hill. He love Sally so much that he couldn't stop thinking about her. He look himself in the mirror and he fix his bow tie so it wouldn't be cricked. Then he look closer in the mirror and saw his beloved ghost dog name Zero behind him. Who had a bright red nose (shape like a pumpkin) and a red collar. Jack turn and face Zero and ask "well how do I look"? Zero bark as if to say "I like it master".
Then Jack heard a door bell (which sounds like a woman screaming) and he answer the door. He open the door and there was the mayor of Halloween Town. He had on his best looking black suite and inside was a white shirt with black stripes going down. He had on his long hat and he had a two figure face. One was a sad and worry face and the other was a happy face (which of course he had his happy face). Jack said "my you look astonishing Mr. Mayor". The mayor said "so do you as well, Jack. I'm so honer to be your first man". Zero barked and Jack laugh. "I think Zero is honer to be the ring carrier". The mayor petted Zero and then turn towards Jack and ask "well are you ready for your big day"? Jack smiled and said "never better than before".
They were going to walk out when Jack stopped and yelled "Wait"! The mayor's face turn to a sad and worry face and ask "what is it Jack"? Jack turn towards Zero and ask "Zero, can you get my father's cape"? Zero bark and flew up the stairs to get Jack's father's cape. The mayor look at Jack and ask "why are you going to wear your father's cape for"? Jack turn to the mayor and said "because I want to feel that my father is with me and he's apart of me". Few minutes later Zero flew down with a long black cape (inside is silk purple) in his mouth. Zero gave it to Jack and Jack put the cape on. The mayor help Jack tie his cape so it won't fly off with the wind. Jack went back to the mirror and saw how nice the cape look on him. "well I be. I look just like my father when he was..." he sigh and put his head down. He whisper "when he was alive". The mayor put his hand on Jack's back and said "I know".
Jack turn towards the mayor and said "well let's go to my wedding. Can't be late on my own wedding". The mayor's face turn to happy and laughs "ha, yeah let's go". The two buddies went towards where the Town Hall was at (where they always have town meetings). Once inside the Town Hall, the building was turn into a wedding caramony ready for Jack and Sally. It was dark and gloomy. There were chairs in 20 rolls on each side and the front where Jack always had his speech was cover in cobwebs. Standing at the stage was a preacher had a long white suit and black pants (he is a werewolf). He was holding a small blue book in his paws. Jack smile and said "boy, this is a nightmare come true"! The hanging tree with five skeleton on each side of his branch walk up to Jack and said "I'm so happy to see you settle down with the right girl". Jack smile and said thank you. I plan on to live for the rest of my life with my dear Sally". The hanging tree smile and said "I'm sure she is saying the same thing about you as well". The mayors tap on Jack's shoulder and said "you better get up there the wedding is about to start". Jack nodded and went up to the stage when everyone began to come in and sitting down.
Everyone sat down and were whispering about what they think was Sally's dress would look like. Since she and Dr. Finklestein made the wedding dress. Dr. Finklestein has been a little softer on Sally for the past few month now and his wife Jewel helping him him out a lot. He offer to help Sally with the wedding plans and help make the dress. The bell on the Town Hall rang for 11:00 am. The music inside began to play (it was original wedding song) and everyone stand up and turn to face each other. First there was the two vampires girls who's father was a good friend of Dr. Finklestein. Then behind the girls was Zero with a purple pillow (with two black oval rings on it) in his mouth. Then the bride (Sally) came behind Zero with Dr. Finklestein by her side. He was in his wheelchair and had his black and white suit on and was being pull by his wife Jewel. She had white with black and brown polka dots on it. Sally had on a big white puffy dress with black stitches all over the dress and a big black flower in her hair. She had her red hair in a bun. She smiled as she walk down the isle towards Jack.
Everything was going well and after a half hour Jack and Sally became the new husband and wife and together they share their love for each other. Everyone enjoy the wedding and by night fall everyone began to dance and sing. Jack and Sally happily joining in for the fun. Everyone love their new Queen of Halloween and knew that forever Jack and Sally will be together.

Reprise of the song "Making Christmas"

(Clown and The Hanging Tree)- Our song, our song

(Town's Group)- Wonderful time, wonderful time

(Mayor)- Wonderful time, it's going to be grand

(Town's Group)- It's the most amazing time as anyone can see. It's the best.

(Child Corpse)- Wonderful time

(Two Mummies)- Wonderful time

(Witches)- Now it's time to celebrate

(Witches and Mr. Hyde)- Jack and Sally are now happy

(Town Group)- Let's give cheers for the new couples

(Devil)- It's time to celebrate

(Wolf Man)- Wonderful time, wonderful time

(Four Vampire Brothers)- Jack will be happy with our new queen Sally and both will live happily ever after

(Vampires and Winged Demon)- Now it's time to celebrate

(Corpse Father)- All together a heart of love

(Corpse Father and Wolf Man)- that combine into

(Corpse Father, Corpse Mother, and Wolf Man)- on loving family

(Mayor)- Jack!

(Jack)- I don't believe what is happening to me, my, heart, my love, is forever more. Ha, Ha!

(Sally)- The love we share come together more. Oh how happy we will be together forever. Will this night will forever last.

(Jack)- Sally, my dear we will forever be together now and forever on our most horrific night spending eternity forever. But trust me we will ever be together and we will never be apart from each other. Now let's dance the night away as still be time to let out heart grow.

(Three little Hyde)- All together we will make this night a wonderful time.
(Music Intro)

(Everyone)- And we can not wait

(Harlequin)- So let those bells ring and celebrate

(Town Group)- Cause when the full moon starts to climb we will all sing out.

(Jack and Sally)- A wonderful time!

Arthur Note- I hope you do enjoy it and any questions or have a saying about this chapter let me know. Please and thank you.
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