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Nightmare Before Christmas II (Violet Adventure)

© bloody moons 101

A human girl name Violet living in Halloween Town. She was adopted by Jack and Sally Skellington. Violet lives a pretty normal live with her adopted parents when suddenly she finds out about her painful past and learns more about herself. Will she finds everything she needs to find. Well find out and keep on reading

Chapter: 1 2

Long ago, longer now as it seems. A place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams. A place where Halloween is celebrated everyday. Well that place is call Halloween Town. Where all the monsters come out to play and scare the livings out of all the boys and girls. As we all have heard the tale of a pumpkin king name Jack Skellington who had try his best to be more like Santa Clause or as all the residents in Halloween Town call 'Sandy Claws'. But the plan failed and he soon relished that maybe is best to not take over any other holiday world. Just stick to what he does best.
Two years later, Jack married to a rag doll name Sally who was created by a mad scientist Dr. Finkelstein. Jack is a very tall skeleton with a black suit and a black bat bow tie. Sally has a rainbow color pattern dress, her skin is fabric and has stitches almost all over her body. The two of them love each other so much that they would never be apart from each other. The two of them went on a honeymoon for a while in a swamp of Costa Lake. They loved it there. As they return home they found that the house that Jack lived in was remodeled by the town's people. The mayor told Jack that he and the others knew the he was married and someday have children of their own. The mayor even took care of Jack's beloved ghost dog name Zero while Jack and Sally were away. Jack smiled and said to everyone "thank you for during all the hard work for us". Everyone cheer and all kept saying "you're welcome, Jack".
Jack and Sally love their new house and how much room for them to move around. Even Zero loved the work of the house. Sally looked at Jack and whispered "Jack, I love you". Jack turn and whispered back "I love you even more". The two of then hugged and kissed. Jack twirl Sally around that she was getting dizzy. He stopped and let go of Sally. She was a bit dizzy and began to bump into things. Jack caught her before she fell and ask "Sally, are you all right"? Sally shook her head and said "I think so, I'm a bit dizzy". Jack helped his wife to sit down on the black leather couch in the living room. It took a while but Sally wasn't dizzy anymore and looked at Jack "I'm not dizzy anymore". She got up and straighten herself. Jack said "oh whew, that's good. Sorry if I spun you around a little too much". Sally smiled and said "it's all right Jack, I'm fine really". Jack smiled and the two of them went upstairs to go and get ready for bed. Zero followed along behind them.
Few years later, Jack and Sally try to have kids but they couldn't. Dr. Finkelstein told Jack and Sally that they may or may not have kids because since Sally was only created. Sally's belly is not capable to have any kids at all. Because if she does she would be putting herself and the child at risk. Jack did not want that to happen. He knew how much Sally wants a child and so does he. But how could they if Sally is not capable of having any at all. They were sad and disappointed. But that one fair afternoon, Jack had to go to a special meeting with the holiday worlds leaders in Christmas Town. So he got breakfast and looked at his wife and said before he left the house "I must go and do this, but I'll be back later on". Sally nodded and she hugged her beloved husband and said "I'll see you soon, dear". She let go and Jack left making sure he shut the door behind him. After ten to fifteen minutes later, Sally was cleaning up when she spot a sack on the counter. Sally thought to herself "he forgot his launch again, well I better give it to him".
She grab her green coat from the kitchen closet, since the Hinterlands is a bit colder than in Halloween Town. She grab the sack and call for Zero. Zero came flying down the stairs and right to Sally. Sally said "let's give this launch to Jack, he forgot it again". Zero barked happily with his orange pumpkin like nose glowing bright. The two of them headed out and went to the Hinterlands. Meanwhile Jack was walking and thinking to himself "I wonder why Sandy Claws invited me to this meeting, after all I did took over his holiday and had those tricksters kidnap him for no reason at all". He was walking deeper into the Hinterlands when he happen to hear someone calling his name. "Jack, where are you"? Jack looked around at first he thought he was just imagine things but then he heard it again. He listen closely and relies who it was. He ask "Sally, is that you"? He spot a rag doll and a ghost dog coming to him. Sally said "oh good, I see you forgot this again". She lift up the sack and Jack put his hand on his skull. "Oh, I forgot it again. What would I do without you"? Sally giggles and handed Jack the sack.
Jack kiss his wife on the head and then walk away. Sally turn around and call for Zero and the two of them were heading back to town. As they were going back, Sally happen to hear a baby crying so she stopped and listen. She went towards the sound and as she got near the dead like oak tree, she saw a baby wrapped up in a pink blanket. She smiled and picked the baby up. She said to the baby "you're very lovely". She saw a paper on the ground. She read what it said.
'Dear whomever get my message
I won't be living much longer, a cruel selfish warlock come to kill me as he did to my family and friends. I don't want nothing happening to my little girl. Please raise her as your own. I will not be there for her no more but I hope you will and adore her. She is my only daughter that I have and sadly will not be there for her. Thank You.
From Molly K.
Sally was sad and could not believe her eyes. She looked at the tiny little girl and said "why I think she will be perfect for our tiny family. What do you think Zero"? Zero barked an agreement since he already beginning to like the baby girl. As they were heading back that is when Sally and Zero heard some growling. They turn to see two massive wolfs looking at them. Their eyes were red and their teeth were deep sharp long. Zero flew right to them but they got a hold of him by the color and threw him to the tree. Sally screamed and ran for her life with the baby girl in her arms. Jack was close to the seven trees when he heard Sally's scream. He knew that she was in trouble and ran as fast as he could to get to her.
Sally thought it was over when she got her legs caught in some vines. She seen the two wolfs coming for her. She yelled and close her eyes. The wolfs was going to attack when all of sudden they seen a tall skeleton figure jump in front of Sally and put his bony fingers in his mouth and made a terrifying face. This had scared the wolfs and they both took off for their dear life. Sally open up her eyes and saw her husband standing in front of her. She whispered "Jack, thank havens it's you". Jack turn around and ask "Sally, are you all right"? Sally nodded than said "look what I found, a baby". Jack saw the baby and was shocked. "this is a human baby". Sally said "isn't she perfect. Look at this letter". She handed Jack the letter and he read it.
After he read it he sigh and said "oh poor thing. what shall we do"? Sally smiled and said "I thought since we do not have kids. We should adopt her into our family". Jack looked at the child and saw how precious she was. He smiled and said "I think it's a great idea". Sally said "I was thinking about her name. And I think Violet is a perfect name for her". Jack looked at the baby and smiled "that's an excellent name! Violet Skellington princess of the pumpkin patch". Jack, Sally, and Zero all headed back to Halloween Town to introduce Violet to her brand new home.

Arthur Note: I hope you enjoy it. This came to mind and I imagine what it would be like if Sally and Jack had adopt a human. There will be more chapters to come thank you and please comment me.

Chapter: 1 2

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