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Nightmare Before Christmas II (Violet Adventure)

Chapter 2

© bloody moons 101

Chapter: 1 2

Twelve years later, Violet was growing up and becoming a lovely girl. She had blonde hair in the blade. Her eyes are bright green, and her dress is black with gray stripes on it. She loves being with her family and the residents of Halloween Town. She does her best to be the most terrifying person there is in the town. But one bad thing is that since she is a human, there some things that she can't do. Like one time she wanted to impressed everyone in town by putting herself on fire like her father does. So she went on top of the fountain and she had a match in her pocket of her dress and pull it out. She lit up and put the match on her dress and her dress began to burn. She smiled and yelled "hey everyone check out my cool trick"! Everyone began to look and saw her on fire. They all gasp at the sight. Jack and Sally came over to see what was going on.

They both gasp at the sight of their daughter on fire. Jack knew that she would be seriously hurt if he doesn't do anything about it. He ran though the crowd and yelling "Violet, stop this at once"! Violet did not hear her father, she was so proud of herself. That is until she felt the pain of the fire. She began to jump around and yelling in pain. Jack saw what was going on and he finally made it through the crowd and ran up to her. He grab Violet's burning dress and threw it off very fast. He grab hold of her and picked her up in his arms. Sally got though the crowd and came up to Jack. She was scared and worry that her daughter was hurt. Jack and Sally ran to Dr.Finkelstein llaboratory. They got there and as soon as Dr. Finkelstein opened up the door they both rushed in. Jack explains what had happened and Dr. Finkelstein rushed Violet into the room. Luckily for Violet she was burnt a little on the stomach. But she did got herself in trouble for that one and let say this, she never done that again.

Violet woke up early this morning. She was up earlier than her parents did and she was super excited. She knew that today was her twelfth birthday and it was a big day for her. She walked downstairs into the living room. She happened to spot Zero sleeping in his little bed that Jack made for him. She smiled and then heard the door bell ringing. She walked up to the door and open it. There stood a short man with a long hat and a banner across his shirt that says "mayor". She smiled and said "hello Mr. Mayor". The mayor smiled and said "hello Violet, where is your father"? Violet said "oh, he and mom is still sleeping". The mayor said "oh I'm terribly sorry for disturbing you". Violet said "no not at all". The mayor said "all right then I'll come back later, let your father know that I would like to speak with him about the plans for Halloween". Violet nodded and said "I will, thank you". The mayor left and Violet shut the door. She went back to the living room. Zero was now up and looked at Violet. Violet said "that was the mayor, he wanted to see dad". Zero bark and flew upstairs to wake up his master. Violet sat on the couch and waited. Then after ten minutes, Jack was coming down the stairs. He spotted Violet sitting on the couch. He wonder why she was up so early but then he remember that it was Violet's birthday today.

Jack smiled and walk down the stairs and said "happy birthday my lovely little pumpkin". Violet smiled and said "hi dad, I am super excited". Jack smiled and said "I know you are". Sally came down the stairs and saw Jack and Violet in the living room. "Happy birthday dear". Violet see her mother and ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. Violet let go and said "oh mom, today I'm twelve years old". Jack said "we have a surprise for you as well". Violet asked "oh what is it"? Jack and Sally both smiled at each other. Sally said "you'll have to wait and see". Violet could not wait to see what is her surprise was going to be. Jack and Sally went into the kitchen while Violet stay in the living room. Later, Sally call her daughter in for her birthday breakfast. Violet sat down and saw what she was having. "Oh my favorite of all, slime frog leg soup". Sally nodded and said "I know it's your favorite". Violet loved her breakfast. Then she got up and remember about the mayor. "Dad, the mayor came by while you were sleeping and he said that he wanted to see you". Jack said "oh good, I almost forgot". Violet ask "so what about that surprise that you were telling me about"? Jack said "oh well I have to speak with the mayor for a bit but I will show you the surprise later". Violet was sad but gave a little smile. Jack rushed out and made sure he remember his launch and left.

Violet saw how busy her mother was and did not bugged her. She went upstairs and just looked out her window. Then she heard her mother coming up the stairs. Then Sally came in and said "dear, I am going to be with your grandfather for a bit but I will be back in a while. Can you watch the house while I'm away". Violet said "sure mom I will". Sally smiled and said "oh good thank you". Sally ran down the stairs and rush out. Violet sigh and saw Zero right beside her. "Oh Zero, mom and dad don't have time for me anymore. I guess they are too busy to be with me on my own birthday. Well come on you and I will celebrate my birthday together". She walked downstairs and to the living room. She walked by the living room and open the front door up with Zero flying right behind her. Violet and Zero both walked out. Violet made sure that the door was close all the way and the two of them walked to the graveyard.

Arthur Note: chapter 2 is done. I hope you are enjoying it. I am working on this story and please comment me if you have any questions or you have any suggestions about the story. Thank you.

Chapter: 1 2

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