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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Strangeness Breaks Out

© Halloween Town Tales

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The morning's sun rises, as I stood up on my bed. Last night was a nightmare, I hope it'll stay that way. I'm going to pretend that crazy doctor never shown up and begin to get my quest started. To make Jacob as normal as I can! I hope his headache went away. Well, time to get ready for school!

As I headed to the bathroom for my morning shower, I founded Jacob inside, trying to brush his teeth.
"Morning, Jacob!" I said with glee. I watched him do a spit take. Not only he grind creeply at the mirror afterward, I saw that his teeth were kinda rotten! I gasp a little as he notices me.
"Good morning, Mary! Are you getting ready to start another fantastic day?!" Seems that his headache is gone, he's back to his cheery self.
"Yes. Oh, I see you no longer have that headache."
"It's wonderful! I never felt so alive!" He twirl and flew his hands in the air. Yep, same old Jacob.

But, I should conferm to him.
"Jacob, don't mean to break your spirit but, how come your teeth are rotten? Have you been brushing lately?" He looked at his reflection.
"No matter how much I brush, my teeth never turns white. Although, I'm never in pain or had any toothaches. So, I'm not bother by this."
"How strange." There I go again.
"Oh well. I'll let you go ahead and fresh up for the day! See you at the breakfast table!" He left as I close the and sigh.

His appearance is indeed strange but, I should not let that get to me! It's the inside that counts, I keep reminding myself. I just have to find a way to break his crazy split personality! After all, it only had happened a few times. I'm sure it won't be too hard.

Sadly, I will soon learn that I'm biting off more than I can chew. Anyways, my progress begins

For the next two weeks, it became a very bumpy ride for the both of us. At language art class, Mrs. Kream had us read our poems to the class. The poems were supposes to reflect on 'Our Personalities'.
"The birds sang for the newborn chipmunk, as it opened it's eyes for the first time and is welcomed to the world!" The class clapped as I took a bow.
"Thank you, Miss, Plum. Up next is, Jacob Sully!" He got up and switch places with me as I took a seat.
"Lets give it up for one last time to, Mary and her wonderful poem!" I blushed at this. He's such a show off. Though, I wondered what he wrote about. Pumpkins, maybe?"

I call this; A Night in the Moonlight. The giant harvest moon shines on the gloomy valley. Where ghostly spirits raises from their graves and fly to the stars. You can hear spiders crawl, as they caughts their preys! Eating them in a leisurely fashion! Pumpkins boil their flames compassionately, and ravens cries in the dark night! In the heart of the valley, lies a big dark hill! It can curls and spirals as it's pleases! Standing on top, is a tall, skinny blur! It like if a spider could stand tall like a grown man! He cries out his sorrows in the cold air. But, his wail makes a smoothing tone, as if it can be turned into a chillily lullaby, to sent shivers down anyone's spine! Those who has listened, are hypnotized to the singer and drawn in to his hour of a Halloween's night!"

He ended his poem dramaticly and looked up to his classmates, with that creepy grin. We all just stared, with eyes widen with shockness! Even the teacher felt numb inside! I just shook my head and thought to myself, Jacob is definitely into goth. Oh dear.

It doesn't stop there. In math, we were all taking a math test. Of course, Jacob finishes before all of us. As he turned his test in, he stares at a chalkboard in the back.
"Excuse me, sir? What is that lone equation way over there?" Jacob! "The rest of us are trying to finish our test!" I whispered to him! Surprisingly, Mr. Glee reply to his answer.
"Oh, the last math teacher worte that before he retired. For years, nobody had solved it. not even myself!" Great back story but, we're taking a test! Ain't you the teacher?! You should know this!

Jacob looked curious.
"May I take a look at it?"
"Go ahead, but please do it quietly. Your fellow students are still taking a test!" That's Mr. Glee for you! He made his way to the chalkboard. He stared at it and pounder. I can't help but to watch. He then points his left pointer finger in an 'I got it' pose, picks up a chalk that was left there and began solving the math problem. He moved so fast that, my eyes couldn't keep up! He placed the chalk and turned proudly.

"Sir, is this the right answer?!" Jacob, quiet! Mr. Glee looked up as I stared at his goofy smile underneath his fuzzy mustache. He couldn't
"Jacob Sully, you done it!" He quickly went to join him. "My boy, how did you do it?!"
"It just came to me!"
"If anyone could solve it, I'm glad it was you! Why didn't I realize it sooner?! You should be in a higher math class!"
"Thanks for the offer sir but, I must decline! I wouldn't want to leave Mary's side!" Jacob, stop making me blush!
"Such a true friendship! I know, how about becoming my assistant?!"
"I would love to teach my fellow students math with you!"
"Lets give it up for Mr, Sully!" We just clapped in an akward way. I placed my left hand on my chin as my elbow rested on my desk. My rolled my eyes. Math class was never the same again!

Sadly, it's gets worse. As like math, science was also Jacob's best subject at school. He never messed up during lab assignments, answers every questions and ace every test. That didn't bother me, until one day.....
"All right, class. Today's lab work is going to be...." Mr. Protein pulled up the table of elements poster, to reveal the subject on the white board. "Dissection." Great, my least favorite topic of any science class! "Since SOMEBODY left all of the frogs out last night!"
Gee, I wonder who? "We're be dissecting, squirrels instead!" He pulled out a cage full of them from underneath his desk. No! I think those are the squirrels from the meadow!
"Mr. Protein!" I got up and slamed my lab table sation. "Are those squirrels from the meadow?! You can't take them from their home and expect us to kill them in their sleep! That's not right!" Someone in the back called me a 'nature freak'. I just ignored.
"Miss. Plum, that's not for you to decide! I'll assign you with extra research homework instead. But if you prepose any threats, you WILL be drop out of my class!" I sat down, with an angry look on my face.

Suddenly, Jacob came in.
"Sorry, I'm late! I was having a hard time opening my locker!" This feels a little random.
"That's not excuse, Mr. Sully! You must be here on time! Go find your seat!" As usual, he sat down next to me.
"So, what are we doing today?!"
"Dissection." I moan and rolled my eyes.
"Jacob, No! You..." Mr. Protein interrupted.

"Enough talking, Miss. Plum! As for the rest of you! Each table must as a team! Take a squirrel, knock it out with sleep gas, dissect it's stomach and take notes! Now, with one of you would like to come up and demonstrate?! Five point extra credit if you chose!" I wouldn't do it for one hundred!
"I'll do it, sir!" He raised his hand! I gasp and quickly pulled his arm dowm!
"Jacob, what are you doing?!" I whispered
"I'm volunteering!"
"That's not what I meant! Why would you choose to rip open the same animals that we see in the meadow?!"
"Don't think of it that way! If I would know what make them tick, I can understand them more!"
"But, you're still killing them!"
"How can I kill them if they're asleep? They won't feel a thing and I promise to have everybody stitch them up later!" That's a far strech!

He sigh and said "I remember it was just yesterday, when I dissected a teddy bear."
"You practiced as a child?!" Not a memory I had in mind.
"I don't remember much else. Hmm.. Mary, maybe I....
"MISS PLUM!!! Are you stopping Mr, Sully?! Would you head to the principal's office instead?!
"No, Mr. Protein." I sigh.
"There's really no harm done." Jacob, What's got into you?! I ashamed to explain to explain anything else about that day.

"Listen up, wimps!" Mr. Champ shouted at us in P.E. We were all at the track field, ready to do his ridiculous obstacle course. "Each of you are going to try and complete one lap of my course! I don't expect any of you to break any new records but, I'll love to watch you failures try!" Failures?! We haven't did anything yet!
"Now, which one of you losers want to fail first?!" Do I have to ask?!

"Sir, you are a very disgraceful man!" There he goes, running his mouth again!
"Well, is it isn't Mr. Pretty Pale face! Still flapping your mouth as always. Alright, can your skinny bones complete my MANLY course or will you chicken out like the rest?!" He grind wide, and that was all of his response. He jumped over Mr. Champ as he turned with a stupid look on his face! Jacob ran fast, across the field. Jumped over walls without using a rope, crawled under nets, like a spider! When he swings across mats, he lands by doing a ballerina pose! He summersaults up and down, while dodging mechanical football players! He ends by twirling and lands at the starting line, doing an opera pose! So random!

Everyone, even the coach, had their jaws hanged low! He gotten more flexible since I founded him!
"So, how did I do?!" He sneaked up behind Mr. Champ. Jacob startle him.
"You, you, you.... YOU BROKE THE RECORD TIME!!!!!" He shouted.
"Oh, it was nothing." Why am I not surprise at this point.
"Ha, ha! I knew you had it in you!" He swang his big arm around Jacob. And he said he didn't believed in Jacob. "I expect great things from you at the dance!"
"Like I said, you won't be disappointed!"
"How would you like to be next year's runner back?! The Billy Goats would love for you to join our team!" I just slapped my forehead!

Jacob is becoming a bit more stressful to me! He's good at almost anything, he praised himself too much, but most of all, He's keeps getting stranger and stranger! Jacob, I want to believe that you're a good person but, your lost memories is keeps leading me towards the opposite direction! He's wicked crazy, INSANE EVEN! He's now refused to show any of our dance plans! Ain't we suppose to work together on this?! He says that he got it all planed out but, what is my part in this? No, I got to try harder! I will get him to be that same person he was that day, when we first walked in the meadow!

"Class, lets take a break and play a fun learning game!" Mr. Walker stated happily to the class. Maybe this will be harmless.
"Oh, this will be exciting!" PLEASE BE HARMLESS!
"Kings are very important figures in our human's history, even animal's history too! So, lets name a few. Real or fiction, either ways!" This doesn't sounds bad.
"King Henry IV!" Shouted a nerdy kid.
"What an excellent choice!"
"King Arthur!" Yelled a boy, in a British assent.
"Outstanding! A great fictional answer!"
"The mouse king!" Cried a kid, with a dorky face.
"Well, um, maybe not the best choice for a normal history class but, I'll let it pass."

"Good sir, I got one!" Here we go!
"Why, Mr. Sully! You have been a wonderful student so since you arrived in my class. I expect a great example from you!" Jacob stood up and placed his left hand on his cheat.
"I give you, the master of frights, the demon of light! The one and only; THE PUMPKIN KING!!!!!" He then waved his hands in the air.
The what??????
"Mr. Sully! I don't recall that term in any kind of source, ever!

"Because, nobody knows where he can be founded! He hides in the shadows and strikes in the midnight's hour! To listen to one's scream as you shout his name, The Pumpkin King!" The moment I saw him grin, I quickly pulled him down.
"Jacob! What the heck are you blabbing about?! Where did you get this from?!"
"It's seems that where I came from, he was praised in honor. I seem to admired him alot. At least, what my memories tells me." It's getting worse than I thought!
"Well, that was quite an expression. A good source of horror, I guess." Is Jacob really heading for that direction?! I need to talk to him.

I told Tiffany and Lilly to have lunch without me, as I went to find him! Someone mention he was heading inside the library. So, I quickly headed there. As I ran through the automatic doors, I actididly bumped into him, knocking the pile of books he was holding. He asked if I was alright. He held my hands in worryness. I blushed and quickly moved my hands away.
"It's my fault. I should of had paid attention to where I was going. Here, let me help you pick these up!" I bended down to pick up the books. I couldn't help but to read the titles. "Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer's Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet?! Jacob, these are all Williams Shakespeare's works!" I handed him the books, as I stood up.
"I believe his works are brilliant! The way Hamlet holded that skull dramaticly in that flim we watched in English, it made me inspired by it all! If only I could take off my head and recite Shakespearean quotation!" He's talking nonsense! I gotta stop this!

Jacob!!! Look, we need to talk!"
"Well, tell me while we walk to my locker." We headed out, as I sigh.
"Don't you feel odd about these strange occurrences?!"
"What do you mean?"
"Dark poetry, dissecting animal friends, sudden increase flexibility, over self-praising?!"
"Mary, these are my lost memories. Don't you want me to recover from my state?" Not when you're slowly turning into a freak!

"Yes, I do. But, maybe you should control them better." We got to his locker. I watched him store his books inside.
"But, what's wrong with expressing myself?"
"People might think that you're odd and mental!"
"Now, don't be modest! Who cares what they think of me! That's their problems."
"Jacob, listen! I...." I saw a black book, which he took out of his locker. I saw the cover. "Scientific Methods? Isn't our textbook enough?!"
"Yes but, it's always great to learn more!" He closed his locker, as we continued to walk. "I'm planning to read this during lunch!"

"Jacob, please! You have to behave yourself! I can help you deal with your lost memories. Jacob, if you don't learn to control these memories, how are going to win the dance contest, or at least, save us from humiliations. Jacob? Are you listening?!" He stopped and stared at a bulletin board. "What are you looking at?!"
"What's this?" He pointed at a flyer.
"Oh, that's just an ad for the downtown's Halloween festival. It won't be for a long time." I should of had known.

"Halloween.... Festival?" He stared intensely at it. He dropped his book, unpin the flyer and took it off the board.
"Jacob?" This doesn't look good! He held it with both hands.
"Perhaps, this is where the Pumpkin King will show up!" He mentioned that king again. "And the creatures of the night will bow before him!" He slowly grind that creepy grin. I thought that festival was really nothing. "AND EVEVERYBODY WILL SCREAM!!!!!" He suddenly shouted! But then, that when he did it! He laughed a spine-chilling laugher! I opened my jaws like an idiot, as my body couldn't stop shivering! Nearby students had the same reactions! I had enough of this!

"JACOB!!!!!" I scream to the top of my lungs! He suddenly stopped, with a shocking look on his face! He dropped the flyer, as it floated to the floor. It seems like a ghost left his body as he's no longer overshadowed. "Jacob, are you okay?" He held his head with both hands, as he began to struggle, just like that one night, only worst! He ran pass me and I just stared. Jacob. I sigh and picked up his book.

"Mary, that was quite a performance your boyfriend pulled off!" I turned to face that witch! "Forget about the circus! He belongs to the zoo, with the other hyenas and mokeys!" She laughed, as I got angry!
"Listen, Hailey!" I shouted at her! "I had enough of you trash dumping on me! At least Jacob has a heart, unlike YOU!"
"Ohh, I see you turned from a chipmunk to a bull! Well, you can't knock me over. I don't have to do anything! That freak is doing all the work for me! Unless, you can tame time, you'll be my stepping stool forever!" I growl.
"Just you wai! We will knock you down!" I stormed off.
"I would love to see you fail!" She called out. I got to control this, some how.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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