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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Sorting the Clues (Part II)

© Halloween Town Tales

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That night, I was pacing back and forth in my room. Mush was watcing me, while sitting on my desk's chair. I stopped and sigh.
"Mush, this is getting out of hand! Jacob is becoming more difficult to handle. The school's dance is just around the corner! I only agreed to do this stupid dance contest if Jacob would help me along. At first, I wanted his memories to return. Now, I'm not so sure. What if Jacob is actually evil?! Was it a good idea to let him stay at my house and help him heal his head? I know I'm keep saying this but, I just can't help myself. Who is Jacob Sully?!"

I placed both my hands on my face and cried in anger. I then saw Mush had a sad look on his face and whine a little. I went up to him and petted his head.
"It's fine, Mush. I can't jump to conclusions yet. There's still time. What do you think I should do?" Much placed his front legs on my desk and bark at the shelf above the desk. "That's it! I should gather up more clues! I do have some more to fill in more pieces to his puzzle! Thanks, Mush!" He bark with joy.

He got off the chair, as I grabbed my butterfly notebook. I sat down and got out a pen.
"It didn't seems to long ago since I last did this. I need to find out more about him. Sigh, lets start where I left off. I opened the notebook and began.

Clue 22. (I don't really want to bring him up but sadly, I have to) A strange human, I think he's human, has visited us. He had a duck billed mouth, pale skinned and looks like a mad scientist. He seems handicap, as he gets around in a wheel chair.
Clue 23. He is a mad scientist and even knowns Dr. Frankenstein. He name sound like that guy in the novel too. Dr. Finklestein. (I still can't get over on how he knows a fictional character. Moving on)
Clue 24. From where he lives, someone had gone missing. Coincidentally, around the same time when I founded Jacob.
Clue 25. Though he claims that Jacob isn't the one he's looking for, could he be lying? (I gulp but, I gotta focus on more clues.)
Clue 26. A spider suddenly shown up on Mom's kettle and the scientist so happened to have pumpkin tea spice on him, and Jacob loves pumpkins!
Clue 27. Though he's a handsome boy, he seems to have rotten teeth and not in pain by them.
Clue 28. During language arts, he had written a dark poem and felt deep compassion to it. (I secretly scan a copy of his poem, to be analyze later. I paper clip his poem into my notebook.)
Clue 29. He's a real genius in math. He even became a teacher's assistant for it!
Clue 30. He loves dissections, he even practiced on a teddy bear. Probably as a child! (Those poor squirrels.)
Clue 31. He's really, and I mean Really, has amazing flexibility! (Here's it comes!)
Clue 32. During history, he mention something called a 'Pumpkin King'. He says that where he came from, his people seems to admired it. Says it means being the king of Halloween? (Is there such thing as that?)
Clue 33. A small detail, He loves Shakespeare's works.
Clue 34. He's really into Halloween. When he saw the flyer to a Halloween festival, he completely lost it by laughing a spine-chilling laugher! (I almost dropped my pen but, this last clue saved me.)
Clue 35. He doesn't understand if he knows that scientist or not! The first sight of him, even shaking his hands, Jacob acted if he was in pain! He also gotten that same headache after I snaps him out of that creepy laugher of his!

It's time for the theories. something tells me this time won't be pretty.
"I don't want to compare but, I got to! That scientist and Jacob looks so similar. Pale skin, same oddly fashion style, both are into science things. Heck, Jacob even into dissections! Maybe they're father and son! Maybe Jacob helped him with experiments long ago. I bet they did so many dissections in the past! (Gasp!) Maybe the scientist dissected on Jacob's brain and mistakenly caused Jacob's amnesia and dumped him at the meadows, to hide him shame. But later felt guilty and tries to get him back! And maybe Jacob don't want to go back and is hiding that fact!"

Then again, Why would he says that he didn't know Jacob? Another crazy theory came to me. "Wait, what if he created Jacob as a perfect Frankenstein's monster clone! Maybe what he really meant that he knows Frankenstein, must be from reading the novel and got jealous! So, he went on to create the perfect boy! Maybe Jacob didn't think he was perfect enough. So, he ran away and ended up here, with no memories some how. Maybe the scientist lied back there because, he doesn't what us to know about his creation but came to check on Jacob. So, he says he'll be in the neighborhood and collect Jacob later. Oh boy!"

Human or not, Jacob deserves a better life than being with creepo! Still, what if the scientist isn't lying, Maybe Jacob says that he knew the scientist because, he reminds Jacob as someone else. Then, who is this 'important' someone beak face is looking for?
"Wait a sec, Mush! Jacob is also into goth and Halloween! Perhaps, that's it! Jacob's poem! Maybe he's describing where he use to live! A gloomy valley! Wait, the slim creature in the poem, could he be that Pumpkin King?! It's make sense! Jacob was mentioning that guy in the poem!

"What if this Pumpkin King is what that scientist is looking for and finds Jacob if he knew about him and Jacob didn't know at the time. Now that I think about it, the one in Jacob's poem was tall, slim and dark, like Jacob himself. Jacob also love Halloween, smiles in a creepy way and his laugher. Could Jacob and this Pumpkin King be related? Maybe." That when I gasp! My eyes wided, as I dropped my pen. Mush stared at me with a serious look. "What if Jacob is that Pumpkin King?! That would explain this 'important' someone the scientist is looking for! Maybe the scientist lied because, he's waiting for Jacob to regain his memories! But, Jacob is only a teen-age boy! Or maybe, his hometown was training him to be a Pumpkin King but, he got overwhelm and left and ended up here with amnesia!" I covered my mouth. Jacob, the king of Halloween?! NO! I can't deal with this!

I got up and ran out of my room. I was trying to head into the bathroom to wash my face when I bumped into him.
"Mary, why is your face red?!"
"Jacob, it's nothing! I'll just be going!" He held my hands and smiled.
"Calm down, my dear. I know why you're stress."
"You do?"
"You're upset on how the way I acted at the bulletin board." He let go of my hands. "I was about to head to your room to apologize. I'm sorry, for my behavior lately. I never realize that I was hurting you, emotionally. I do want my memories to come back but, It's becoming a bit too frightening."

"Jacob, I."
""No, Mary. You're right. I need to control my memories better. Though I'll admit, holding back these memories are painful to my poor brain."
"Is that why you get headaches? Jacob, I nevef knew. You did had a reason to let these memories flow."
"Yes, my past is slowly revealing. But, Mary. I want to prove myself that I can be a good person. So, I had decided to put these memories on hold until I learn to handle them better!"
"Jacob, I don't know what to say. You're doing this all for me?!"

"Yes, my dear. I haven't helped you on the dance lately. So, lets work together and make this the best night of your life!"
"But, holding these memories hurts your head!"
"It won't once I have them in control. What do you say, Are we partners?!" I agreed by shaking his hand.

Jacob, even if you do have a crazy Halloween background, I'm glad you're willing to opened up to changes. Maybe I can work with this, or maybe the worst is yet to come.

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