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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Dance Night

© Halloween Town Tales

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The days leading to the dance was pretty entertaining. Jacob helped me with dancing, he even letted me come up with ideas for our grand entrance. He shown the dance planners at the school so they can paid for the props and set things up. Mom had finish both our formal wears but, Jacob wouldn't show me his until the night begins. Most of all, I'm impress with Jacob. Not once still my breakout has he gone all freaky. He seems to have it all under control. I can finally rest easy.

Soon, it was time. The school dance has arrived. Standing at the top of the stairs, I founded mom and dad talking to each other with excitements down below. I took a deep breath and climbed down the stairs. My long brown hair sparkle in the light, My long light purple dress was filled with butterfly patterns, with matching pumps slippers and a single butterfly pin behind my right ear. I never had worn something so fashionable before, first time for everything.

The moment I came downstairs, my parents had noticed.
"Honey, you look beautiful!" My dad proudly says as he took a picture with his camera. I blush a little.
"Well, I have to thank mom for making this dress for me."
"I certainly did a wonderful job! Mary, you're going to outshine them all!" Thanks for the praise but, I don't think I can ever outshine Hailey. Mush walked up and gave me a smile too. This may feel a bit overwhelming then again, I had never try to look pretty before.
"Now, where is your handsome partner?!" MOM!
"I think he's still getting ready." That when a familiar voice called out.

I turned around and there he was, climbing down the stairs. He worn a very similar tuxedo to the one I saw at the formal store but, something seems different. Darkness black with skinny white pinstripe patterns, the tip of the tux's tail was chopped into three pieces, all three tips were sharp looking. White undershirt, black shiny dress shoes but thing I noticed the most was his bowtie. It was shape like a vampire bat. I never seen him worn anything beside the plan black shirt and pants. Is this what he use to wear? And yet, he looks so handsome and sleek. Is this all real?!

He came up to me with a warmly smile.
"My dear, are you ready for tonight?"
"Jacob, I don't know what to say?! Though gothic isn't really my thing but, you really own it well!"
"I couldn't agree more, Mary. I feel right at home wearing this tux but, I promise you a wonderful even. Tonight is our night, Mary. I do have to say, you look very beautiful yourself." He held my hand ans stared at me with those big black eye socket. I felt my face gone rosey red. I never felt this way before. I have to remind myself that we're only going as friends.

"Come on now, group picture!" I forgot my parents were still here. My dad took our picture as Jacob had his long skinny left arm around my back. Jacob, you're going to make my head explode! I look at his face as I noticed that he had a normal smile, not that creepy smile he had in his first I.D photo. Though he still has his gothic style, his behavior is tamed and romantic. This is the Jacob I have been waiting for a long time.

Suddenly, I heard a horse neigh outside.
"Well Mary, it's time to go!" Jacob put his sunglasses on and slowly tow me to the front door. I quickly grabbed my matching purse from a nearby table. He opened the door as I gasped. I saw a gothic style carriage being pulled by a brown color right in front of me. I feel like I'm in a fairy-tale, a twisted spooky fairy-tale. But, I still get a handsome prince along for the ride. Is this real life?!
"Jacob, how did you get all this?!"
"A magician never reveals his tricks. Shall we get going?" He carefully lead me inside. Once we're all in, I stared out the window to see my small family wave goodbye as the cabby drove us off.

"Oh, these are for you, my dear." He handed me a bundle of black roses, of course they're black.
"Jacob, this is all too much! The carriage, the flowers, it's only a school's dance contest."
"Mary, take the best out of small things. Let the night take you away, let your greatist fantasys unwind. We're going to win and become royalty! After tonight, that mean hag will never throw dirt at you again!" Jacob, you're trying to hard. Then again, he's really care so much about. I shall not break down his enthusiasm. This is what I wanted and yet, Is this really all real? Can we really win? I hope I don't make a fool of myself, or both of us.

Soon, we had arrived at the school. I peek at the window and show a long red carpet leading towards the school's entrance. A huge crowd were on both side of the carpet, taking flash photography. I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, Why do I feel so nervous?! Jacob place his cold hand on to mine and smile, that certainly make things better! Speaking of old hags, A fancy long white lino was right in front of our carriage, as that snoby Hailey emerge from the lino. Her blonde hair was in the style as a beehive, dark pink eyelids, pink lipstick, too much glitter on her face and worn a smooth red silk dress with shines all over, long white glove and big high heels. She looks like someone vomit glamor all around her, yuck! Jake was next to her in an orange suit with a green necktie and brown shoe.
"Thank you all for gazing at this fashion star! You all shall remember my name as I take home my current winning title; Queen of the dance floor!" She threw her arms in the air as the crowd cheers. Such a horrible sight. Her lino drove away as our carriage took it's place. The crowd noticed our carriage as I fear for the worst. How can something weird beat something wealthy?

"Hey, look at that ride!" Shouted a young boy.
"I never seen anything like it!" said a deep voice.
"Such a wicked design!" quoted a nerdy kid.
"I know, my lino is the best!" But when she turned around, she founded out that the crowd was talking about our carriage! I was shock as she is.
"What is this, relic junk?!" She cried as we stepped out of the carriage. Everyone started to take pictures of us as my eyes wided with flashing lights! Some of the crowd asked Jacob about his style choice, as Hailey pulled me away!
"I should of had known that this freakride belongs to you!"
"What, the matter Hailey? Jealous?" I'm going to have fun with this.
"I'm not going to lose my spotlight to a bunch of low class misfits like you and your goth clown!" She was going to attack me! But, Jake pulled her away. I sighed.
"Now, now, my glamorous sundae. Remember, no violences. We're not going to be kick out of this contest. We're going to win fair and square! Lets go backstage and prepare for our grand entrance." Jake carried Hailey away.
"You're only saying that so you won't get beated up by that freakshow! Mary, I'm going to win and get your vampire lock up in a mental hopical!" They were gone as I sigh once more. Can we really do this?

"Mary, you look fabulous!" I turned around to find Lilly and Tiffany coming up to me. Lilly worn a yellow dress with short white gloves and Tiffany worn a lime green strap dress.
"And you out beaten that glitter face! How did you do it?!"
"I don't know. Jacob did all of the planning."
"You are so lucky to have such a tall, dark stranger like him!" Cheered Lilly.
"He seem to enjoy all of this new fame! Look how dashing he is!" We all stared at Jacob, who was talking highly to the crowd as they took pictures of him. It seems so weird. One minute, people called him a freak. Now, they adore his style. Did he had a following in his past? No, lets not focus on that! It's time for our entrance!

Everyone is now all at the gym, Which is filled with balloons, chairs, tables with punches and refreshings, banners and blue and purple light effects. The crowd gaze upon the stage, as coach Champ walked through the back curtains. He worn a tux top, black shorts and his signature sport whistle around his neck. He walked up to the mike.
"All right, you dapper wimps! Before we can start the school, we have the dance contest to witness! I, your hard working coach, shall host the entire contest! Our four couples will be judge by stage entrance, fashion choice, attitude and of course, dance skills! They will be tested on five dance style; Tango, jazz, freestyle, the waltz and finally, the slow dance! While the rest of you wimps get to dance, I'll be back stage grading the contestants and by the end of the dance, you'll have the results of this year king and queen of the dance floor. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!" Him yelling at the mike caused people to cover there ears.

"Now, lets begin with our first contestants. Ketta Natsuda and Yoshi Kagauga!" The first two couples entrances were enjoyable. The Asians couples arrived on stage on cherry blossom stage props, wearing matching kimonos and cultural make-up. They then bowed as it rain real cherry blossom flowers. Next were the cute couples; Joshua Matthew and Kelly Valentine. They arrived from a giant cute teddy bear's stage props mouth. Kelly wore a baby blue dress with white circle dot patterns and dark blue short hair and her boyfriend worn a green suit. They both holded stuff animals in their arms as it rain colorful confettis.

Then came Hailey and Jake, oh boy. They arrived like it was a fashion show! They held each other arms and waved to the crowd.
"See this, darling! It's all just a cat walk from here!" She flatter herself. But then, someone was eating a banana and accidently down the banana's peel on stage! Hailey failed to noticed as she splits and fell on her but! The crowd gasps as Hailey angrily growls.
"You you need help getting up, Buttercup?" Jake tried to help her but, she slap him away. She then got up and violently threw the banana's peel at the owner, which actually knock him down! She storms off, with Jake following. This could be our chance!

"I guess the famous ones fails sometimes." Mr. Champ said as he got back onstage. "And now, for our final contestants! Jacob Sully and Mary Plum!" This is it! My body felt so numb while waiting. The moment is here, lets give it our all!

The curtains rose and nothing at first. The crowd waited until, a giant realistic bat and butterfly flew out of nowhere! The crowd screamed and cheered at the same time! They gaze at the flying creatures as a pumpkin and a flower pot emerged from the stage! The bat and the butterfly flew to their respected props as white smoke covered the whole stage! When it cleared up, we stood on our props as spotlights of bats and butterflys appeared all around us! The crowd went wild! Did we actually beat Hailey?! Our plan worked! I never felt so happy! I could hear that snob hissing back stage.

"It's now time to shut up, you wimps!" Mr. Champ calmed down the audiences as all four groups appears on stage.
"Mary, there is nothing to fear! It's going to be a piece of pumpkin cake!" I hope the dance lessons pays off.
"We had some ups and downs (Hailey is still angry). Now, we have come to the main event; the dancing! They're be five songs to dance to. They will be judge by their skills and styles! Without further interrupts, let the dance contest begin!"

We all got up and dance to the music! The cute couples did well on the tango, the Asian couples danced beautifuly on the freestyle, we nailed it all! Jacob had high energy on all tango, jazz and freestyle. I felt like going on a wild roller coaster coaster ride, the way he danced with me. I'm just glad I was able to keep up with him! When we did the waltz, I felt like a princess in a fairy-tale! We danced so smoothly and delicately, I just letted him carried me around the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Hailey was having a hard time. Jake keep stepping on her foot Hailey herself can't seems to focus. She must still have that failure entrance still in her head. But now, it's time for the slow dance! We moved back and forth slowly. Jacob smiled at me and I smiled back. For once, my social life was looking bright. My worries about Jacob faded away. He has become the man I can fall in love with. I letted myself go. But, what I didn't realize that, both Hailey and Jake left the dance floor.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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