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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.


© Halloween Town Tales

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"Look at the way they dance!" Someone said.
"They're so romantic!" Said a cheery girl.
"I will never thought two unlikely personas can fit so well!" Neither can I.

I gaze at the face of a once mysterious stranger, only to be fully grown into a true gentleman. Being in the arms of a handsome, sleek guy, who acts so tenderly. Is this what it's like to be in love?
"Mary, I just realize that you have such beautiful eyes. They shines like stars, which we have become now. Tonight, Your dreams will come true."

Jacob, I don't care if we don't win tonight. Though I had kept denying it, I'm happy to admit to be your true love. We stood still as we gaze at each other's eyes.
"Are they finally going to do this?!"
"This is the big moment!" I could heard Lily and Tiffany in the background. But, I just ignored them. Our faces were slowly coming together. Our lips were meant to be touch. I closed my eyes, to let this moment sink in.

But then, something went wrong!

Suddenly, I heard a sound of something being sawn in half.
"MARY, LOOK OUT!!!!" Cried Lily. I quickly opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. A disco ball has been cut lose and was about to clash into us! Before I could have any reactions, Jacob pushed us out of the way as the disco ball smashed down to the ground!

"Mary, are you hurt?! Can you get up?!" He held his hand out as he helped me off the ground. My mind was full of shock that I couldn't reply to him. He then took me into his arms. "Don't be scared. You're knight in black armor has saved your softly skin." How can this happened?! Just when I was going to have my first kiss!

"Mary! thank god that stupid ball didn't crush your head!" Jacob released me as I walked towards my friends.
"Don't worry, Tiffany. Jacob saved me."
"Jacob, you're so brave!" But, he didn't react to her comment. Everyone else were either gossiping or scared of what just happen. Suddenly, a loud whistle blew into our eardrums as we faced Mr. Champ.
"SHUT UP YOU YOU LITTLE BUGS! I would of sworn that disco ball was put up tightly. None of you got swatt so, move on and continue your night! I'll get the janitor to clean this up!" And, he left. Everyone left as well, but Jacob stared at the ceiling, where the disco ball was hung.

He saw something in the ceiling's crack as it moved away. His fists tighten, He knows something.
"Jacob, what did you see?" He calmed down and faced me.
"Mary, I need to take care of something. Stay with your friends till I return. Don't leave the gym until then!"
"Jacob, what are you up to? It was only an accident!"
"Please do as I say!" And he took off.
"Were did he go off too?" Asked Lily. What could he be doing at a time like this?

Though I was not there to see it, I only heard rumors from a gossip kid. Sadly, this was true. As soon as Jacob left the gym, he slowly grin big.
"Nobody is going to mess with Mary while I'm around. It's showtime!" He disappeared in the shadows of the hallway.

Hailey was at her locker, looking at her face in a small mirror, putting on some lipstick. Jake slowly came up to her.
"Did you hit them?!" She asked.
"Sorry, honey. He move her out of the spot." She growl angrily and slamed her locker's door.
"I told you to eliminate them! You failed to do your job! I'm not going to lose lose my fame to a couple of freak shows!"
"But, buttercup!"
"Don't you 'buttercup' me! You fail as a bodyguard and a boyfriend! WE ARE THOROUGH!" She storms off.
"Sugar bun. Is this a breakup? I can make it up to you!"

Jake caught up with Hailey. But then, a cold wind brew in the air, causing them both to shiver.
"Boy, when did it get so c-c-c-cold?"
"The AC must be jam. Grow up and shake it off!" A spooky laugher has cried out as Jake cowardly hid behind Hailey.
"What is wrong with you?! You really are a terrible bodyguard!"
"What if it could be a a a, g-g-ghost?!"
"You idiot! This is why we must breakup!" She faced him. Something ran in the darkness as Jake ran behind Hailey once more.
"GHOST!" He screamed.
"Don't touch me!" She pushed him away.

A smoothy haunting voice began to sing.
"*Ring around the rosey, a pocket full of posey. Fearful, fearful. They all fall down.*" A softly laugher followed.
"I CAN'T TAKE THIS!" Jake ran down the hall, screaming.
"Fine, I really don't need you, scary cat! I'll humiliate Mary myself!"
Jake continued to ran until, someone grabbed him from behind and silence him.
"This is all superstitions! Nobody will out throw me!" Suddenly, she trip over a rope trap and fell down a staircase. She landed her face in a trashcan, as she screamed in frustration.

She headed inside a nearby girl bathroom, to wash off the trash off her face. But the sink's water turns into green slime! She looked at her face in the mirror and yelled.
"Who is doing all of this?! This is the worst! I looked like a monster!"
"Because, you are." The haunting voice rings in her ears. She turns around to find nothing. The room quickly because all black and moonlight returns, as so does he.

"I had a feeling it was you! What kind of human are you?!" He grin and slowly took off his sunglasses, revealing his two empty shells.
"I'm the master of fright and the demon of light! And I'm here to put you into your own despair!" Hailey was now truly in fear and tried to run out the door. But, Jacob blocked the way.
"How dare you treat my friend so shamefully! Your uglyness has finally shown it's colors. Nobody is going to protect you. You can run like a scare little mouse but, I have you trap! It's time to face your punishment!"
"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU?!!!!!" He whisper in her ears.
"I'm your worst nightmare!" He laughed as Hailey screamed a bloodcurdling scream!

I was at the refreshment table with Lily and Tiffany, completely blind to what was going on. But, I suddenly heard her faint screams. I jumped a little.
"Mary, are you alright?" Asked Tiffany.
"Did you guys hear something?" I felt worried.
"No, what did you hear?" Lily asked.
"Just forget I asked!" I thought to myself, was that Hailey? I haven't seen her since the actual contest. Oh! Jacob, where are you?!

"Mary, I'm back!" He said, in a sing song voice. I nervously jumped at his sudden appearance.
"Jacob?! Where did you go!" I panic a bit.
"Oh, I just took care of some small business. But, now I'm done. So, lets chill till the results come in!" That when I noticed it.
"Jacob, your hands! There's slightly red! That's not!"
"Don't be silly, Mary! I just spill punch on my hands. I'll go clean them off and try again! Cheer up, Mary! The end of the night is almost here!" And he took off again.
"Mary, could he be covering up something?!" Asked Tiffany.
"Yeah, he is acting a bit awkward." Jacob, please! Don't let this moment go down the drain!

"Alrighty now, the results are in!" Me and Jacob were on stage with the other couples but, the idiots were not here. Though I hate them, this worries me. The cute couple won last place and the Asian couple won second to last. "Before we call out our winners, I have an announcement to make. It seem that Miss Hailey and her date has suddenly dropped out. The reason remains unknown. Let take a moment for our fallen stars." I could hear the crowd mumble as I felt a nervous lump in my stomach. Maybe that scream was Hailey. Jacob, what did you do?!

"Mary, I hope you're ready for this!" He told me with excitement. It seems like a no brainer at this point.
"The winners of the dance contest are;
MARY PLUM AND JACOB SULLY!" The crowd cheers, as Jacob took a bow.
"We did it, Mary! We have finally reach the top of the mountain! Go on, be proud of your new stardom!" But, something's not right here. It can't be too easy! Mr. champ's assistants placed crowns on our heads as the crowds roar in cheers.
"Maybe Hailey dropped out because, she couldn't admit to lose. I will cherish this moment. As long as I'm with you, Jacob! Jacob?"

I looked at him, holding his crown tightly in his hands heavily breathing.
"Jacob? What's the matter?" No, not now!
"Dance king, dance king. I am the dancing king." Where is he going at this? "No." He slowly looked at the crowd. He placed his crown on his head, pulls out a remote and plushed a bottom. The big pumpkin prop fell on the middle of the stage, We all moved out of the way, as Jacob jumped on top of the prop.

"I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!!!!!! HEE HEE HEE HEE!!!!!" He threw his arms in the air, removing his sunglasses! Spotlights appear around him as bats flew out of the pumpkin! People screamed as his shadow in the spotlight form into a shadow creature! Everyone ran out of the gym, even the brave Mr. Champ ran out in fear!

I stood there, watching his madness. I'm became speechless. The whole crowd left, except for my friends, who was just as shock as I am. Enough is enough! I climbed up the pumpkin, as he faced me.
"Mary?" I then slap him in the face, knocking him down. He came back to his senses as he up.
"Jacob, how could you!"

I ran out without looking back.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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