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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Stitching Up A Broken Patch

© Halloween Town Tales

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I sat on a bare stomp in the old meadow, soaking in my tears. The meadow's critters slowly surrounded me, depress that their caretaker is badly wounded. I took a deep breath and gaze at the bright moon in the sky.

"Jacob, what are you? A gentleman or a mess up psychopath. I thought I finally had you. You swept me off my feet, like a tall, dark stranger with a romantic rose. In the end, I fell into your trap. I have a precious thing inside of me, that it's called a heart. I should of had known it was easy to be tear apart. I've never felt so disappointed."
I choke up in my tears a little. A small bunny jumped in my lap as I slowly stoke it's back fur.

"Jacob, are you really evil? Perhaps it was a bad idea to find you and bring you into my life. Could this really be my fault?" I closed my eyes and sigh. "No, this could be fate." I looked up in the sky once more. "He struggled to keep his painful memories from getting to him. After a while, he tried to hold the past to be lock up tight. He wanted to start a new life, with me." The bunny looked up at me, as I stared back.

"I can't ignored the fact that he has a dark past. Something must had triggered him tonight, for his past to take control of his motions. Like a volcano, he couldn't hold it in much longer. So he exploded. I should of had known better. Maybe I could of had helped him leave his past behind, instead of keeping it all bottle up inside. Because,"

I lifted the bunny in the air, against the moonlight.
"I know Jacob wants to become a better person, even though his has a dark persona. I am meant to cure his pain!" I then gently held the bunny in my arms, like a small child. "Jacob's past is truly a nightmare. I wondered if I can fix him right. After tonight, I just don't know." I sadly cuddle the bunny, as the rest of the meadow pals joined us as well.

The aftermath shortly followed. Jacob had hiddenly dropped out of school. He is too ashamed to show his face in public, even to me. He's always in his room, with the door's locked and the light's off. I never see him come out for anything. My mom just leave his food near his door and wait till it's clear to take it to his room. Dinner was just misable every night. Even Mush was gloomy.

Nobody ever mention about Jacob at school. I always get an awkward feeling whenever I walked down the hallways. I haven't even talk to my friends that much either. Nobody ever saw Hailey or Jake since that night. Their parents just moved away shortly after. Nobody knows what happen to them, or if they are even safe. Though I'm finally free from her warth, is this really how it should all end? Jacob is in pain and I had no clue how to stitch this mess up.

A long amount of time has past as the last bell of the school's year has finally rang. It's now summer vacation, but it certainly doesn't feel that way. I slowly walked down the stairs from the main entrance and sigh. I heard someone calling me as I turned around.
"Mary, wait up!" Lily and Tiffany ran up to me as I stood at the middle of the staircase.
"It been a while since we talked. How are you feeling?!"
"I'm still recovering, Tiffany. Things are still looking gloom."
"I know this maybe a bad time but, you must look at these pages in the year book!" This doesn't look good.

Tiffany took out her year book, to show me the school's dance article. I look at the one with the picture of me and Jacob declared winners and read.
"High school underdogs, Mary Plum and Jacob Sully had swept away in the moonlight of the dance floor. But, the mysterious Sully had reveal a darkly ego as he mange to scared away a whole crowd with his evil mastermind plan!" I rolled my eyes as I looked at the picture of him on the pumpkin prop. "It is now showen why he always wear sunglasses even in doors. Hiding away his dark torment eyes of evil! Rumor has it that he could be behind the strangely disappearious of former dance winners, Hailey Fowl and boyfriend. Murdering them with his cold bare hands off screen so he could claim the prize easily. But since there's no proof, he is off the hook. Since that night, he has hid his face in the public's eyes. Some say he's a demon from the underworld, other say he's a blood sucking vampire of the night. Who do you think who the mysterious teen-age boy is? Does his girlfriend even know who he is?"

I angrily slam the book and gave it back to her.
"This is really dumb! Jacob is not a vampire! He has a reflection! He's not a murderer either! The red spill on his hands was just coincidental! Jacob has been living with me for the past few months! He's not evil, he just going through some problems!" I frustratingly turned to walk away.
"Mary, you know, do you? Jacob isn't a normal human being, is he."
I stopped in my tracks.
"You know something that we don't. If you want to help clear his name, we can help you. Won't you tell us the truth?" I turn to face them.
"Lily, you're right. I can't keep it a secret much longer. I'll tell you what I know."

I had my mom dropped us off at Lily's house. Since her parents are away on a business trip, we can have as much privacy as we can. We all sat in her living room, drinking some herbal tea, as I tell them about everything I had known at this point.
"So lets get this straight. you found this mysterious boy abandoned in the meadow, with no memory of his past, let him stay at your home, without knowing if he's good or bad?!" Tiffany recap.
"I couldn't left him there! He needed help!"
"Mary, though your heart is in the right place, you should think twice before helping strangers."
"So, I should of had let him die?! He is clearly want to let go of this past but, it keeps coming back to him! I must be there to help him!"

"But, Mary. He comes from a spooky background, his persona can get chillily creepy, even a mad scientist came to your house! If this doesn't scream 'Oddly Strange' I don't know what is!"
"Tiffany, I know you're worried but, here me out! He can be kind, gentle, romantic, caring. I know he has a dark past but, he want to change! I thought you wanted for us to get together?!"
"That was before I knew all of this! As a friend, I'm looking out for you."
"But, you have to understand both side of the story!"

We then stared at Lily, who was lost in thoughts.
"Hey, Lily?! How come you haven't said anything yet?!" Tiffany elbow bump her. She calmly spoke up.
"Mary, everything you said at this point. I remember very clearly now.
Jacob reminds me of someone my cousin in the city once met. She is the same age as me."
"What do you mean?! Do you have proof?!"
"Yes, I think I still have it in my room."

Lily came back, with a letter in her hand. Could this really reveal who was Jacob in the past?!
"Thank you for waiting. It was bury in the bottom of more recent letters. Good thing I held on to it after all these years."
"You seem awfully calm about this!"
"Tiffany, this could mean something!"
"Lily, what did your cousin say?"

"Well, about five years ago. her parents took her trick or treating on one Halloween. They waited for her in their car while she stopped at the last few houses on the block. As she was heading to the car, a mysterious stranger came up to her and gave her a pumpkin. He then disappeared in the shadows and show her parents the pumpkin. Suddenly, the top came off as bats flew out, scaring them all! The pumpkin trick seems similar to Jacob's trick."
"Does your cousin know what he look like?"
"Well, Mary. According to her, he was tall, skinny, like Jacob but, much taller. his eyes were similar to Jacob, empty sockets. Jacob's formal outfit was even the same as the stranger my cousin worte about."
"Maybe Jacob heard about this guy before and wanted to copy his style!"

"That maybe true. Because there is one big different between them."
"What is that, Lily?"
"My cousin say he looked like a living skeleton." My eyes went into shock and my heart jumped. Did she said, skeleton? Oh no! One thing I haven't mention is sometimes when me and Jacob exit out of science class, he'll look at the skeleton's model with curiosity.
"Such a handsome fellow!" He'll say.
"It looks more creepy." I'll say back.
"Exactly! I think my hometown once workship one, or do I think."

Could the skeleton that Lily just described be the same one Jacob mention? Could this skeleton be related to this pumpkin king Jacob keep bringing up. Could that skeleton be what that quack doctor was looking for. Is the skeleton and Jacob be related, like one of the same?! Is that's why Jacob shouted that he was the pumpkin king that night?! It can't be! Jacob is human, right?!

"Mary, what are you thinking?" I don't want them to worry even more. I must think of something.
"Maybe Jacob wanted to be like him, but went too far and ran away from home, bump his head and lost his memories! Maybe that why he went crazy that night! See, Jacob is just misunderstood!"
"You could be right, Mary. But, how can you change his ways?" I have to prove Jacob's dark ego is just a phase. Perhaps, this may work.

"What if I take him on a date! A real date! That way, I can keep an eye on him and see if he can really behave himself, like a second chance!"
"Mary, that's such a great idea! That way you can tell if his love is true or fake!" Cheered, Lily.
"But, Mary. If he truly is a creep, report him to the police!"
"Don't worry, Tiffany. That won't happen cause, I know he has a good soul."

Later that night, I stood next to his front door. How am I going to do this?! Ask him on a date, after all that happen?! No, he can't stay in there and moan forever! I have to do something! But as I was about to knock on his door, he slowly opened his door. Surprisingly, he had a warm smile on his face.
"Mary, good evening."
"Jacob, how did you know I was here?!"
"I heard your presence."

"Jacob, I'm really sorry for slapping you."
"No, Mary. It was my fault. I promise you a night of your dreams. Only for my blasted memories took control over me. I made a fool out of both of us. Hailey sented her minion to smash your little head, Though I wanted to protect you but, I totally lost it all!" So, that what happen. "Mary, my memories are becoming more and more dangerous. Not just for you, to everyone! So I decided to forget about my past and start a new life with you!" So, he really does mean it.

"Jacob, are you sure?!"
"Yes, Mary. I can count on you to heal the pain of my past."
"I know how we can start! Lets go on a date! Make it tomorrow night! I'll spend the daylight planning it all out! We can make it our second chance!"
"Mary, what a wonderful idea! This time, I swear to not let you down!" He held my hands, as I blushed.

Jacob, this time I know we'll success. The past is all behind us as a new future is ahead of us!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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