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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Date

© Halloween Town Tales

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Lily and Tiffany helped me plan for the night. They organized where to go and what to do. They're professionals at this, even though they never had dates themselves. They helped put to together my outfit as well. Now, it's time to get ready for the night.

I wore a dark purple dress with short sleeves, black sockings, matching pumps and headband and a ruby butterfly necklace. I looked at my face in the vanity's mirror and sigh. Tonight will determine if Jacob is gentle or rough. I really hope this goes well. I really don't want to report Jacob, like Tiffany said. I'm going to have to keep a close eyes on him at all times. Lets see if he can really change. Please don't let anything happen tonight!

I was about to knock on his door when, he came out.
"Mary, you look beautiful, my dear." He placed his right hand on his heart.
"Thank you, Jacob. You are wearing that same tux you wore at the dance. Doesn't wearing that brings bad memories?"
"It's the only formal wear I have. It's also fit me best. But, don't let this affect your night. My past is far behind me!" Still, after what Lily said, A guy in a skeleton costume had also wore that tuxedo style as well. No, I will not let this ruin our night! This have to be perfect!

"By the way, where are your parents?"
"Oh, they went on their own night out, they what us to have some time alone."
"Then, lets begin our own romantic trip! We shall get to town by using the same horse and carriage from before! I've already made preparation! Now, Mary. Let your fantasies unwind as we go on a journey through the night!" He took my hand and guide me down stairs and out the door. Jacob, I hope you'll be like this for the rest of the night.

The carriage parked on the outskirts of town so, nobody would notice and stare with curiosity. We walked down the sidewalk, as I felt the summer wind through the air.
"So, Mary. Where to first?"
"My friends suggested a small fancy restaurant not too far from here."
"Fantastic! Lead the way, my dear." The restaurant was called, Stary skys as we sat down at our table, next to the window. Jacob had the waiter lit candles as he gave us our menus.
"What will you be having tonight, my lady?" I hope he's not trying too hard.
"Well, I'm thinking of having some pasta with white sauce and corn salad on the side. What about you?" He looked carefully at his menu and gasp with joy.
"Mary, they are having a pumpkin special tonight!" No! We barely got started! "But, I'll past on that. Instead, I'll be having a veggie steak with broccolis and tomatos on the side." He then, placed his menu on the table. Jacob is skipping out on pumpkin?! Is he really letting go of his past?!

Our dinner has arrived, as we began to eat.
"Ah, Mary. Isn't this truly romantic?! Our environment is fill with such elegants, the waiters are so kind, even the candles add such flare!"
"I guess so." Jacob is trying to being some spark but, I haven't felt it quite yet.
"But, something seems to be missing."
"Like what?" He stared at a far off table, with a waiter playing a violin. He then faced me.
"Mary, let me excuse myself for a minute." He got up and left. I stared at my glass of water and wondered what could he be up to.
Suddenly, a violin began to play. I thought Jacob invited a violin player to play for us. But when I looked up, it was Jacob who was playing! He stood right next to me, playing a sweet, tender melody. It started to smooth every souls, as the people in the restaurant gaze at us. When did he learn to play so romantically?! I felt amazed and nervous at the same time!

He finished off, as he took a bow. Everyone clapped and cheered! He handed back the violin to the waiter, as my face blushed with red marks again. I felt for it this time. He sat down on his chair, as I tried to calm down.
"Jacob, how did you learn to play so well?!"
"Must be of my past. A good memory as that. I hope it added a bit more touch to this finely dinner." It certainly did. I know Jacob has some good memories. Perhaps he should focus on that more and let his bad memories far behind. Could this actually work?!

After dinner, we continued to walk outside and went up to an old movie theater.
"Perhaps we should see a movie next. My parents always come here every so often. So, maybe we should give it a try."
"An excellent idea! I'll go up ahead and see what we should watch." He went on up, as I out two free movie tickets Tiffany got for us out of my purse. As I went up to Jacob, he was staring at a movie poster with a monsterous werewolf biting off human fleshs. I gulp a little.
"Jacob, you're not thinking about seeing that!"
"Oh no, Mary. I was thinking about seeing that over there!" He shown me a poster of a pale beagle with a daisy around it's left ear with a bright meadow in the background. "It's reminds me of your little meadow. I thought it'll be a perfect movie for you to see!" He's denying a movie of his type in favor of a movie more suited for me? perhaps he is changing for me.

We gotten popcorn and took our seats. It was a very touching movie, I enjoyed every moment of it. Even Jacob was in to it as well, surprisingly. We soon left the theater, reflecting on our thoughts.
"Such an emotionally movie, I must say."
"Yes, It's certainly reminded me of my own home."
"It was so tragic when the big black cat sacrificed himself in order to save poor little Daisy from the up coming train. That death scene with not be forgotten!"
"That got me too. But in the end, she made it back to her meadow home in one piece. Thank you for choosing the movie, Jacob."
"Mary, the night is still young. What else can we do?!"

Jazz music play, as we look ahead. Street musicians jammed out with their instruments, as Jacob grew excited.
"Mary, I use to love hearing street musicians play. Lets us dance to this jazzy tune!" Without thoughts, he pulled my hand up closer to them and began to dance. He spined and twirled me around, as I felt my head dizzy. But then, he toss me in the air, as I screamed! He successfully caught my fall and had both of us strike a pose. Everyone who was watching cheered for us, of course.
"What a wild ride!" I admit, that was a little fun.
"Perhaps a slower number next, hit it, boys!" They performed a slower piece, as we danced to the melody. "Mary, it's just like the school's dance. But this time, no distractions to stop us. Like before, lets dance the night away!" I couldn't agreed more.

We rode on a boat on the river, under the bridge. we fed to the birds at a small park, He even bought me a black rose to place in my hair. He is a gothic boy with a colorful personality. I can finally say that, this night is truly a success, but it wasn't over yet! Jacob lowered me somewhere, as he told me to close my eyes.
"Jacob, where are you taking me?!"
"We're almost there!" We then finally stopped. "Mary, you can open your eyes now!" I did, as I gasp! We were at the meadow, but at a cliff side. My meadow pals where all there, showing us a circle of flowers at the tip of the cliff. I looked up and saw many stars in the dark sky. I couldn't believe this sight.

"Jacob, it, it, it."
"Breath taking, isn't it?! I had your animal friends arranged this for us! Shall we take it all in?" He lead me to the center of the flowers ring, as we sat down.
"Jacob, this is beautiful. I'm speechless!"
"Mary, you had help me reach out to my tender side, I want to paid you back for helping be to become a true gentleman. From this night onwards, my dark past is no more as I'm willing to share my life with you."
"Jacob, I don't care on how you look. For a gothic guy, you shown me to believe in romance and love. You help me success against my foes and to emerge from my shell. For a goth, I believe we may have a bright future ahead of us!"
"I believe so too. We shall now gaze into the stars, as we sit together." He looked at me, compassionately. "Now and forever."

My friends quietly cheered, as I began to let this movement sink in. This time, we can do this right. No Hailey to mess up us now. To always be near Jacob's side, I will fully agree to it. With his past behind, nothing can ruin this moment!

But, when I reached close to his lips, he quickly looked up.
"Mary, look up!" He quickly moved away, as I almost lost balances.
"Jacob, what are you looking at?" I look up in the sky and saw the moon.
"It's a harvest moon!" He cheered.
"Oh, yeah. It's very to see one. I heard it helps make crops grow faster."
"It's also very mysterious. Like the poem I worte."
"You mean the one you worte for language arts? Jacob, I thought you're going to forget your past?!"
"I am, Mary. But, only one last time I'll recite this. In the poem, there was a giant harvest moon shining on a gloomy valley. On the hill," Suddenly, Jacob's body started to twitch a little. "Under the moon, was a tall, skinny blur, singing in the night." His hands were tighten up. "Yes, it's becoming clear, Wait, who is this creature. No, it can't be!" He got up on his feet, holding his head in his hands.
"Jacob! It's your memories! Don't give in! Don't let it control you!" I could fell my heart racing fast!
"I can't stop, Mary! I must see who is that tall, dark blur! I can't hold it in much longer!" Then, he stopped.

He let go of his head, and stared blankly at the sky. He sunglasses fell off his face and down the cliff. Something is wrong, very wrong! I quickly got up to my feet.
"Jacob, what's wrong. You look awful! Does your head hurt?! Jacob, please answer me!!!!" I felt like I could cry! He closed his eyes.
"Mary, we can't see each other anymore." He said, darkly.
"Did you find out who you really are?! Jacob, you don't have to end this! It's all in the past!"
"No, Mary. I can't no longer hide from my past. I must deal with this on my own! This is goodbye!"
"Jacob, you're not making any sense! Please, Jacob!" I grabbed his hand but, he quickly pulled them away, accidently knocking me on the ground.

I looked up, as he looked back.
"I'm sorry, Mary." He closed his eyes. He then, jumped and disappeared. No! where did he go?! I got up and look around, he was gone!


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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