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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Scary Confession

© Halloween Town Tales

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How did he disappeared like that?! Is his past really that dark?! Is he gone forever? I stood there with my head down, to heartbroken to even speak. But then, I felt a furry head on my hip and looked what it was. A baby deer wanted me to follow her, wondering to myself what's going on? After a few steps into a nearby forest, a great buck appeared in front of me, ready to take some action. This must be the baby deer's father. The rest of the animals stood next to the buck, with fearless faces on every one of them. My friends wasn't ready to give up, and neither shall I.

Riding on the buck's back with full speed, we all races through the forest to try and caught up to Jacob. He couldn't went far. He's only human, right? The birds searches the sky, the raccoons sniff the ground for his sense and the rest search the rest. Suddenly, I spotted a black blur, jumping from one tree to the next. It got to be him! I commanded my friends to not to lose sight of him, as we picked up the pace, with the wind strongly going through my face. Where is he going?

Finally out of the forest, we were all back to my house. We all stopped and saw the black shadow jump to a tree near the house, as he climbed through the top window and into his room? Wait, why did he return home? I thought he was leaving? He probably stop for a moment and then leave for good. He didn't think I would caught up in time, I have one chance to do this. I got off the buck, petted his head as a thanks, asked every one to stay on guard and ran in the house. But, when I reach the front door, I felt a cold feeling that someone is watching me. I couldn't stop now. So, I ignored it and went inside.

Running as fast as I could, I got to Jacob's room and swing the door's open. I indeed founded him, who was writing something on his desk, a goodbye letter perhaps. He quickly notice me and got up from his chair, with a surprise and sad look on his face.
"Mary?! How did you manage to caught up with me?!"
"I had a little help from my animal friends, Why did you come back?!" For the first time, I felt more angry than I ever been with him.
"I came to only write a short letter to explain why I'm leaving. I didn't mean you hurt you." Just what I thought.
"Well, you did! Jacob, how could you do this to me?! After everything tonight?! You promise to keep your dark past behind! This has got too far!"
"Mary, I can explain!"
"On what, a sorry note! Jacob, all that I'm saying, these games arn't worth playing, over and over again! This needs to stop! You can't run away from your problems. Even you clear up your act or sadly, I'm going to have to report you!"
"You'll never understand!"
"I want to understand you, but you need to control yourself!"
"That's not the point!"
"Then, what is?! Jacob, who are you?! Answer me! Jacob, Jacob!"

"MY NAME IS NOT JACOB!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted very loud. My heart stopped for a second, as my emotions changed from mad to sad.
"And my last name isn't Sully either." I slowly moved closer to him, with sad eyes.
"So, you did get your memories back." He sighed.
"Yes, I have. I can't believe it myself. And neither can you."
"What do you mean, I don't care if you came from a gothic family or escape from a freak circus. You can let go of that past."
"Not if the past come back to haunt you and leaves a permanent scar forever."
"What are you saying?"
"Mary, (sigh) If I tell you who I was in the past, would you believe me? Would you think I'm crazy, insane or mad if I say these words to you? Would you scream, coward in fear or run away. Would you stab me with a stake, light me on fire or start a mob if I would tell you the truth?"

Why would he say these things to me? What kind of past did he lived? I admit, I felt a little scare but, I must be brave.
"Jacob, or whatever your name is, No matter what you say, I'll believe you. If you say you were a serial killer or a monster behind a mask, I'll believe you. No matter how maddening your past is, I'll stay and listen through it all. You have a good heart, Jacob. I know you'll never hurt me."
"Mary, no more lies, no more games. I'm going to come clean and tell you about my past. Are you sure you can handle this?"
"I'm not leaving till you tell me everything! At least start with your real name."
"Can't say I didn't warned you." He took a deep breath.

"My name is Jack Skellington." My heart jumped once more.
"There's nothing wrong with the name 'Jack', It's a very common name. But Skellington?" I quietly repeated it over till I gasp! "Your last name sounds like!"
"Skeleton. There is a reason for that. Mary, I'm not a human at all! I'm really a ghostly skeleton with spider like abilities." My heart sank like the Titanic hitting the cold iceberg, that is my body. I gulp and shiver a little. "Mary, I knew It'll be too much for you!" He panicked.
"No, please continue." I calmed down. He sighed once more.
"This is why my skin is ghostly white, these are my real eyes! I have four fingers instead of five! I'm a lot taller and skinny than this! This tuxedo I'm wearing now is what I usually wear all the time! I'm a mathematical and scientific genius! I can jump high and run fast, as I'm a national gymnastics if you would say. My teeth are meant to be rotten and can even change into sharp teeth! Mary, I'm not from this world. What I described in my poem is true. This is where I'm from. That is me on that hill. When I told you about my dog one night, he is actually a ghost dog! And Mary, the real reason that I scare people is not because of I'm a ghoul but, because I'm the Pumpkin King."

"So, you really are the king of Halloween. Then that means, when that quack doctor visited us, is he from your world too?"
"Yes, I knew him very well. He taught me everything about science and math. He is sort of a professor to me. He must had came to take me back but, didn't want to make a scene. So, he lied."
"Jaco- I mean, Jack."
"Just refer me as Jacob. At least because what I look like now."
"You're not a teen-ager, are you?" I said sadly.
"No, Mary. I'm an adult skeleton, or I was. And sadly, I'm not alive, I'm a living dead, an immortal."

I just stared at him, with my heart feeling sad. I guess it is all true.
"Mary, you look sad." He held my hands as I looked up. "Now you know why I have a habit of pumpkins and scares, but I'm more than that! As I showen you, I can be gentle and romantic! I love Shakespeare, dancing, not because I was a skeleton that is." I smile a little. "I enjoy singings, music and even the sweetist things. I was a very fair king and many looked up to me. But, most of my citizens enjoy scaring humans than appreciate them. I appreciate both."

"Jacob, to other people, this would sound maddening. To believe you were a living skeleton, coming from some Halloween world! Even my school friends wouldn't believe it,"
"But, do you believe such a fable? How come you don't think I'm making this up?" I pulled my hand away and sighed.
"Jacob, I must come clean myself I'm going to show you something. Can I trust you that you won't run away?"
"You have my words, I promise."

I came back and he was still there. He looked up at me.
"What did you bring, A book?"
"Come, and I'll show you." We sat down on his bed as I gave him the journal. He slowly looked through it.
"What's this?"
"I've been keeping track on every memory you gain. I was trying to put the piecees to your puzzle myself. But, the deeper the rabbit hole went, the more scary it becomes."
"You discovered I was the Pumpkin King yourself."
"I put a few theories together. I also knew you were related to a skeleton. Lily told me about a cousin you once scared one Halloween."
"What a great scare, if I do say so myself." He was looking at that page."
"Jacob!" I admit I laugh a little. I sighed "I was becoming to sense a supernatural feeling about you, But, it was giving me a feeling that you were a mad person." He stared at the article about the night of the dance, his face became sad. "You performed your scare tactics on Hailey, did you?"

"When she order her henchman to drop the disco ball on you, It turned on my scare hunt side of me. That's why I lost myself at the award celebration. In fact, anything Halloween related triggers my Halloween memories." He closed the journal, placed on the side and stared at his hands. "To be honest, despite getting most of my memories back, I still don't feel like my old self. I don't know why I'm now a teenage boy. How I became like this?! Or are my memories fake?!" I placed my hand on his shoulder.
"Jacob, I believe your memories are real" He looked at me. "Why else would that quack doctor come to get you. Even if you were this Jack Skellington in the past, this so- called 'king of Halloween'. Like you said, you were a very fair and gentle ruler. I shall take a blame for myself. Instead of asking you about your past, I wanted you to move from it and become paranoid of every strange reaction you gave out. You tried so hard to please me by taming your Halloween memories but, it only does harm to you. I was being selfish. I never fell in love before. I always enjoy my parents love for each other but outside of that, I thought romantic love was cheesy. When you came along, everything change! Forgive me for my mistake."

"Mary," He held my right hand with both of his. "Don't be ashame. It's not your fault a romantic guy turned out to be a master of fright. Like I said, I can't believe it myself. perhaps we should of had being the best of both world together, like we did at our dance entrance. Maybe I can start a new life with you and leave this 'Jack Skellington' behind, now that I'm a human boy." I sighed and took my hand away.
"No, as much as I would like that, it would be selfish. If this 'Halloween World' is real, you should go back. After all, you can bring both world together if you continue to be their leader. My heart can manage."
"Mary, that is very thoughtful of you. You are right. Like how you protect your animal friends, I must protect mine. But, they won't reconize me like this! I still don't remember how to even get there!"
"I can't believe I'm saying this but, maybe if we find that nutcase of a doctor, perhaps he may know!"
"We'll work together and find him! We shall find him in the morning! At least we can still be together until then." He gave me a romantic smile. I love Jacob but sometimes if you love someone, you should set them free. If he is a king of supernaturals, he needs to be where he belongs. It's still very hard to believe but, I am a believer of spirituality. Halloween can have good and bad side of things. I must understand that.

But I do wondered, why did he become a human being? Suddenly, Mush ran into the room, barking real loud. We face him.
"Mush, what's wrong?!" Then I heard screaming from down stairs! We both quickly stood up! "Jacob, that sounded like my parents! Something happen to them!" I panic!
"Mary, I know this sounds dire but, we must be sneaky and quietly go down to check. A foe might be downstairs."
"Well, you are the master of this, I'll follow your lead." We headed downwards, with Mush not far behind.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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