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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Evil Creature

© Halloween Town Tales

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There were so many things going inside my mind. The boy I founded at the meadow turned out to be a skeletal pumpkin king, somehow is now an oddly teenage boy and my parents are in danger as soon as we settled things down! So much for a peaceful night of romances! More of a night of an horror movie!

Mush headed towards my room, as I slowly follow Jacob down the stairs.
"Jacob, I must tell you that before I went inside the house, I felt a strange feeling of ominous in the air." I quietly told him. "Perhaps this 'foe' is the same one who causes my parents screaming!"
"You could be right, Mary. But before we take any actions, we must see what are we up against!" Jacob is a pro when it come to being a trickster. He's the king of this stuff! No burglar stand no chance!

We hid behind a wall that leads inside the living room. I heard my parents moaning in struggles, as my heart can't caught a break.
"My parents sounds like they're being held against their own will! I'll volunteer to take the first peek!"
"Mary, that's not a good idea!"
"No burglar or killer shall scare me while you're by my side! It's only a peek." But when I did, my eyes widen with so much fear that, I had to quickly cover my mouth in disgust, to keep myself from screaming! My heart was jumping all over the place! I was starring at a big, fat, ugly walking stitch up sack of nightmare, with an evil face, arms and leg! My parents were both tie up together with a snake like rope, with an extra smaller snake warpped around their mouth. I watched in horror at them crying for help, as that THING laughs and shove it's snake tongue at their faces.

My body and mind went numb, till Jacob pulled me back.
"Mary, don't make a scene! One fault move and it over!"
"Jacob, is that thing from your world?! Does you memories have any answer to identify this hideous thing that tormenting my parents?!"
"Please remain calm, I know who he is! That's the evil gambling boogieman, Oggie!"
"Boogieman?! Like the kind in those children's folklores?! But, what I heard that they only kidnap naughty children!"
"Oogie is different! He break any rules that stands in his way! Good or bad, young or old! He'll go after anyone! He is one of the most evilist creature in the Halloween world! Luckily, he barely shows his face in the public's eyes!"
"Then, why is he here! Harming my parents?!"
"It's most likely that he's using your parents as bait to lure me out! Mary, now I remember! It was Oogie that turned me into a human and lost my old self!"

"Why would he do that?!"
"Because, he's my main rival! Like Hailey was to you but, far worst! He's is after my title and will try to get rid of me as harmful as he could!" I slowly shook my head in fear!
"That's awful! Jacob, that thing is more evidence that your past and your world is real! You probably dealt with this thing so many times that, you should know how to handle him!"
"And you're right! Mary, listen to me carefully! Oogie wants to fight me! You'll promise me that you will stay away from his sight at all time! I'll save your parents and secretly hide them in the broom closet! Oogie is very dangerious but has one big weakness! His body is very fragile and can fall apart if he's distracted enough! I'm going to try and defeat him as quickly as possible!"
"That's such a crazy, foolish idea!"
"Not foolish enough for the Pumpkin King! Oogie knows why I'm like this now and I'm going to take my revenge! Mary, be safe!" He held my hand, like a soldier going off to war, and began to sneak off to battle. I quietly began to watch.

Oogie laughed and roughly threw my parents on the sofa!
"That old fool better be right about bone boy being here!" His voice sounds so evil! "If not, at least I'll be able to bring home something juicy for my snake and spider stew tonight!" I just stood, watching that heartless freak make my parents shiver in fear! "Quiet! I'll deal with your screaming when it's time for the meal! Goodnight, kittens!" He pulled something orange out of his mouth (yuck) and threw it at them! It putted them to sleep! At least they won't have to suffer anymore! Oh Jacob, where you sneak off to?! While that thing laughed, he suddenly turned to the coffee table?
"My, arn't you a lovely spider! I guess I'll go for a quick snack!" Seriously, for one bug?! But while he stared at the spider, Jacob, popping out from behind the sofa, pulled away my parents and disappeared again! He moved so fast and ghostly that, I almost missed his moment! Oogie ate the spider with his snake tongue, poor thing! "Now, where was I?! Oh yes!" When he turned back to the sofa, he became confuse! "What the?" He wondered.

"Hello, Oggie!" Jacob jumped from the back of the sofa and landed with all, but one, limbs on the sofa! "Miss me?!" His voice sounded both sinisterly and seriously at the same time! I even shivered a little. He then walked down , with a dark look on his face!
"J-J-Jack! So, it is true! You did survive not only my ambush but, alone in the human world with no memory of your past!"
"Oogie, only now I remember who I am but have faint memory of the event! Why am I a human, tell me!" Jacob sounds so scary!
"Well, I guess I can spill some details before I vanish you for good. So, here is how the dice rolled! I was deep inside my lair, preparing for my new set of zombie slaves when, another slave of mine founded you spying on my preparation! So, I activated a hidden trap to knock to out cold! Seeing you fall for it, I couldn't help but to hug myself on such a job well done!" He indeed hug himself, as Jacob growl in anger.

"But, that's not the best part! Knowing you'll wake up at any moment, I founded a spare corpse, who poor soul got scare right out of him, by your truly!" I once again placed my hands on my mouth in disgust! "I was planning to cook him in my stew but, why do that when I could kill two bats with one die! By chanting a rare spell I stole from those dumb witches, I trap your ghostly body into the corpse's empty shell! With in return, losing your memory of the Pumpkin King!" Jacob gasp and I almost scream! I was dating a supernatural ghostly skeleton trapped in a corpse of a human teen that lost his soul?! This is a kind of a nightmare you'll dream of after coming from some cheesy horror movie, AND THIS IS REAL! If it wasn't for the bond me and Jacob shared, I would had run away!

"That's right! But, shortly after, you disappeared! I should had learned that the spell sent the victim someone random in the human world! First I was mad, then I became glad! With no memory of your past life, I thought there was no way for you to return! I would be free to take the crown for myself! But, performing that spell out wore me! I would of had began my ruling when I awoken but then, I heard that old fool talking about finding your location and slowly gaining your memories! So, I went to one of the graveyard and warp to the next grave site and here I am now! Finishing the job I should of had begun to do!" This is one roller coaster ride that keeps my head spinning! At least I now know how he ended up in the meadow! Jacob clutched both his fists

"Oogie, you foolish sack of bugs! How dare you steal a poor soul's remain for your own sickening plans! You shall be punishment for breaking so many rules of my town of Halloween!" He pointed his finger up his face!
"Ha ha! May I remind you. You're no longer a bone man! Your abilities are limit less as a human boy!"
"I maybe trap in a human's body! I had yet to remember my full self but what I do know is; I am the Pumpkin King and will pay for breaking into this young woman's home!"

And the battle was on! Oogie try to attack with his snake like tongue, but kept missing! Jacob jumped all over the place! Doing flips and turns and even twirled around like a ballerina, just for mockery! When he landed back on the, like a spider, he picked up a pillow and let Oogie accidently attach it to his tongue, causing it to whack him in the face like some cartoon character!
"Had enough?! You can even beat me as a human!" He stood in front of him. Oogie growl and threw a web trap at Jacob, which flew him all the way to the kitchen! Oh no! I was too scare to move.
"What were you saying, human boy?" Oogie was heading towards me! Jacob, please hurry! Suddenly, a fork flew straight at him, barely hit him! Jacob jumped back, revealing kitchen knifes between each of his fingers! He began to harshly throw each knife, like a professional knife thrower, as Oogie struggling dodge each throw!"
"Ha, you gotta do better than that!" Just a quick distraction, Jacob threw one last knife and cut Oogie's left hand off! I almost threw up as bugs began to emerge out of his hand! He ran to a draw near the front door and pulled out some ducktape to patch up his lost hand! When did this became a morning cartoon show?!

Jacob picked up one of the knife and slowly walked to Oogie.
"Oogie, it's time that I end you for your shameful crimes!" Is he going to stab him?! Didn't know he treat his foes so violently! But then, Oogie lead out a secret rope snake and tied Jacob up! Causing him to drop the knife and fall. He struggle to break free as Oogie walk to him!

"No, that monster could stab Jacob!" I said quietly to myself. "I don't care if he's really a ghostly skeleton in a corpse teenage body! I love him! Oh, what can a fragile little girl can do?! If he kill Jacob, he'll kill my parents, even me! I just can't stand here and watch!" Suddenly, Mush walked up to me, happily waging his tail. "Mush, stay away! That monster could eat you! wait, what's that around your neck?" I received it and wondered. "My whistle?" Then, I had a brain strom! "Mush, that's it! You're a real doggie genius! But, you need to gather them up by passing through that creep." We looked to find Oogie putting one foot on Jacob's back!
"You lose, human boy! You may had gain some of your skills but, not all! If you were still a skeleton, maybe you would of had escaped! And now, It's my time to end you!" He picked up the knife.
"I'm sorry, Mary. If only I was my old self." This is a sacrifice but, I must help my dearest friend!

"Don't you dare harm my boyfriend's head!" I bravery walked to them Oogie immediately starred at me, and chuckled.
"Well, well, what do we have here? Oh, bone boy, It seem your little girlfriend wanting to play hero!"
"Mary, get away from here!"
"I'm not letting this monster kick you around any longer!" Oogie moved closer, as Mush sneaked away.
"Doll face, you don't know who your messing with! Oogie Boogie will make a snack out of you!"
"I'm not afraid of you! I had standed up for myself before, and I'll do the same to you! You are an evil creature for killing an innocent teen and cause this kindhearted ghoul to lose his path! I help him gain back his memories, so, go ahead! You ulgy sack of bug!"
"Mary, please!"
"All right, kitty cat! I'll kill you first! You'll regret for spiting your tongue at the great Oogie Boogie!" He stole my butterfly necklace with his tongue and ate it. I gulp but, remained brave. "Any last words?!"
"No, just a little whistle!"

I took out my whistle and blew as hard as I could! Suddenly, the front door slam open and we starred as all my animal friends burt in, with Mush in the lead! Oogie became dumbfounded and dropped the knife. "My friends! He is a monster and a murderer! Remember what we do with bad hunters! But this time, lets get more messy!
Charge!!!!!!" They soon all charge through the room! The rabbits poke his body with sharp carrots, the chipmunks binded him with hard acorn and the great buck ram the creature to the wall with his big antlers. While my friends fight, I picked up the knife and cut the snake rope! Jacob broke free and quickly grabbed me and duck for cover.
"Mary, such a reckless thing to do! and yet, you have a lot of courage in your guts!"
"I always stand up to my friends, I'm so glad that you're safe!"
"That goes for the same to you!"

"Look what your furballs had done!" We saw the animals horrorly consumes Oogie's inside, with is nothing but bugs! "You win this time, bone boy! But one day, that crown will be mine!" I saw a black mist fly up then disappeared! The meadow pals shortly ran back outside, leaving an empty shell of that Boogieman.
"I never knew your friends can be so scary!"
"Neither can I" We just gaze with surprise and confusion.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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