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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Old Bony Self Again

© Halloween Town Tales

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Shortly in the aftermath, me and Jacob carried both my parents carefully in their bed. We watched them sleep as we stood near the door.
"Will my parents be alright?!" I felt worried.
"Oogie only used a sleep bomb on them. They should awake in the morning, most likely to believe that their encounter with him is nothing more than a nightmare." I wish I could say the same for myself. We slowly closed the door and walked to the stairs, sitting down halfway to reflect on was just happen.
"What that monster said, are you really a ghost trapped in a dead body of a teen?"
"It's most likely true, which explains why this body has my eyes, pale skin like my bones."
"And have a cold body as well. There is nothing to hide now. You are really a ghoul, not a human." I placed both my hands on my chin and sigh.
"Don't be blue, Mary. As the saying goes, the true can hurt. I indeed can't hide my past anymore" He looked at his hands, like he did that time at the meadow. "When you founded me at the meadow and I awoken, I was completely lost. didn't know where I came from or why I stood out from the other humans I met. My past started to unwind when I slowly remember my enthusiasm, physical skills and likeliness of Halloween. But when you became bother by them, I try to hold them in but, letted some flow out. Soon, it became too much to keep the memories lock up."
"And I'm sorry for that." I tried to cheer him up, but he went on.
"Now, the skeleton is out of the closet. I am this Jack Skellington ghoul, who stupidly got ambush by that creep and almost got killed in this human body! I letted everyone down!"

He slamed his fist on railing, went into deep thoughts.
"Jacob." I placed my hand on his as he looked up on me. "Don't beat yourself up! So what you mess up! At least you're here at the moment! That monster said he was sleeping the whole time you were here, your world is safe! You tried to beat him with the memory you gain and yet, not fully connecting with your old self. I know it's hard to realize who you were but, you have to believe in yourself. No more hiding, it's time to accept your past and even learn to do better."
"Mary, Thank you for being brave for me, and having your animal friends fight my own battle."
"You helped me to stand up to Hailey, I'm just returning the favor."
"And, you're right. Not only I need to use my memories of the Pumpkin King, I need to embrace the Pumpkin King as well! I'll make sure Oogie will never make a fool of me again!" He stood up with confidence, as so did I. But, still.

"Can that monster come back?!" Jacob sadly sighed
"You saw that black wisp. If someone make him a new body, he can return once again."
"Who would do that?"
"Workshippers, of course. But as a side affect, he'll most likely to forget what he recently did, unless he is reminded by. He won't remember you at all. Sadly if I stay, he may harm you again. Though, it won't be a while." I knew this whould come. But, I must press on.
"Jacob, like I said. You have to go back. Not only as their king but also their knight. Also what I said in the meadow, Your people misses you alot. And I bet your own dog must have misses you terribly, like my dog would if I was gone for a long time."
"Like Mush, Zero was my best friend. I'm sure he misses me dearly." We smiled for a short while. "But Mary, I promise you we'll be together always." I sadly shook my head.
"I know. Break ups are a commonly thing. I can't be selfish and keep you here. You have responsibilities to take. I said in the beginning that you can stay until you recover your memory. Now that you have, I must learn to let go. The whole point was you to gain your memories, not to have romances, And besides, you said it yourself. You are an immortal. When I grow, you'll remain the same. It's tough but, I understand."

"Mary, you have a kindly soul in you. I should go back, but, we must find the doctor first!"
"You already have!" We heard that odd voice call from the front door. We rush to the door and there he was, beak and all. This time, having a stitch up scrap bag on the handle. I noticed the animals hiding behide in bushes just out the door.
"So, you have come back, beak face!"
"Your tongue hasn't change one bit!" Jacob ran up to him.
"Doctor! My memories are back! I know who I am now!"
"That's perfectly marvelous! Its seems that my spice did the trick!"
"Wait! So, you DID put something into Jacob's tea! I thought you said you didn't have anything to cure his memory!"
"Cever, for a hooligan you are!" He makes me so angry! "Yes, I had came before to find you, Jack. By using your skeleton samples, I combined them with a tracking device to find you with these humans. After I founded out what Oogie did to you, I quickly wipped up a spice to help you build up your basic memories more faster."

"That's why Jacob's past was coming up more frequently!"
"Yes, before returning you home, I needed you to gain your skeletal memories. So, that's why I lied and continued to let the humans take care of you. I was planning to check on you tonight but, Oogie beaten me to it! I stood in hiding, till it was clear. I was surprise to find a stampede of woodland creatures coming from this house." I saw some of the animals giggle a little from the back. "Now that you remember your identity, It's time for you to gain your throne. But first." He took out a big jar from his bag. I could see tiny, ugly flying bugs swarming inside in a rapid pace.
"What are those hideous things?!" They reminded me too much of him.
"These insects are fill with a special virus, which I inject them, that if they bite a human who associated with Jack's human form, will immediately forget all about him! They can also eat any pictures or articles about him as well!"

And if my heart wasn't dead enough.
"What, you mean." I quickly looked at Jacob's face. "I'll Forget that I met Jacob at all?!" I sweat a little!
"We can't let any mortal know our world exist and I won't allow Jack's existent exposed either! I shall released them right before we leave! That includes you, foolish girl!" All my memories of Jacob, gone?! How can I forget about him?! Is this how it must be?!
"Doctor, I won't allow you to erase Mary's memory of me!" Jacob demanded. "She founded me, gave me a place to stay and helped me gain my memories as well! She is not a foolish girl! She supported me to the end! Never gave up on me, even in tough times! I won't go with you unless you spare Mary's memories!" Jacob.
"Fine! I knew this would happen!" He then got out a slim cylinder tube with purple liquid inside. "Girl, this syrup will cause the insects to reflect off you. I'll let you keep your memory of him! But, if you DARE to tell another living soul, I WILL erase your mind of him!"
He forcefully gave me the tube to me. I sigh in relief. At least I can still remember him. I slip down the syrup, with tasted nasty! Only for him I'll do it!
"Thank you so kindly, doctor." I heard him hiss a little.

He wheeled up to Oogie's left over husk, and stuffed it in his bag. "No evidence shall be left behind! Girl, you better clean up this mess once we leave!" He then wheeled back to his spot. "Now, Jack. There's only one more thing left to be done. Although you remember your role but, you don't feel your role. That's why I have this!" His final skinny tube he held out was mixes which deep black and pale white oozing inside. We both intensively starred at it. "Once you drink this potion, you'll be free from your human's prison! I spend months making this, it nearly destroyed me!" I gasp
"You mean if Jacob drinks this, He'll be Jack Skellington again!"
"That is correct."
"What would become of this body?"
"My boy, the body you're using now is nothing but a corpse. The body will be immediately be turn to ashes and shatter away, But, there's a catch." I don't like this. "The reason why you don't feel like yourself is because, the mind and body your using is making you think and act like a teen-age boy. But, once you become a skeleton again, the rule reverse! You'll gain your ghostly skeletal spirit back but, your time as a human will be faint. You'll only remember a slight memory of being a human, unlikely to remember the people you met or the feeling of a teen-age boy!" No! Now the table is turned!

"You mean now Jacob won't remember me?! Can he take the syrup as well?!"
"That is out of my control. It'll be up to him to remember." Jacob just stood there, lost in thoughts once more. I just shook my head as my heart sadden. "There's no point of staying here any longer, it's time to leave now!" Jacob then spoke up.
"Wait, doctor! Atleast give me time to say goodbye to Mary!"
"Fine, you got five minutes!" He back into the dark of night.

Me and Jacob starred at each other, which sadness in our eyes.
"Mary, when I become Jack again, Jacob will be gone forever."
"Not in my mind. Thank to you, At least I can still remember the time we had."
"But, I may not! I'll neve gain my human self again."
"Then, try to remember the experience you gain. When you return, show more of your compassion and gentle side of you. Even if your won't understand, I'm sure somebody would. Jacob, you may have a gothic looks but, your heart is colorful. Being that home with you, as well as your spooky side of you."
"What about you, Mary? What would you do without me?"
"I can manage. I'm going to keep my own furry citizens safe as well as keeping bullies, like Hailey, away! I'll go on to study to be a veterinarian, to help cure animal's sickness. Though I admit, I wonder if I'll ever meet another romance guy like you." I sadly sigh, as Jacob held my hand.
"Mary, don't give up on love. I know there's alot of cruel people out there but with a hint of confidence, perhaps someday you'll find a soul mate for yourself." I blush a little.
"Jacob, perhaps I will! It's been a long few months together. Though our time was short, I had learn so much about you. To not to judge a book by it's cover, to learn to love, to gain confidence in myself."
"And I learn to look for things other than Halloween and embrace my romance side." Our heads moved closer.
"Jacob, I'll miss you"
"And I'll miss you. Even if I lose my Jacob identity, I'll try not to forget you."
"And I'll do the same, I love you, Jacob Sully."
"I love you, Mary Plum."

And to that, we finally kiss. We held each other body and let the moment fall in. The animals all aww that this scene. I have finally gain my own love, even if it's only for a moment.

"Alright you kooky love bats, break it up!" That quack doctor cane back. We took a few steps back and starred once more.
"Mary, I hope you have a good life in you. Farewell. my dear." Still, there's something I must do. I quickly took the potion from the doctor's hand, as he cried "Hey!" I held it up to Jacob's face.
"Mary, what are you doing?!"
"Jacob, before you go, I WANT TO SEE YOUR TRUE FORM!" Everyone, even my animal friends, all gasp.
"Are you sure about this?! My skeleton form might be a bit creepy for you to handle and who knows what my old self's mind would do!"
"Jacob, I been through all sorts of strange things with you, plus dealt with that boogie man. I can handle it. Remember what I said, It's not what the outside, it's the inside thats counts! I know you'll never hurt me!" Jacob thought for a second.
"Doctor, is this ok?"
"Whatever, just get rid of that fake body of your!" With confidence, Jacob took the tube from my hand.
"Mary, I'm was happy to ever to meet you. Promise you'll never forget me."
"I promise. Goodbye, Jacob Sully."
"Time to be a skeleton again. Here goes!"

With that, he gulp the potion down. Not long after, his skin started to bubble, a dark shadow consumed his whole body! The shadow grew larger, as millions of tiny ashes flew away into the dark sky! Then, the shadows bursts into many bats and flew away as well. I soon gaze at what I had imagine. A ten foot tall skeleton, creepily skinny limbs, round skull, no hair, same eyes, stitches month, Four long fingers and dressed like Jacob's formal wear. My friends were a bit scare but, they stayed. To be honest, despite looking creepy, he still has Jacob's handsome looks. So, this is Jack Skellington. I wondered to myself.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his hands
"I'm back." He said slowly. I notice his voice sounds a bit different. After a while, he slowly grin. "I'M BACK! I'M MY OLD BONY SELF AGAIN!" He happily twirled around! He held both of the doctor's hands and twirl him around too! "Doctor, this is so wonderful! I never felt so dead alive in a long time!"
"That great, Jack! Now, will you be so kind and PUT ME DOWN!" He humorously dropped the doctor, as he moan. That was a bit funny.
"How long I was out for?" He struggling climbed himself back on his chair
"Only a few months. Good thing the Mayor ketp everyone calm while you were gone. Though he kept breathing down my neck to come and cure your illness!"
"I'll just sort it out with him when we get back! I'm glad nothing frightening happen during my adsent." He has more energy than Jacob and carries out his own responsibilities. He's like a whole new person. I guess he really did forget being Jacob.

I almost took my leave when he noticed me. He then walked up to me.
"Excues me, my dear." I nervously faced him.
"You look quite elegant tonight, my dear. No, Mary." I gasp.
"You remember my name. Oh Jake, Jack. So, this is the real you. Do you have any memory of Jacob?" He frown and sigh.
"Only a faint. I'm sorry, my dear." At least he remember my name. But then, he kneel down next to me, well he is alot taller than he was before.
"Mary, I may forgot most of my human's memories but, still have the important ones. Like how you told me to show of my gentle side, and the memories of our time together, learning to dance with you, winning the contest and our little date. Though not in full details, a little can worth a whole lot more."
"You remind me so much of him. Jack, always keep our memories together when you were Jacob. I do miss him but, I'm glad you're back to yourself. You know, for a spooky skeleton, you have a charming feeling around you."
"Mary, thank you for letting me become myself again. I'll never forget you. I promise.

We hugged each other, with tears in our eyes. This is truly our last goodbye.
"Mary, I just realize, you reminded me of a beautiful kindly woman back home. She is as sweet and a worrywart like you." We look at each other. Does Jack has his own girlfriend? Well, that's fine. After all, I dated Jacob, not Jack.
"Why, thank you. I bet she's waiting for you."
"She probably is."
"Jack! We must go before sunrise!" Yelled the doctor.
"Will I ever see you again?" He got up and smiled
"Perhaps, when the time is right. Until then, have a spooktaular life,
"Thank you, for everything."
"And thank you, my dear. Farewell!" And the left out the door. But, there is one final thing I must do.

The buck helped me ride back to where me and Jacob watched the stars. When we arrived, I stood near the edge, with my animal friends behind me. After some silences, I looked down from the edge and there they were, standing still. The doctor threw a potion to the ground, as some dark portal appeared in front of them
"Why did you dragged me all the way here to use the portal?!"
"I just felt it a spot to."
"I don't have time to argue, lets just go!" The doctor wheeled in the portal. Before Jack would do the same, he looked up, smiled and wave. He knew I'll come here, I waved back. To that, he disappeared.

I sat down, as my friends surrounded me. One bird gave me the now broken sunglasses, as I held it to my heart and looked up at the moon. Our time together has come to a close. But, I'll never forget the fun, frustrating, romantic and memorial time together. He maybe Jack Skellington but, he'll always be my Jacob Sully.


Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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