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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Tour Of The House

© Halloween Town Tales

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(A quick note, yes there are a few errors in the last chapter. The boy has short black hair I mess up that part and a few other words. Okay, back to the story!)

The next morning, I was eating breakfast with my family in the kitchen. We all had eggs and bacons while my dog had his usual dog food. In the middle of it all, that when he came in.
"Morning" I greeted him. He calmly responded back. My mother asked him to have a seat, so he did.
"You must be hungry. please, help yourself." My father said as he handed him a plate of two eggs and three layer of bacons.

He took a small bite of the eggs and another of the bacons.
"How is it, I always enjoyed my mother cooking"
"It's okay, I guess"
"Oh, I guess everyone has different taste bud."
"Mind me, I bet your dear mother is a wonderful cook to others"
""You're sure are polite" Said my mother.
""Like a real gentleman." Praised my father
"I guess" Isn't that over doing it?

"So, do you remember know your name?" I asked him
"I think I do, a little"
"Then, please tell us." encourage my mother.
He thought for a moment, then led out his answer.
"I think it starts with the letter J and my last name starts with the letter S."
"Anything else?"
"I'm afraid not."
"That's fine." I said "You'l remember soon. It's just takes time."
"I have an idea. Mary, why don't you show him around the house. That way, he can be more comfortable here." Suggested my dad.
"What a good idea. dad!" I turned at the boy. "Is that o.k.with you?"
"I bet it'll be lovely for you to do that" There he goes again.
"Okay, we'll start after breakfast!"

Later on, as my mother went to wash the dishes, me and the boy walked around the kitchen.
"I'm going to show you around the house. so, pay attention."
"Then, lets get started! Lead the way!" His enthusiasm sure is high.

First was, well, the kitchen. It had one sink, a small table with four chairs, oven, microwave, refrigerator and other kitchen stuff. Green tiles and yellow walls. Next, was the living room. It had a fireplace, a long brown couch, two red arm chairs A coffee table, a long table and a cabinet where the television goes. I told him that we don't watch t.v. that offen so, we only have one here.

The other rooms were upstairs, the guest room, my room, with light purple wall and fill with nature stuffs like animal pushes and pictures on my vanity, my parents room and two bathroom.
"It not much" I said in the end "But, it's a very nice place to live, for me at least."
"Thank you, your house is very comforting. It doesn't seem to suit me too well but, I'm still willing to stay with you guys till my dear memories comes back."
"Yeah, no problem." He seem too nice, kinda feels creepy. It's probably just me.

Later that night, I came from the basement carrying a big brown box full of different things inside. I saw my parents standing next to the front door. It seem that they were about to leave somewhere. I put down the box and went up to them.
"Where are you guys going?"
"Your father and I are going to see a movie"
"Oh, how romantic'"
"Thanks, honey."
"Well, have a good time!" they left out the door.

I picked up the box and went in the living room. I saw the boy sitting on the couch. I placed the box on the long table and went up to him.
"How are you, my dear. It's a fine evening, isn't it?" He must have great manners where he came from. "What's in the box?"
"I'll tell you later. But first, can you try to remember your name again?" "I'll try"

He thought again and then.
"I remember two more letters of my first name!"
"Which is?"
"A and C. That's is all I know."
"Well, I don't know anyone with only J, A and C in their name, so I'll give you a name you can use for now. How about Jacob? And since your last name start with S, how about, Sully? What do you think, Jacob Sully?"

"It doesn't ring a bell, But I guess it's fine for now."
"Good, I'm glad you agreed with this."
"But, what's in the box?"
"Well' school starts tomorrow and I don't what you leave you here and miss out on education. So, you are going with me. I have just what you need in this box."

I pulled out an old black backpack from the box
"This was my dad's when he was my age. I'll give you some extra of my school's stuffs so you can use them for school. Also, one more thing." I gave him black sunglasses.
"Why do I need these?"
"To cover your strange eyes while at school. For one thing, your eyes are huge and looks like empty eyes socket. I don't really care about your eyes condition but, they might do. So, wear these when you are out."

"I think my eyes are fine but, I'll do as you please."
"And one last thing. At school, You are a transfer school from Kentucky, been home school since first grade and goes by the name of Jacob Sully."
"I will."
"Now, you are ready for school!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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