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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

First Day of School

© Halloween Town Tales

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"Thanks, mom!" I said to her when she dropped me and Jacob off at the school's front entertrance.
"I'll pick you guys up around three at this spot, have fun!" We watched her drove off. We faced the school.
"Well, this is Billy's Goat High. You'll be going here for a while."
"Sure is big." He looked up at the school.
"Yep. Now, come on. Lets go inside and I'll get you sign up!"

We headed inside of the front office. Jacob sat down on one of the chairs near the window while I talk to the front desk lady.
"So, how did it go?" Jacob asked me when I was done.
"They'll let you stay as a guest for the semester, so you're in the clear for them asking too much information. I'm thinking that you shall be a tenth grader, like me. So, I made sure that you have every class with me so you won't get lost. Though you are a guest, you still need an I.D class. So since we have a little time left, lets snap a school picture.

He sat near a backdrop while the photographer got ready to snap the picture. I stood on the sideline.
"Sir, do you mind to take off your sunglasses?"
"He can't! His eyes are allergic to sensitive lighting." I don't have time to explain about Jacob's strange eyes condition or have any see that for that matter.
"All right, I'll let it slide. Now, smile." He did but, I gasp! His lip somehow expanded to a creepy grin. I even shiver a little. Who is he? Again, hope it just only me.

"I have to say, this is a very dashing smile." Jacob said looking at his I.D photo as we walked to our first class.
"We can't let anyone see that photo, We're have to take another one tomorrow. I don't want them to think that you're weird. I'll just say that you lost your card and I'll just have my dad to pay the $10 for it. I'll keep the card so nobody would find it."
"I don't really see the problem here but, I understand." He gave me the card as we head to History class.

When we got inside, the bell rang. Everyone was all ready seated but us.
"Sorry, we're late!" I said to my teacher, Mr. Walker.
"That is fine, Miss. Plum. But, who is that with you?"
"Ahem" I elbow bump Jacob.
"Oh, right" He went up to the class. "Greeting, my fellow classmates. It is I, Jacob Sully! I'm a transfer student from Kentucky. I been home schooled up to now! I'm happy to joined you all!" Everyone looked puzzled as I slap my forehead.
"Well, that's one way to introduce yourself to the class. Why don't you and Miss Plum take a seat."

Jacob sat next to me as I shook my head at him.
"You didn't have to make a fool of yourself like that!"
"What do you mean, it feels like a warm opening!" I rolled my eyes as Mr. Walker began to speak. We faced him.
"Okay, class. I hope that you enjoyed your spring break. But, now it's time to learn again. So, lets all turn to page 117."
"Oh no, I don't have a book!" Jacob cried.
"Here, you can borrow my text book till you get your own."
"Why, thanks you,"

After class, Jacob thought that we only had one of the five classes per day. I told him that we have the same five classes five days a week. From language arts, math and science, he'll introduce himself the same way as before. Just as I feared, the classmate find him strange. Hope it's only just the new kid in school phase. When it was lunch, Jacob follow me to my locker.

"Can you wait for a second? I need to get something out of my locker." I opened it up and pulled out a picket sign that read 'No cell phone zone' painted in red.
"What is that!?" Asked Jacob.
"This is my 'No cell phone zone' sign. You see, ever since mobile phone added this texting mode, nobody can't put it down and became addicted to it. So for peace and actual convesation, I'm putting up this sign in a grass field by the lunch area so no one can't use them."

"Well, I hope that your little idea works"
"Thanks, I perfer using the old fashion phone."
"Mary, there you are!" A familiar voice cried out. My friends, Lilly and Tiffany walked towards us.
"Why didn't you call us?!" Lilly asked.
"I'm sorry, I got busy on spring break." I apologize.
"Okay. But, who's is this tall dark stranger next to you?" Asked Tiffany
"I am Jacob Sully. I came out of Kentucky homeschooling to try out public schooling for the semester. A pleasure to meet the friends of Mary."
"Wow, you sounds charming."
"But, why are you wearing sunglasses? we're inside."
"Because, I am!"
"Okay? Mary, me and Tiffany are going to have lunch. Drop by if you can!" I watched them go.
"If you do, bring your strange boyfriend too! Bye!"

"He is not my boyfriend!" I shouted at Tiffany. "Sorry about that. she always does that when I talk to a boy around my age. I'm not really into any at the moment."
"Let her have her fun. In the mean time, lets put up that sign of your."

The last class was physical education, which was short, When the final bell rang. Me and Jacob waited at the spot were my mom would pick us up.
"So, how was your first day?"
"A pretty good start, if I do say so myself."
"That's good to hear. Lets see how it will go for the rest of the semester." Just then, I heard a car's horn. I saw my mother's car parked in the drive way.
"Oh, our ride is here. Shall we get going?"
We got in and drove away.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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