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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Meadow

© Halloween Town Tales

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It was Friday after school. Jacob asked me to show where I founded him at. I wanted to show him the meadow anyway, so I agreed. When we got home, we put-down our school stuffs in our rooms and headed down the road.

"Isn't it such a beautiful day?! with the sun shining and all!"
"Sure, if you say so." He responded. We walked in silence for a while but, I started to feel a bit award. So, I spoke again.
"So, how's school been treating you?"
"Oh, I love it all! Learning new things seems to fascinate me alot!"
"Yeah, good to know." How does he keep his energy going?
"Are we almost there?" He asked me.

"Yes, it's right up here!" I spotted the same bush from before as I ran up to it. "Here, this is the blueberry bush where I founded you at!" I watched Jacob bend down on his knees and looked inside the bush. "Did you find anything?" I asked him after a while. He looked up at me and slowly shook his head.
"Sadly not. No clue about my past."

I sat down near the bush, with him joining me.
"Who were you, in the past?"
"If only I knew." We sat quietly for a while. I accidentally touched his left hand, which both of his hands were on the ground. His hand felt really cold! As I looked at it, I noticed he had long fingers as well! I took my hand away before he noticed.

"What do you think, how I got amnesia?" When he asked me, he was staring up at the sky. I looked at him, with a dumbfounded face and thought about it.
"Maybe you hit your head on something."
"My dear, I don't think that is true. I had looked around and there's nothing really hard enough to knock me out cold" I grew a little sad.
"You don't think that, maybe you came here on your own time and then, someone came and hit you in the head? Or maybe some bad person knock you out somewhere else and dumped you in the bush so nobody would find you!" I seem worry.
"I don't really know, but it is a possibility."

Once again, we fell into silence but, it didn't last long.
"I bet your close ones miss you alot."
I sure they do. But, please don't be sad! I am alive, thanks to you. you saved my life." He looked at me. I blush and looked away.
"You're welcome. But, if someone was here, I might be able to find out. Lets see if my friends would know."
"I don't really think they can help us, they must be doing their homework right now." I chuckle a little.
"No, not my school friends."

I took out my whistle and blew on it. The woodland animals all came out and stood across from us. We stood up and stared at them.
"How did you you do that?"
"They responded to my whistle. You see, I'm friends with the animals of the meadow. I help them and they help me."
"Sounds like a true friendship."
"Exactly! I'll ask them if they spotted any shady characters around here lately."

I asked them but sadly, they all shook their heads.
"I guess not." I signed.
"It's okay. I know I'll gain my memories back someday and find out the mystery on how it all happen!"
"How do you keep all that energy going?"
"Well, it seem like I'm a poet. When I'm happy, I feel excited. When I'm sad, I feel tragic. It just comes to me."
"You don't say." That would explain it all.

He stared at the animals and gave out a small smile.
"So, are you really friends with all the animals here?"
"Well, maybe not all but, alot of them. I help them by giving them food, growing trees that were fallen and even keeping hunters away. With that, they help me in return."
"Now, tell me. How come you like nature so much?"

By looking at me companionatly and placing his hand on his heart made me a bit nervous, but I answer.
"Maybe because of living my whole life here might had help with that. Also, when I was a child, I remember watching two movies; Snow White and Bambi. They shown me what the woodland animals were like and the latter, what can I say?! Everything in that movie is beautiful! But, when the hunters shoot off Bambi's mom, it's hurt my heart everytime! So, I delicate myself to be one with nature."
"Amazing how movies can inspire you to do great things! It's must be your true faith! Perhaps, I can be friends with your animal pals too!"

I watched him run up to them but, thery all got scared and ran away.
"Oh, dear. I must had startle them. It's not because of my appearance, is it?" He looked at his long fingers on his hands. I giggle as I walked up to him.
"I think it because your running foot steps scared them off."
"Mary, why do I look different than any other humans I'd seen?"

I looked up at him. He seem kind of sad. But, I smile at him.
"Every humans has differences. Even conditions too. My mother once told me. It doesn't matter what's on the outside, it's the inside that counts." We looked at each other eyes for a while, until we heard a squeaky cry. We saw a raccoon trying to get an apple from a nearby tree, but it couldn't climb.
"Oh, poor thing. It's claws must be wore out so, it can't climb. It must be very hungry."
"Perhaps, I can help!"

I watched him walked up to the tree. He looked up and jump to catch one. He caught the apple as he landed. He then bended down on his knees and warmly smile.
"Don't be afraid, little guy. I'm not going to hurt you. Here, you should eat this." Jacob gave the raccoon the apple. The raccoon took the apple and ran off with it.

He stood back up as I joined him by his side.
"I guess what you said is true." He stated.
"I'm sure the animals will like you too somday." I looked up at him as I felt nervous again.
"Oh, how about a snack for you too?!" He jumped up again and gave me an apple too.
"I guess having long legs helps." I took a bite of the apple.
"Even though I couldn't find anything that'll help me remember my lost memories but, I still had a wonderful time here." It feels romantic but, I'm not ready for this yet.
"I'm glad you did. We better get going. We have alot of homework to do."
"Lets come back here soon." He began to walk back.

He is so mysterious. The more I hang out with him, the more I want to know about him. Again, who is he?

That night, we all had corn on the cob for dinner. Jacob never really seem to like to eat, anything for the matter of it.
"So, what you kids did today?" My father asked
"We hanged out at the old meadow."
"It was a very lovely time!"
"That's good to hear." My mother said. Mush was done with his food as we watched him left the kitchen.

"You know, I think I had a dog too!" We all stared at him.
"Oh, did you now?" A memory is returning! "Can you remember what he or she was like?!"
"Hmm... Let me think." He went into a deep thought. "Yes. I think he was a boy dog, white, pink collar.... my memory is still foggy."
"No name?"
"Can't remember."
"Well, a bit of memory is better than nothing."
"Hey, Jacob." My father began. "I know what will cheer you up, a math question! Now tell me, in multiplication, what number you'll only get when you combine this number with any other?"

He thought again, when......
"Eureka, that's it! It's Zero!"
"That's correct."
"No, my dog! My dog name was Zero!"
"What an odd name." I wondered. "But, it's nice to gain a piece of memory of your. Is he still around?"
"I think he's dead. But, in a way that I don't really feel sad about."
"Huh? I don't know what to say. But, I bet he was a great dog."
"Mary, I couldn't agree with you more. I believe he is a great dog!"
So, is he alive or not, I can't say for sure. With him being friendly toward animals, I bet he has a bit of love for nature too.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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