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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Dance Contest

© Halloween Town Tales

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A week had pass since I've founded him. He's slowly gaining his memories back but, nothing really major. Overall, I'm very curious to know who he will turn out to be.

Monday during lunch, I was putting all my books and my backpack away so I can have lunch with my friends. I signed as I closed the locker's door. But as I did, there he stood.
"Hello, Mary. Going to have lunch?" My heart jumped a little as I looked at him.
"Oh, Jacob. You startle me!" That when he slowly grin, the same way when he first smile for the I.D photo. he made me jumped once more.
"Jacob! Don't do that! It's very rude to scare someone like that! I thought you knew better!" He then snaps out of it and shook his head.

"Mary, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me!" I looked very puzzled. "Anyway, sorry I was late. I was just finishing up my math test and the teacher graded it. Can you guess what I got?!"
"Let me guess, a perfect A?" He took out his test from his backpack as soon as I finish my sentence.
"Why, yes! What a lucky guess!" He shown me his test scores as Ii rolled my eyes.
"I don't how you do it! First you ace the science test, now this?! Though you have amnesia, you're sure are smart."
"What can I say?! I love to learn things! It's like discovering something new, to me that is. Science and math seems to be my favorite!"
"How is he such a genius?! He doesn't even look like one! With his grades, he'll get accepted to any colleges or universities!

He putted his test away when, my friends was coming towards us.
Hi, Mary. Ready for lunch?!" Lilly asked.
"Yep, I heard they'll be serving salad and fresh bananas today! Looking forward to it!"
"Your boyfriend never seen to enjoy anything. What's up with that?"
Asked Tiffany. I got a little upset.
"I told you, he's not my boyfriend!"
"Ladies, we're only friends. Why can't you just accept that?" He seems to take it lightly but, maybe I shouldn't hang around him all the time at school. I don't want everyone else to think that we're a thing, which we're not!
"Jacob? I'd been thinking. Maybe you should make some new friends and have lunch with them."
"But, I thought that we're friends."
"We are. It's just, maybe you should hang out with other boys so you can talk about, um, boys topics!" I'm so bad at this

"Well, I'll give it a try!" He spotted a kid with a cool style ego and walked up to him.
"Hello, good sir. Would you like to be my friend and have lunch?!"
"Move it, pale freak!" He snaps and push him aside. Ouch! He sadly walked back at us.
"Did I do something wrong?"
"Well, you can't just walk up to someone and expect them to be your friend! You have to built up a relationship."
"Why should I start over with someone else when, I already have a great relationship with you?!" I signed, at least I tried.
"So, you are boyfriend and girlfriend!"
"Tiffany, no! I....."
"That gives me an idea! Tiff, lets show them!"
"Show us what, Lilly?!"
"You guys will see come on!" They went ahead. Knowing them, this can't be good. But, we followed anyway. They shown us to a table with a single box and a few pile of papers next to it.

"Well, here we are!" Cheered Lilly.
"Go on, read it and weep!" I hate it whe she say that. I picked up one paper and read the big red words on top of the flyer.
"Oh, it's a flyer for the school's dance." I don't like where this's going.
"A dance? How wonderful!" Cheered, Jacob. I ignored him.
"Oh, you guys want all of us to go to this year school's dance? Sure, we can do that and have fun." They giggled at this, I knew it was too easy.
"You didn't clearly read the rest of it." Looks like I have no choice. So, I quickly read the rest in my mind. Oh, boy.
"What?!" I reread it out loud. "You and a date can enter this raffle to get a chance to be nominated to become king and queen of the dance?! Only four couples will be nominated?! GUYS, NO!!!!!" I rip the flyer in half and threw it it the trash. "I told you for the last time, we're only friends!"
"Mary, maybe this will help you take that step forward, At least try for us." said Tiffany.

"Yeah, you're lucky to even have a mate. We would love to enter ourselves but, we can't find someone in time. The drawing is this Friday."
"I don't care, I'm not going to enter!"
"Why, Mary. I thought that you were the peaceful one around here." I heard that high class voice say. We all turn to face her.

Hailey Fowl, the annoying wealth jerk of the school. She's into the most expensive fashion and one of the most popular girl in school. Oh, I can't stand her! She was walking toward us, with her dumb bodybuilder boyfriend, the school's quarterback player, Jake.
"Hi Mary, long time no see." I growl at her. My friends tried to calm me down.
"Now, now, that's not very lady like to growl at someone. Then again, that what you get when you are raise by stupid forest rabies all your life!" She laughed as Jacob gotten upset.
"That's not very nice for you you to treat my friend like that!" His voice sounded cold.
"Oh and, who are you?"

"I'm Jacob Sully! I'm good friends with Mary!"
"Oh? Mary, I always knew you were a freak! Having a weirdo boyfriend by your side too?! Oh, you're too funny!" Jacob seem to want to come at her but, Jake protected her.
"Hey, wise guy!" His dumb voice said. "Nobody gets to Hailey before going through me!"
"Why don't you try me?!" It seem like Jacob was about to do something reckless! I don't want them to cause a school's fight! So, I grabbed Jacob's right arm and pulled him away.
"Jacob, no! Fighting is wrong!"
"Aww, isn't that sweet?! It's like you two were made for each other." Her baby talk really bugs me! "I know, why don't you two try out for dance contest?! I'll tell you what. If you guys ever get crowned king and queen of the dance floor, I won't consider you at the bottom of the food chain! Of course, you'll got to make it through the tickets drawing first, if that ever happens."

"Lady, I'm afraid Mary....." I don't want him to finish! So, I dragged him along with me.
"Lets go, we're late for lunch!" I stormed off with him.
"Mary, if you were an animal in nature, you'll be a big chicken! Darling, will you be so kind to put our name in the box?"
"Yes I will, buttercup."
"Wait, Mary. Don't leave us with this idiot chick!" My friends tried to catch up with us.
"Hmpt" Was the last thing I heard Hailey say.

We didn't say anything to each other for the rest of the day. Me and Jacob were also very silence during dinner as well. Later that night, I was on my bed doing homework when, I heard a knock on my door.
"I'm busy.!" I quickly said. The door opened anyway as I looked up.
"My dear, It'll only be a few minutes." I letted it slide as he walked inside and sat next to me on my bed.

"Who was nasty blonde haired girl at school today? She wasn't very nice at all." I signed and answer him.
"That was Hailey. Your normally mean, popular girl at school. She loves to pick on me for loving nature."
"What's wrong with that? You are fine, just the way you are."
"Thanks but, she doesn't understand that! I wish she'll shut up for good!" A few tears ran down my cheeks but, I don't want to cry in front of him. So, I quickly hid them.
"Then, lets show her. Lets enter that dance contest!"
"Jacob, we're not a couple. Beside, I can't even dance very well."
"Well, nobody said that we can go as friends. Perhaps, you can learn to dance professionally. I can even help you!" I looked up at him, I sadly signed.
"Thanks, I know you're trying to help but, there is one and a whole school of a chance that we'll get pick.

"Beside, how can we win against Hailey?! She never loses at any contest." He suddenly held my hands into his.
"We'll never know until we try." I blush as I took my hands away.
"Again, thanks. I'm just not ready for this yet. I need to finish up my homework. So, good night." He signed and left without a word. As he left, I did led out a few more tears.

Jacob wasn't going to let this down. He was up to something and I was soon to find out what it is.

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