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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Results

© Halloween Town Tales

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Friday has come. Boy, what a day it was. It started during lunch, walking down the hall, with a splated tomato on my face, carrying my sign, with was snap in half. I sigh with a depression. Humiliated once more. Just about to reach the girl's bathroom when, he shown up!

"Mary! There you are! I've been looking for you!" He cheered.
"Jacob, not now! Don't see me like this!" Too late, he saw my face.
"Mary, your face! It's red! That's not blood, is it? Did someone hurt you? Who is he? I'll teach him a lesson!"
"Jacob, stop! It's a splated tomato! I got hit in the face with it. While putting up the 'No Cell Phone Zone' sign, some rude kid threw the tomato at my face as a fellow group of students laughed at me. One of them in the group grabbed the sign and snap it in half." I sigh again.

"That is very rude! Do you want me to scare them off?!" He did it again!
"Stop smiling like that! It's no big deal! They're just haters, I deal with them all the time! I'm going to wash my face." I placed the broken sign in a near by trash can and headed inside the bathroom.
"Poor Mary, I hope my little plan works."
"And what is that suppose to mean?" Jacob turned to see my friends walking towards him.
"Hello ladies, how our your days coming along?"
"What is this 'little plan' you're up too?" Tiffany asked.
"Oh, you'll find out soon."
"Where's Mary?"
"She's in the little ladies room, washing her face." I came out, hearing what Jacob just said.

"It happen again! Didn't it, Mary?!"
"Lilly, it's nothing! I......"
"Nevermind, It's almost time! The contest results is about to start!" Music to my ears!
"They're announcing it over the loud speaker!" Cheered Tiffany.
"Oh, this will be fantastic!"
"Jacob, we didn't enter or, are you cheering for other random people?"
"Be patient, my dear." What's he up to?

Just like that, the loud speakers turned on. I could hear that sweet annoying voice rings through my ears.
"Attention, fellow students! It's time to announce the winner of the nominees for the dance contest! These lucky four couples will get a chance to be this year king and queen of the dance floor! And here they are; Ketta Natsuda and Yoshi Kagaua!" The endearing Asian couple. "Joshua Matthew and Kelly Valentine!" The cute couple. "Jake Dodger and Hailey Fowl!" Of course, it wouldn't be a contest without her!
"I'm going to lunch!" I don't care who's the last couple is.

"Wait one moment!" What is he waiting for?
"And finally, last but not least, Jacob Sully and Mary Plum!" My heart felt like it just died!
"WHAT?!!!!!!!!" I screamed and turned angry! Somebody turned in my name behind my back! I quickly faced my friends.
"Did one of you put our names in the raffle?"
"Calm down, Mary! Of course we didn't." Stated, Lilly.
"Yeah, we'll never double-cross you, We're you best friends!" Stated, Tiffany. But, someone did!

That, when I notice.
"Eureka, It's worked!" Jacob? It couldn't be but, he admitted it. I violently grabbed his shirt and lower him to my height.
"Jacob, how could you?!" I cried. "I told you I didn't what to do this!"
"But, we're in the finals!"
"I don't care! It couldn't be too easy. How you do it?!"

"Well, Mary. I know that you wish to prove to that mean girl that you are worthy so, I went up to the people in charge of the raffle. I convent them to give us a spot by telling them your sad story. They couldn't pass on my charm so, they agreed to do so."
"You can't do that, it's cheating!"
"But, it did worked!" Jacob, I don't know if I should be happy or really disappointed.

"Mary, I'm very surprise at all this!" I letted go of Jacob to stare at, who else, Hailey and her boyfriend. "You made it to the finals! What a chance is that?! What did you do? Did you chop off a rabbit's foot fron that meadow of your or, did your pale friend help you cheat?!" She must had heard. "It's so cute how your little boyfriend think that you can out do me, not in your life!" She laughed as Jacob got angry.
"Listen, lady! It doesn't matter how we got in! We're going to win this contest and put you to shame!" He sounded so serious as he points at her.
"Hey, keep your slimy finger away from her, loser!" Jake shield her.
"Loser?! Lets see who is the real loser!"

Oh no! He's up to something but, I was too late to stop him. He jumped real high like, he vanish in thin air!
"Hey, where did you go?!" Jake asked in his stupid voice. Suddenly, Hailey backed away as Jacob landed on Jake's shoulders, like a spider!
Jacob licked Jake's neck as Jake screamed like a little girl! Jacob steady himself at the back of Jake. With both of his feet on each of Jake's shoulders, He pulled out Jake's underpants as Jake felt a sharp pain! Jacob placed it over Jake's face as he jumped off! The near by students watched Jake spin around like an idiot as he hit a wall and fainted!

"Wow, he moves like a frog!" Tiffany was amazed.
"Yeah, kinda a bit scary." Pointed out Lilly. Jacob, you're starting to creep me out a little. He landed next to me as I was in shock!
"How dare you do that to my sweetheart!"
"Would you like to be next?" Before anything else could happen, the speakers went on once more.
"Attention! Will all four chosen couples head to the gym at this very moment! Again, will all four chosen couples head to the gym at this very moment? Thanks you."

"We'll settled this at the school's dance!" She angrily cried.
"You bet your snubby face that we'll beat you!" Oh, Jacob. Hailey left, dragging her unconscious boyfriend, the students watched her go.
"Mary, your boyfriend is a freak! He belongs to a circus!"
"Wow, Jacob! You shown her!" Cheered Lilly.
"Yeah, I never saw anyone make a fool out of that dimwit!" Agreed Tiffany. I still needed answers.
"Jacob. Though that was wild but...."
"Mary, come on! We have to go! We're talk later!" I have a lot to say but, I had no choice but to go with him.

We all stood in a horizontal line at the center of the gym. Starting from the first called couple to the last, means that we had to stand next to them. Jake was all sweating by standing next to Jacob as he seems to enjoy Jake's misery. I sigh as our buffy gym teacher, Mr. Champ can in the gym. This guy gets on my nerves.
"All right, you wimps! I'm going to be your guide for the school's dance!

"I expect you all to try your darn best! Of course, last year winner was miss Fowl over here!" She smile at her name as I angrily grind my teeth. "If you want to surpass her then, listen up! I'm going to tell you each step on how you too can be crowned as king and queen of the dance! DO YOU HERE ME?!" Mr. Champ shouted at us all. Jacob seems to not be please at Mr. Champ's tone. He began to pace like a military sergeant.

Rule one; Dress to impress! Rule two; Have a mind-blowing grand entrance! Rule three; You better show some fantastic dance moves and know how to waltz! And finally, act like real ladies and gentlemen! You got all that, wimps?!"
"Sir, I don't improve of your attitude!" Jacob, don't get us in a bigger mess! Mr. Champ stared at him.

"Arn't you such a pretty boy? You must be that pale kid, Sully was it?"
"Sir, I'm asking for you to be a bit more compassionate."
"I don't show no mercy for a weakly like you! You can't even look me in the eyes, which that oversized dark sunglasses covering your eyes!"
"You're calling me weak?!" His voice deepen as he squeezed his fists.
"Couch Champ! You don't want to mess with him! He ruin my reputation!"

"Can it, Dodger! As for you! If you want to prove yourself worthy, get you and your girlfriend crowned and surpass Miss Fowl and Mr, Dodger!"
"I'll do my better than that! You will all be amazes by our glamorous entrance and by our wildist formal wears and you will be blown away by our dance skills that it'll make you scream like you just seen a ghost!" He keeps widely open his mouth in a very cheerful way! It looks kind of creepy. I gulp and shiver a little.
"Your big mouth better promise me that!"
"Sir, you won't be disappointed!"

We all sat around at the dinner table. I didn't want to tell my folks about the contest but, big mouth strike again.
"I have fabulous news! Me and Mary are chosen to get a chance to be king and queen of the dance!" I shallow hard on my chuck of chicken.
"Mary, that's wonderful!" My dad cheered.
"Dad, there's still a chance that we might not win. I don't even know how to dance!"
"You can always learn! I remember when you first try to dance. You were a little baby when......" No, not that embarrassing story again. I excused myself and retreat to the porch. I stared at the night sky and sigh. How can I win against Hailey? And with Jacob's mysterious ways, I'll instead be crowned the fool of the dance!
"It's a very beautiful night." I jumped a little when I discover Jacob next to me. "The stars shines like rare diamonds, the sky is coal black, the moon is a blessing and that is a fact." I get amazes by his poetry, but still.

"It must be a bit stressful for you but, please forgive me." He stared at me. "I believe you need to stand up for yourself. Use this chance! Prove to her that you can be successful! We'll work together! Trust me!"
"I'm still a little mad about what you did but, I understand why. I always been a freak for my love of nature, even my friends admits it a little. I guess we're kinda alike."

"Mary" He held my hands. "Lets show them that these freaks can work as a team, to show them wrong! We'll learn how to win together! We have to the end of next month to prepare! Will you work with me?" He really want to help me, I can see it in his eyes (even though his eyes still look like empty eyes socket.)
"Okay, I'll try to put my faith in you. But, don't do anymore strange behaviors and, we're only going as friends, no matter what they say!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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