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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.


© Halloween Town Tales

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Thanks to Jacob, we now have to compete against Hailey at the school's dance competition! He told Mr. Champ that we'll be the shining stars on the dance floor but, lets not hope that he's only bluffing. Can we really pull this off? Sigh, I hope Jacob knows what he's doing.

That weekend, Me, Jacob and my friends headed downtown to shop for our formal wears. We went inside a small shop that sells dresses, suites, dress shoes and other items for a fine night out.
"Come on, Mary! Help us look for somes really nice dresses!"
"Lilly, you guys go ahead. I'm going to help Jacob for a bit."
"Okay but, you two better find the best there is! You guys are in the finals, after all!" Tiffany cheered as she left with Lilly. I sigh.
"She's right, Mary. We must dress to impress!"
"Jacob, I know what Mr. Champ said! Look, head toward the men section and find a nice suite for yourself?"
"I must find something that'll truly stand out!" I watched him go. At least he can be out of my hair for a while.

I walked to a circle rack of dresses, where my friends were at.
"Hey, Mary. How about this silk dress. Such a firing red color!" She shown it to me.
"It looks kind of revealing. Try to find something else."
"Mary, check this out! This dress feels like the ocean waves!"
"Lilly, I think it's too puffy."
"Marry, why arn't you finding any dresses for yourself?"
"I'm just going to the fabric and material store to pick up some supplies. My mother is sewing the dress together."
"So, you must have design in mind! Oh, I can't wait to see how it'll turn out!"
"Actually, Tiffany. My mom came up with the design. I'm just getting the stuffs."
"Your mother better have a good taste of fashion!" Thanks a lot!

"Don't forget, we still need to look out for matching shoes and jewelry to go with the dress!" Lilly cheered. Though I'm a girl, I'm not really into these girly fashion. But, of course, there's that dance contest. I have to dress fashionably I have to put up with. Someone came into the store as the bell rang. I heard that voice.
"I knew I'll find you three in here!" Look who it is.
"Hailey, What's are you doing here?"
"Well, me and Jake were about to head toward the wealthy plaza when, I spotted Mary and her little lambs in a cheaply fashion store."
"Hey, you dumb chick! Get out of here!" Cried Tiffany.
"Yeah, no snobs allow!" Cried Lilly
"Mary, tame your sheeps That's not how to treat a lady!"
"Haliey, you're not a lady at all!"
"At least I'm not a dead meat. Nothing in the whole store will out fashion me!"

"I'm having mine custom made."
"Oh, did you stole the furs off your animal pals to make your dress?"
"Shut up, Hailey!" I growl at her.
"Hey, where's that dumbbell of yours?" Lilly wondered.
"Don't talk to my sweetie like that! Jake won't come in, thanks to Mary's freakishly boyfriend!"
"Gee, Hailey! I thought Jake's suppose to protect you from everyone. I think Jacob is the real strong on!" Tiffany brag. She and Lilly laughed at her.
"Quiet, you lousy...."
"Buttercup, can we go already?! I don't want to be seen by him!" Jake whine from outside.
"You're suppose to be my bodyguard, not a baby!" Hailey shouted at him. She then faced me meanly. "I'm going to make you pay for what your clown did to my poor Jake! I'm going to win and turn your stupid animals into fashion wears!" She stormed out of the store.
"Don't let Hailey get to you!" Encouraged Lilly.
"Yeah, don't give up!" Cheered Tiffany.

"I'm going to find Jacob." I needed to escape from the drama for a while, even though he'll try to make my head spins with his mysterious ways. I looked around for him when.....
"Eureka!" Yep, that sounds like him alright. He seems to be facing a mannequin.
"Jacob, did you fine something?" He turned to face me.
"Mary, I think I just founded the most prefect tuxedo!" He cheered.
"Really? Okay then, show me." He shown me the mannequin. It was wearing both tail coat, bowtie, dress shirt, pants and shoes. The shirt was white while the coat and tail coat was pitch black with white pin stripes. The bowtie was also black as well as the dress shoes.

"So, what do you think?"
"It's interesting, I guess. My friends came into view.
"You certainly have taste," Stated Lilly.
"Yeah, it kind of feels like your style." Stated Tiffany. He nod his head.
"You ladies are absolutely correct! But, I think the bowtie could use a little work." What's that suppose to mean?! "And I don't think this is my size."
"Jacob, I've just realize that you might be a bit too skinny and tall for anything in this store. I mean, you're like seven feet tall!"
"You're right, Mary." He frown a little, only to smile again. "I know, do you have anything I can draw on?!" I did had a pencil and a small notebook in my butterfly purse. So, I took them out and gave them to Jacob. "I'm going to copy this design and add a bit of flavor! Then, we can go to that material shop you'd mention before. We'll get some supplies so your sweet mother can make me this ideal formal wear!" He seems to be very into this. "I really love this tuxedo design so much that, I feel like wearing it everyday!" Huh?
"Um, Jacob. You only wear anything formal if you're going somewhere fancy or on a special occasion. Did you wear a tuxedo alot in your past?" Could it be another piece of memory returning?!
"It seems like I use to wear one all the time, I don't know why. I guess I'll just wear one only for the dance, at least for now. Anyway, I better get started on the design

As Jacob began to draw in the notebook, my friends seems to want to talk to me in private. So, I followed them to the women section.
"Mary, you just told us a while ago that Jacob is an exchange student living in your house, who also has lost his memories of his past," Lilly began.
"yes" I had lie about the exchange part, saving them from asking too many questions.
"What do you guys do together at the house?"
"Nothing really interesting, where's you getting at."
"Well, it seem fitting to ask you this right now so, I notice that he wears the same outfit everyday. How come?" I never seem to be bother by that. He never smell or look dirty. Though, he does wear dad's old pajamas at night. I never seen him wear them but, he tells me he does. Then again, It'll be funny to picture it. I really don't see a big deal of this.

Sadly, I must lie than to risk confusion.
"Oh, He just has the same kind of clothings. So, it made look like he's wearing the same cloths, but it's not."
"Okay. But, he mentioned that he wore tuxedo alot in his past. Maybe he was a butler in training or maybe a wealthy prince!"
"Lilly, stop! He doesn't act royalty or looks like one! It's probably a fault memory. Lets drop this!" And so, we quickly did.
But, what if it is true? What kind of normal person wears tuxedos on a daily basis? Then again, Jacob is anything but normal. His memories gets stranger and stranger.

After a day of shopping for material to put together our formal wears, we spend the next day to begin our next step, learning to dance. I chosen for us to practice at the meadow, so nobody can bother us. I had Jacob carry the boom box while I carry a box full of CDs and a book on how to dance, that I rented from the library. We arrived at the center of the meadow as we put the stuffs down.
"Okay, Mary! While you mother prepare our dance costumes, we shall practice our dance moves!"
"Right, I'm going to try to get myself into this. Good thing the music department led us this boxes of CDs for us to practice on,"
"The meadow has so much room for us to dance around in! You chosen well." I admit, I blush a little.

"Although, it does feels a bit empty. I know! We need an audience! Mary, you should call your meadow pals, so they can observe how we dance!" I do feel a little sore about Hailey talking trash on my meadow pals but, I shouldn't let her bother me. But, still.
"I don't know, Jacob. I don't want them to see me mess up!"
"Then, who cares?! They won't mind. They'll love to see you try your best, that's what friends are for!"
"I guess you're right. I'lll bring them here!" I took out my whistle and blew on it. Some of them shown up as they stood in front of us. I sigh.
"Hello, friends would you like to see how we dance?" They all cheered in there own way.
"See, they'll love to see us!" Maybe Jacob is right.
"Okay, I guess I'll start by seeing what this book have to say."
As soon as I open the book, Jacob came up with something.

He went to me and closed the book while it was still in my hands. I looked up at him.
"Mary, I have an idea!"
"What?" I got confused.
"I want to try a dance move myself. Without informations from the book."
"Jacob, do you know how to dance?!"
"A memory is coming back to me! I must test it out! Hit me with a jazz number!" Well, there's only one way to find out! I founded a jazz CD in the box as I placed it inside of the boom box. I pushed playas jazzy music began to play.
"Okay, Jacob. Try to dance and see what happens." But as I got up and faced him, I gasp! He already started dancing but, that's not it! It was the way he moved! So fast, his movement matched the melody so well. His skills were like a professional, I never seen anything like this. Even my meadow pals were amazes! What is all of this?!

I couldn't take this work of art anymore! My eyes can't handle this! So, I turned off the music as he stopped.
"Surprise, aren't you?! I knew you'll be." Was he expecting my response?
"Jacob?! Where did you learn to dance so well?!"
"Sadly, that's another memory yet to be discover."
"But, you can dance! Or, can you only dance to jazz music?"
"Lets try to experiment! How about ballet?!" So, I put on some ballet music and once again, he danced! His skinny body help him stay in balance. Slowly dancing as if he was dancing with an invisible ballerina! My eyes glued at his movement. Is this even for real!

"Jacob, I have no words!" I'm in compete shock!
"Mary, lets try to dance together!"
"But, I can't dance! Let me try to read a little in the book." He shook his head.
"No, I'll teach you. We'll practice the waltz!" Oh, here it's comes! Hope I won't step on his foot! I turned on that music. I face him as he took my hand.
"Here's how it's done. First, try to place your hands on each of my
shoulders." I can hardly reach. So, I rest them as close as I can get.
"Second, I'll place my hands around your waist." He slowly did as It made me blush a little. "Okay. Finally, we slowly dance back and forth at this beat; one, two three. One, two, three."

He sounded so compassionate while teaching me. All I can do is look at my feet, trying to not step on him.
"Mary, you must keep your head up. Don't worry about messing up, be one with the music." I looked up at his face, as he warmly smile. I became nervous as I can feel my face turning red. My meadow pals moved there heads to the melody while watching us dance. I did trip after a while as I almost fell. I landed on his chest.
"It's okay, I got you!" I looked up again as my face couldn't get any redder.
"I think that's enough!" I broke away as I turned off the music.

"What's the matter, my dear? You were just getting it right."
"Sorry, it was becoming too much to take in! I'm not into much romance, especially the super cheesy kinds. Though I do love the movie, Snow White, I have to admit that the movie's romance is really fake." He held my hand anyways.
"Buliding up a romantic relationship takes time and effects. You can go whatever pace you want."

He knows how to built romantic relationship yet, he has a hard time making other friends. Again, so mysterious. My meadow pals made cheerful noises as Jacob chuckle.
"I think the animals want to see more dancing, we shall please the crowds!"
"I guess I don't need that book after all."
"No, keep it! Reading helps the mind grow! I'll teach you and use the book as well. For now, tell me what kind of music they'll be playing at the dance?"
"Well, Lilly told me that last year they had dance rock, new wave, jazz, a bit of modern music and of course, slow music and the waltz. So, ready to learn how to do it?"
"Well then, let's dance!"

For the past few days after school, we come to the meadow and practice our dances. The meadow creatures always seem to look forwarded to watch us dance. Though I had mess up a few time, He always help me get back to my feet. If Jacob competed by himself, he'll win by a long shot. I hope I won't slow him down.

A few nights later, I headed toward Jacob's room to tell him that it's almost dinner. Lately, he spent all evening up in his room working on something, other that homework. So, I want to find out what it is. I opened his door and founded him working at a desk. I stepped in the room.
"Oh, that is dad's old desk and chair. You must had gotten it from the garage. So, this is what you do your homework on."
"Yes but, I'm working on something else." He seem a little upset.
"What are you working on?"
"Our grand entrance for the dance! I told that man I'll have an outstanding entrance for us but, I can't think of any ideas!" He dropped the pencil that he was holding. "I got the formal wears and the dances are coming along but, the entrance is lacking creativity! I need inspirations, eyes gazing, something that screams 'out of this world'! I got nothing!"

He placed his hands on his face. I guess it's my turn, huh? I went to calm him down.
"Listen, Jacob. We still have time. If you can teach me how to dance, you can get the inspirations you need. I can even help." He smile at me. "Thank you, my dear."
"You're the one who help me out first. So, I should be thanking you."
He smile for a while, only to sigh. "Come on, lets have dinner."

We just finished up as Jacob brought up our process.
"I think we almost have it. If only I can come up with brilliant ideas for our grand opening." He sigh once more. Hope he'll get better soon.
"That's okay, Jacob. I'm sure it'll come around soon." My dad encouraged.
"Since you kids worked so hard, I have a special treat for you all!"
She left for the kitchen.
"Jacob, perhaps desert will cheer you up. It's going to be special!"
"I don't know, Mary. I don't think food will help. But, don't worry about me. I'll be fine." He smile a little. Though he can drive me crazy but, he also can be a gentleman at the right time. Maybe we can win this competition. My mom came in with a tray of, what it seem like a pie.

"Though it's not Thanksgiving but, I saw this on sale today. So, enjoy some pumpkin pie!" She placed it on the table.
"Wow, such a rare treat at this time of the year. Thanks, mom. But, of course Jacob doesn't really care much about this. I mean, he never gets excited for any food. Right, Jacob? Jacob?" He was heavly panting, staring at the pie.
"Did you say, pumpkin?!" He slowly reach for the whole tray as he held it in front of him.
"Jacob, are you okay?" I seem worry
"Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin......... I GOT TO HAVE PUMPKIN!!!!!!"

That when he did it! Eating like a pig, going crazy! Everyone, even mush, gaze in horror. I guess I found what his favorite food is! He soon dropped the empty tray and sigh. There weren't even any crumbs on his face!
"Jacob, I never seen you go crazy for food before!" I was in compete shock
"Forgive me for my rude manners. I don't know what came over me! I never felt this way about food before, until now. It's not the pie, it's what inside of it. I must have a strong likeness for pumpkins. Mary, I'm ashamed that I haven't left any for you."
"Jacob, it's okay. I bet you lived on pumpkins in the past that since you haven't had any for a long time, that's why you went crazy."
"I guess so."

But still, these reactions. It like it takes control over him at any moment. If this keeps up, what's going to happen?! If he reacts at the dance, we'll lose for sure! WHO IS JACOB SULLY?!!!!!!

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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