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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

Sorting the clues (Part I)

© Halloween Town Tales

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One night Later. Just finished up with homework. As I put everything away, I sigh. I sat on my desk chair in silence, 'till I heard my front door creek open a little. I jumped as I thought that it was Jacob. I quickly turn around, only to find Mush walking in. I sigh with relief.

"Hey, Mush. Having another lazy day?" He bark happily as he ran up to me. I petted him on the head and smile. "I been up and down lately. Ever since Jacob been living him, my life changed into a roller coaster! I just can't stop thinking about how mysterious he is. He keeps getting stranger as the more I spend time with him. And yet." I looked at my face in the vanity's mirror. "Who is he? I'm surprise that he hasn't figured it out yet. Whenever I asks him lately, He never want to talk about it. What's he hiding?! How else can I found out?!" Mush bark and ran in my closet. "Mush, what got into you?"

I stared at him. He dig up something and brought it to me in his mouth.
"What you got there?" I took it as it reveal to be a journal size purple notebook, with a 3D Butterfly in the center. I suddenly remember this! "Hey, you founded my old notebook! I wondered where it went! I don't think I ever used this before. But, why wound you bring me an empty pages notebook?" Then, It hit me.

"I know! If Jacob won't discover his own past, I'll do it for him! Yeah, I'll write down what I know of him so far, sort the clues together and come up with my own theory about his past! Thanks, Mush! You're such a smart boy!" He bark in joy. I placed the notebook on my vanity and got out a pen from my backpack. I open the first page and sigh. I call this case; The Mysterious Teen-age Boy."

Clue #1; I discovered him behind a blueberry bush in the meadow, near my home town.
Clue #2; His appearance. (I drew a small sketch of him, and notes along with it.) Pale skin, about seven feet tall, black hair, very skinny and wore all black.
Clue #3; He seems to have a musical tone voice.
Clue #4; His eyes look like empty eye sockets!
Clue #5; He strategy talks like a gentleman and has high enthusiasm.
Clue #6; His first name starts with the letters, J A and C. His last name starts with S. In the meantime, I call him, Jacob Sully.
Clue #7; (I sigh. I pulled out the I.D card, the very same one that the photographer first snapped a picture of him, the one with the creepy smile. Starring at it made me shiver a bit. I taped it on the notebook page, with the info.) He can expand his lip to a creepy grin.
Clue #8; His favorite subject at school are Math and science.
Clue #9; I notices that his fingers are long and his hands are cold.
Clue #10; He seems to be interested with poetry and can be romantic, I guess. (I sigh and continued.)
Clue #11; He's very compassionate and can jump very high. (he does has long legs after all.)
Clue #12; (This one is a little odd.) He says that he had a white dog name Zero, who doesn't mind if he's dead alive. Hmmm....
Clue #13; When he frightened me a little that one time at my locker, he grin as if he enjoy scaring people. (Thant doesn't sounds right! Oh, can't lose track.)
Clue #14; He likes to protect others and help them success. (Thanks to him, we're in the dance contest! Then again, I am feeling a bit more hopeful for it than before. Moving on.)
Clue #15; He can acts like a trickster, as he moves quickly and messed around with Jake that one friday (I admit, that did scared me a bit.)
Clue #16; He has a big mouth and like to praise himself.
Clue #17; He loved a black tuxedo with white pinstripes. He claims that he use to wear one all the time. (That brings to.)
Clue #18; He wears the same outfit, the one that he wore when I first founded him, everyday. Though, he never smells or nobody seems to care.
Clue #19; Surprisly, he's an excellent dancer! (Good thing this is a dance contest, though I'm still a beginner.)
Clue #20; He never seems to like to eat anything, until now. He'll go cazy over pumpkins as he ate up mother's pumpkin pie! (One more.)
Clue #21; Some of the previous mention crazy moments, He can't seems to know what comes over him, like a split personality. For example, grinning creepily, when he acts like a trickster, though he only did that one time, but still, and when he went insane over that pie!

Now that I'm done, time to go over them and see what I can come up with. I thought for a while, till I came up with a few crazy theories of my own. I wrote down each one of them.
"What if Hailey was right, that maybe, he was performer at a circus! No, not just any, a gothic circus! That would explain his looks! Perhaps maybe, his crew got fed up with him that, they they poison him and dumped him at the meadow!" Maybe that's a little extreme, on to the next theory.

"Since he said that he once wore a tuxedo everyday, maybe he's from a wealthy family in a gloomy mansion, and they all love to scare , I don't know, next door neighbors? Wait, he loves pumpkins. Maybe he lived on a farm that grows many pumpkins. But, he doesn't look southern or, back to the mansion idea, maybe that place grows a pumpkin patch. Or perhaps, his whole family is creepy and kooky! Like that one tv show that Lilly is into every Halloween. Funny, how she never brought that idea up to him. Then again, he's nothing but compassionate and romantic, beside his gloomy appearance. Maybe, he's the black sheep of a family of ladies and gentlemen but, taken up a life as a goth." I sigh.

"But, what about his split personality?" I gasp "Maybe, he's a freak at a mental hopital and escape! Or maybe, he's was an performer of an freak show and pranked his escape and bump his head at the meadow and created a new personality, while his old ones are trying to fight back! Oh dear!" I shook my head and slap my cheeks. I sigh.

"Okay, maybe that last theory was a bit of a overkill." Mush seems to agree with me. Suddenly, I heard my mother's voice.
"Mary, come on down. Dinner's ready!"
"Coming!" I called to her. I closed my notebook and placed in in the vanity's draw. "I think that's enough for now. Perhaps I should wait till I get more informations of this lost memories. But, he's still remains a mystery to me. Come on, Mush. Lets get some foods." He bark and follow me out the door. Oh, Jacob, whoever you are. If you do recover all of your lost memories, I hope you won't turn out to be a bad influence.

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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