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Mysterious Teen-age Boy.

The Peculiar Visitor

© Halloween Town Tales

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"Mary, so glad for you to join us!" My mother greeted me as I came in the dinning room. They all were sitting at the table, with Jacob looking really happy.
"Have a seat!" My father encouraged. "We're having spaghetti and lettuces!" I took my seat, next to Jacob.
"What a strange combination! Why not with meatballs?!"
"It's because, we try not to eat much animal meat, unless we have no chose." I explained
"But, we ate chicken one other night."
"That was veggie chicken, not real meat!"
"Huh, interesting."

We ate quietly for a while.
"So, Jacob. How are things?" My mother asked.
"Everything is fantastic lately!" I can't not help but to stare at his face with a worry look. "Thanks to the pie I had the other night, I was able to come up with brilliant ideas for the dance contest!"
"Just by eating pumpkin?!" I was shock.
"It seems to work! Mary, I can't wait to tell you all about it!" Uh-huh, sure.

"That's great, Jacob! Will you show us too?" My father asked.
"I'll be glad to show you all! It'll turn out great, I'm sure of it!" Oh, brother! "By the way Miss Plum, may I do the dishes tonight? You worked very hard lately. So, I would like to offer you relaxation!"
"Oh, Jacob. You're a true gentleman." I squeezed my folk a little.

"When are we having pumpkin again?! I can't wait!"
"Jacob, pumpkins usually grow in Fall. Mother just treated us as a special reward!"
"But, Mary. Perhaps eating more pumpkins can help me think of more ideas for our entrance!" Or make you go even crazy! That's it! I got up and started to leave.
"I heading to the restroom." I kinda said that coldly.
"Hmm, what got into her?" I heard Jacob say.

I washed my face in the sink and stared at my reflection in the mirror. Jacob, what am I going to do with you? I want to be happy for your enthusiasm but, I fear that any moment, You'll go into freaky mode! What are you trying to be? Mr. polite or a nutcase?! Maybe I should help him start a new path! To help him to stay as a gentleman, not a freak show! But, it might be hard. No, I shall try! I did find him! So, I'm going to change his life for the better! Nobody can stop me!

Maybe, I'm the real big mouth around here! As I was walking down the stairs, that when it happen! The doorbell rang! I gasp and stared at the front door. Huh? Hmm, who could that be at this hour? It rang once more.
"Mary, can you see who is it?"
"Okay, Mom." But still, who could it be now? I slowly walked to the door as I wondered; maybe it's my friends wanted help with something, maybe It's Hailey, who came just to be a jerk to me, maybe it's a late night delivery. Anyways, I got to the door and looked in the glass hole.

Nothing! I saw nothing! Hmm, is this a ding-dong ditch?! Oh, how annoying! Oh well. But as I looked away, it rang again. Maybe it's a little kid, who lost his/her way. So, I opened the door, that was a mistake!

I gasp as I can't believe what I saw! A strange human, or I think he is, with pale skin, like Jacob has, two tiny eyes that was cover by glasses, a mouth that looks like a bird's beak, no hair and wears a white coat, white pants, black shoes, big black gloves with tiny fingers and sat in an ugly, brown, mechanical wheelchair with stitches! What the heck?! Is this real life?! I don't like the looks of this guy!
"Sorry, nobody's home!" I quickly try to close the door, but he held on to it as I couldn't get his hand off. Strong for small fingers!
"What kind of respect is that to give to a handicap elder?!" Even his voice sounded strange.

"You don't look trustworthy! So, please leave." I know I shouldn't judge a book by it covet! My guts tell me that he's bad news! I tried again, he stopped once more.
"Are your parents home?"
"Nope, I live by myself! Goodbye!"

But, my mother's voice called out.
"Mary, who's at the door?" Mom or dad might not believe me but, heres goes.
"Mom, dad! There's a strange, creepy old fart in an ugly wheelchair at our door!" I turned my head while calling to them.
What?! Is that right?!" My father wondered. I wish it wasn't. I turned back to the creep, who was still there!
"I don't aprove of your behavior!"
"Watch! My parents will be so shock that, they'll call the cops to report you for house breaking!" They came by myside as they looked surprises.
"Well, what do we have here?" My mother calmly asked.
"What brings you to our neighborhood?" asked my father. Why are they not too shock by this?!

"Good evening. If you may, I'll like to ask you kindly residents a few simple questions. First, may I come in?"
"Of course you can." Agreed my mother.
"Our home is open to everyone!"
"What?! Mom, dad, look at him! He has a beak for a mouth! Doesn't he look like he's up to no good?! We know nothing of him!"
"Now, Mary. We Plums don't judge, we greet guests politely."
"It's only a few questions."
"Glad we agree on this. You should learn from your parent's example! Lets head to your living room." My parents just letted that creep in?! My parents can be so clueless sometimes. What's going on?!

My parents sat on the couch, while I sat on one of the armrest. He was in the middle. I gave him a mean glare.
"Mary, where are you manners?"
"Mother, is this all right?!"
"Honey, you don't need to be so serious." sure, when there's a creep in the house!
"Why don't you start by telling me all your names?"
"Why don't we start by asking for yours!"
"Mary!" I sigh.

"Forgive my daughter. She's usually more friendly."
"And not racist!" I heard creep said. I am not! I don't trust bad guys!
Mom poured some tea for everyone as she explained.
"I'm Beth Plum, here's my husband, John Plum, and over there is Mary Plum." I folded my arms and hmpt. Mush came in the room and saw the guest. He ran to the creep and growled at him.
"Get away, you pesty mutt!" At a boy!
"Mary, can you please tell Mush to not bother the guest?" He was rude to Mush too! I sigh and called for him He went up to me.
"Don't worry, boy. I don't like him either." I whispered to him. He bark happily and ran up stairs.

"All right. Now, tell us your name!"
"Only if you ask more nicely!"
"Please?!" I had to force that one. My throat felt dry, so I sip on my tea.
"I'll you. My name is Dr. Finklestien." I can feel that warm tea go down my throat.
"What a peculiar name." Wondered my mother. "Though, it does sounds familiar?"
"Oh, I know! Mary, remember that book you read in english class last year? The one with the author with the same name as yours?!"

Sadly that what came to my mind too.
"It's not only that, but as a popular culture too. His name sounds like Frankenstein." The creep hiss at the name. "What's bothering you?"
"Forgive me, I have a long rivalry against him."
"What are you talking about?! He's a fictional character!"
"That what they want you to think." This guy is wacks!

"I had no idea." Wondered Mother. Neither did I.
"So, are you a doctor? What kind of PHD you have? What college you graduated from?" I'm sorry, this is getting dumb.
"Guys, come on! Can't you see?! He's obviously a mad scientist! How can't you not see what he's wearing?! I bet he came here to poison the lake or do harmful experiments on the meadow creatures! I'm warming you! I better not see any two-headed bunnies or a raccoon with giant sharp teeth!" I pointed at his duck face!

"You have a very smart mouth! Accusing someone who hasn't done anything wrong yet. Such a foolish child!" He snap
"I'm not a child! I'm a teen-ager!"
"Then, act your age!"
"Why are you here?!"

"Mary, please calm yourself." I pull my finger away.
"Sorry, mother."
"Alright, I'll explain." About time. "My hometown has just lost an important citizen. Not die but, went missing. Not too long ago."
What's the name of your town, Transylvania?!"
"I cannot speak of the name to outsiders."
"That's alright. Please continue." MOM!
"You see, he was very special to us. Everyone looked up to him. Our town isn't the same since he disappeared."
"Oh, how sad." I wonder. I went to sip on more tea.
"May I ask, when did he went missing?" My father asked.
"I believe it was a few weeks ago, in the middle of April." I stupidly did a spit take on his words. Oh, no!
"Did you say, 'the middle of April?'"
"That's correct." I grin my teeth to a frown.

"How strange, just like him." Mom, no!
"And who would that be?" He seems interested.
"Oh, Mary founded a lost boy in the meadows around the same time! The poor thing got amnesia. So, we're looking after him."
"I see, where is he now?"
"He's just in the kitchen, doing the dishes."

"I'll get him!" I stood up.
"Thanks honey! Try to make it quick. We don't want to keep our guest waiting for too long!" I rather have him wait and leave. I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen, not looking back behind me. Please, I hope creep and Jacob arn't related! Just as I got to the kitchen's door, he stepped out.
"Mary, all of the dishes are squeaky clean!"
"Wonderful! Now, lets go upstairs to do our homework!"
"But, I heard we got a visitor! It's every right to introduce myself!"
"It's no big deal! He's not really important!" I grabbed his left arm and try to pull him.

But, he pulled away.
"Mary, I don't want to be rude. It'll only be a few minutes." He headed for the living room as I quickly followed.
"Jacob, wait!" Too late, he got there first.
"Hello, my name is...." He put on his sunglasses before facing the creep. But as he faced him, Jacob's smile was gone! I looked at him, as it looks like he got a headache.

"Jacob, what's wrong?!" I cried. He quickly shook his head.
"I'n fine. Lets meet the guest." Is he okay? He sat down on the armrest I was sitting before, as I sat down on the other.
"You certainly looking fascinating. I never seen another human being like you before! You make me feel less of an outcast!" Oh dear. "I'm Jacob Sully! It's a pleasure to meet you." He shook hands with the creep. I quietly heard Jacob said 'ouch' softly. Is he in pain?
"Same to you, my boy! A more of a mind matter teen than that other one." HA HA!

"So, I heard that you got amnesia?"
"Yes, these kindly family has been taking real good care of me. I'm truly thankful for their support! Mary is the greatist friend I know!"
"Is she now?" The creep looked at me. A better friend than you'll ever be!
"If only my memories would come back to me. Hey, you're look like someone who can help!"
"Sorry, I have no potion to cure such fate." What a shame.
"Oh well, I'll just have to wait it out."

"I do have to say though, you guys look so similar. Could Jacob be the lost citizen?" My Father stated. Please, don't be! Jacob seems better than that! If it is true, I don't want to think about it! I could feel sweats pouring down my face, waiting for that final moment!
"No, I'm afraid he's isn't the one." Only a coincidence. I sigh with relief.
"Were you looking for someone? Well, I hope you find him soon!"

"I believe I shall find him sooner than you think." Is he up to something?
"Oh, Jacob. Please have some tea." My mother gave him an empty cup. But as she was about to pour the tea, I spotted a small spider crawling on the kettle! It then, crawl on my mother's hand! She saw it as she scream and actididly drop the kettle on the floor! I saw the spider jumped off mom's hand and ran away. Where did that spider came from?

"Oh, dear! Did I do that?! I thought I saw something on my hand that, I lost my mind!" She cried.
"Here, darling! I got some paper towels." Dad gave her some as she cleaned up the spilled tea.
"Sorry I couldn't get tea for you, Jacob."
"It's find, mom. I'm sure Jacob won't...."
"Perphaps, I shall make more for you."
"Oh, you shouldn't. You're the guest."
"My dear, it'll be my offer to you and to Jacob."
"Wow, that's very nice of you, sir!"
"Well, you insisted. Here you go. Our tea bags are all on a high shelf over the stove." She handed him the kettle.
"I won't be long." He wheeled into the kitchen.

I don't trust any creeps in my kitchen! I sneakily made my way to the kitchen's door and listen carefully.
"This spice shall do the trick! It'll get things moving for sure!"
"Ah-ha! I caught you red handed!" I rush myself in. Only to find him heating tea on the stove. I took the tea bag away from him, to check for poison.

"Pumpin spice?! I didn't know we had this!"
"That's because, I brought it from home!" He took it back. "You have no rights to spy on your elders! Get out, you disrespectful girl!"
"You better not be up to something evil!" I left out the door.

We all sat around quietly for the tea to be ready. It's only pumpkin, right? Lets not hope Jacob go crazy for it. Then again, maybe my mind is only playing tricks ob me. He soon came in, with kettle in hand.
"I brew up my specialty, Please enjoy. He began to pour for everyone.

"No thanks I don't drink poison!" I just can't!
"Suit yourself." He came up to Jacob. "I made this specially for you." He pour in his cup. He was about to drink.
"Jacob, wait! What if this poison?!"
"Mary, why would this gentleman poison us? What the worst could happen?!" Many things! I sigh.

I watched him sip the tea whole, guess not too hot for him. He seems to like it! "Wow, pumpkin tea?! How did you know I love pumpkin!" Aleast his reaction is a bit calmer.
"I don't. I so happen to have it with me." Coincidence much.
"Amazing, doctor. This tea is great!" Cheered my father.
"You must give me the recipe! Mary, why don't you try some?!"
"No thanks!" I said, coldly. (Sorry mom)
"So, I heard that you're a scientist! I love science and math myself! Can you tell me your personal experience in the field of science?!"
"I would but, I must be going." He placed the kettle on the table and started to wheeled towards the door.
"Oh, leaving so soon?" Mom asked. Seems too long to me.

"I must get back to my studies. Thank you for your time." He opened the door. as we got up to join him. He wheeled to face us.
"I hope you find your lost person."
"it seems he's more closer than far." How can he know that?!
"Will we ever meet again?" Asked Jacob.
"I have a feeling we will." I hope not! "I'll be near the area for a while. But, don't bother to find me. Have a good night." He left as mom closed the door.

"Well, that was something." Said mom.
"It's not everyday you get a visit from a friendly scientist." said dad. They both left for the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder what they see that I don't.
"That was fun, was it, Mary?"
"Jacob, lets talk!" We walked towards the staircase. "Please tell me that he's isn't in your lost memories!" I worried.
"Why be such a worrywart? He's seems to be a nice guy." Not to me, he wasn't.
"He's a mad doctor! They're evil and only do harmful things! I don't know what my parents were thinking of, letting him in!

"All I'm saying is that, please don't be like him! I know you can be a better sample." I sigh. "I'm glad you don't know him."
"I'm gald I know him too!"
"What, Jacob?! You do know of him?!"
"Now that I think about it, he does seem familiar. No wait, I..... Ow!" He finch his face and held his head.
"Jacob, it's happening again! Why the headaches?!"
"Mary, I'm fine! I probably need rest. Pleasure dreaming, Mary." That when he ran upstairs.

Jacob?! What did that creep do to you?! I got to find him! He couldn't gone too far! So, I ran outside but as I looked around and up ahead, he was gone! I didn't see any tire tracks and I don't think his wheelchair can go too fast! It like he vanish! I kneel down to my knees and looked up in the night sky. Why do I get the feeling about that scientist lying about not really knowing about Jacob! Is he planning something?! I yelled out loud; "JACOB SULLY, WHO ARE YOU?!!!!!!!!"

Chapter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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